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Alternate Dimension (Part 45)

Takagi: "As for the rest of the club members... I don't know what they would be doing, but that recent incident in the papers involving Hatsuya's long-time rival did seem to have an impact on their original plans. Anyways, I want to go now. See you then, if I get to see you again, Hisakawa-san." We certainly have been here for quite a while: the place is almost quiet now. Me: "Yeah, see you then. Takagi-san." She turned around and walked towards the main building. From where we were, I couldn't tell if she's walking around the school for the last time or if she's already heading out through the gates. I don't know when I would see her again, if ever. Either way, I found myself alone again. There was nothing but the sound of the leaves rustle in the wind for quite a while. Before long, I felt being hugged from behind. The aura of the person hugging me feels awfully familiar: it's like I'm being hugged by myself. Itsuki: &quo

Non-ASCII link

Although the support for this has been around for quite a while, I've rarely come across the sites non-Latin based languages having non- ASCII based URLs or IDN . Part of the reason for this are spoofing concerns such as the Cyrillic " а " looking a lot like the Latin "a" and misleading people since they look so identical, resulting on it not supported or enabled by default. Anyways, on my main blog in Japanese, you would notice that the URL is http://虹を追いかけて in Webkit-based browsers (Safari, Chrome), but due to reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, or in browsers that don't support it, you are most likely to see instead. "But how did you get the name there as the actual domain?" is what you're probably asking. If you want anything after ccTLD it uses code that's completely different from the above like

Recalling Memories

Have you wondered why you could not recall your dreams, but could when you just woke up? I'm not an expert, but these dreams are based on what you have already seen, so they are just playbacks and are therefore not "recorded". Since our memories are recorded in some unknown ways that might vary on top of having so many things already inside. If you have been doing/staring@ it for a long time or if it's significant enough, you would remember it. However, if you think too much on trying not to remember it, you would remember it anyway. This is not recalling on exactly how many tiny insects like ants we have stepped on at a particular area or the MD5 hash code of a particular file, but how effective/detailed we learn and recall things depends several things: familiarity, duration, age, health, location, distractions, and other things. In general, the most recent can be recalled easily, but one from a long time ago has to be significant enough for you to remember it.

Alternate Dimension (Part 44)

Classmate 1: "Yesterday was totally bizarre isn't it? I was studying in the afternoon when the sky suddenly became night with my pen I was holding on the ground and me sitting on top of my clothes. I swear I was wearing them a moment earlier. Good thing I was in my room." Classmate 2: "The same happened to me too, but I was outside. Quite embarrassing. The same seem to happen to everyone else at the same time too. Some even found themselves in a mysterious crash, but are unharmed." Classmate 3 (laughing): "Sounds like there is a serial mass undresser on the loose. By the way, have you heard? That research company that was previously accused for murders years ago, but with no evidence found, has finally been brought down. Here, look!" She showed a newspaper, that appears to be today's edition, to the other two. Classmate 1: I bet they were behind the massive... She jumped in shock and became disturbed on what she saw. Classmate 1: &

470th post: Unspecified Names

As mentioned , I will be listing the names of places mentioned frequently in my stories that had not been explained earlier. Do note that the phrases used here do not use the exact words mentioned here. Green : Names that were given as I typed the parts they were first mentioned or gave indirect description of an actual place/company. Blue : Names that were not given in the beginning, but were already given prior to this post Red : Names that I made up while typing this post or later on. Black : Unknown/Forgotten where the name came from, not part of the name in question, mentioned earlier M ix e d : Parts of the name known/given at different times. Colours are as mentioned above. Story 1: School the protagonist and Yukari went to - Mihara Academy , High School section ( 三原学院 高等部 ) Hospital the protagonist woke up in at the beginning - Hatsuya General Hospital ( 筏谷 総合病院 ) "Girl 3" - Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子) . Story 1 itself takes place in " the other dime

Alternate Dimension (Part 43)

The way the car brought me to the building made me sick with bumps, quick turns, and rapid speed that I had motion sickness. It took me a while before I remembered why I was there when I saw clothes and bags on the ground. The place is eerily quiet and empty for a place known to be full of people at all times. For the safety of others, I did not bring along any tracking or communication devices. Besides, they can track and see what I'm doing without any additional equipment on me, but I can't tell what they want me to do. There might be lags from between a few milliseconds to several hours if I had been time-traveling (and off my original timeline by a few seconds upon returning) or travel at high speeds for a long period of time causing an unnoticeable time-traveling into the future by a few seconds. The latter might seem insignificant, but it adds up: I first noticed this in middle school by synchronizing with a clock up to the very second, have my daily commute to school,