Disaster strikes somewhere far away.

(originally posted at 25 August 2008, 4:34PM)

I was watching a variety show on TV when I saw a news flash that one of the world trade center towers in New York had been struck by airplane and is on fire.

I saw the live footage and there was indeed an airplane that had crashed into the building with thick smoke, at about 3/4 of the total height. People were running all over the place, screaming. Firemen and the police were already there, helping people to escape.

Not long after, another airplane hit the identical tower next to it. Now, there was more chaos. I even notice people jumping out from the upper levels. It seems that by now, almost all the channels are either showing the footage, discussing about it, or interviewing relatives of people that might have been affected.

Sometime later, the tower that was struck first collapsed. Since it was one of the tallest buildings in New York, there were a lot of dust in the area, remains of the collapsed building and possible countless number of people that had died. Now it's a race against time for the people that are still in the building and the area surrounding it.


The other building collapsed as though it was demolished with explosives. The buildings and streets surrounding it was filled with more debris, sad and crying people, injured and dead people, more policeman, fireman and rescue teams rush to the scene and chaos and sadness everywhere.

Very sad indeed, but it has actually happened and I witnessed it.


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