Story Background

Updated: 3 May 2014

Here's a background info for each story I wrote, and their respective characters. Not all names are included here.

Black - Name or type of place that was given and unaltered at earliest reference.
Blue - Places and people which I had not given names to until sometime later.
Red - Existing name or type of place that were changed.
Mixed - Parts of what is known of it were given at different times. Example on how it is used: I may have indicated that it is a school, but not decided on the name of it. After I had established as a girls' school, I may decide it to have it to be a boys' school instead.

  • Cities
    • Inami City (井波市) - This is the city where Itsuki Hisakawa grew up in at his parents house and where he started working at a company near the station that he never really though of until his life changed while working. As Saeko, this is also where her large penthouse is located that, sadly, does not have anyone else living in.
      Schools in this city include:
      • Yuribashi Middle School (ゆりばし中学)
      Companies in this city include:
      • Hatsuya Research Institute (Inami Branch)
      • Senritsu Corporation (Inami Branch)
    • Katsuhara City (春原市) - A major city in the region. This city has its own large subway system, along with trains and buses that head to cities and small towns in the region like Inami and Yosaka. The city is somewhat hilly with greenery all over, though not so hilly that you get tired easily by walking around, or feel like riding a roller coaster when riding in a vehicle up and down the hills. Of course, subways are the best as the only difference the height of the hills do to them are how high it is from the train platform to the surface, which isn't much of a deal if escalators or elevators were used. Strangely enough, the trains do not enter Mizho Academy even though the academy itself has its own rail transport system.
      Schools in this city include:
      • Mizuho Girls' Academy (瑞穂女子学園)
      • Kamisugi High School (上杉高校)
      • Kobayagawa High School
      • Kaisei Middle School (海星中学)
      Companies in this city include:
      • Powell Research Institute (Katsuhara Headquarters)
      • Hatsuya Research Institute (Katsuhara Headquarters and Mizuho Branch)
      • Senritsu Corporation (Katsuhara Headquarters)
    • Katsura City (市) - A minor city that is mostly residential that is only known for the location of where Mihara Academy is, which makes up the large majority of the city's land. The city is linked with Katsuhara City by a train line.
      Schools in this city include:
      • Mihara Academy (三原学院)
      • Katsura High School (克良高校)
      Companies in this city include:
      • Hatsuya Research Instiute (Mihara Branch)
    • Oarai Town (大洗町) - Town where Tatsuya, Yumiko's boyfriend, used to live before a devastating wave destroyed it.
    • Yosaka Town (代坂町) - The town where Yumiko Inami lives. Although there are schools here, she attends school with her brother in Katsuhara City instead due to unfavourable school environment in the town. Those serious about studying would have to travel to Katsuhara City some distance away as other nearby towns are the same. Due to the difference in uniform style between the schools in towns and that of the city, any student from the towns who studies in the city would certainly stand out.
      Schools in this town include:
      • Yosaka High School (tentative school to be featured in "Teary Promise")
      • Yosaka Middle School (tentative)
      Companies in this town include:
      • Senritsu Corportation (Yosaka branch)
      • Mitagi Village (三田木) - Fishing village that neighbours Yosaka Town where Inami Fujibayashi regularly goes to to buy from the fish market by the sea. There is a nice walk through the forest with a temple deep inside separating Yosaka and Mitagi that has existed for generations. Was wiped out by the same wave that destroyed Oarai. Parts of the forest was destroyed too, but because it stopped short of where the temple is, survives believed that it prevented the wave from further destroying more of the forest and avoid the nearby Yosaka Town completely.
      • Chitose City (千才市) - A new city formed with Chitose town and the merger of the smaller towns and villages that surrounds it, with the name and the center of the new city based on the largest town among the merged towns and villages. The formation was so recent that companies with branches based in the current Chitose City are still called by the name of the former town they were in, and may even have multiple branches within the new city. Matsushiba (松芝) was another major town in the region comparable to Chitose, but city planners have found it difficult to plan around Matsushiba station than at Chitose as the displacement compensation cost is too much for a new city. Other places like Yukihara (雪原), Umehara (梅原), and Kinoshita (木ノ下) have their names retained as district areas of the city that has the borders to extended in a way so that the extended district of an another former town is just on the other side. This is the city where Itsuki and Kotomi's post-marriage house, and where their children will grow up in, is located in one of the many new housing and commercial projects on the undeveloped lands between the former towns merged to form the city, which has just been completed when they moved in. With the reorganization and new structures appearing everywhere up, you can't tell where the old villages and towns were apart from buildings that are older than the city itself.
        Schools in this city include:
      • Kinoshita High school (tentative post-evolution school)
        Companies in this city include:
      • Hatsuya Research Institute (Yukihara and Chitose Branch)
      • Senritsu Corporation (Matsushiba Headquarters)
      • Powell Research Institute (Chitose and Matsushiba branch)

  • Schools

      • Mihara Academy (三原学院) - The main entrance is located at the top of a hill, and the size is quite huge. No one knows how huge it is, but there are large nature scenic views untouched by humans, with one of it's libraries located at the border of a neighbouring town appearing as though it's part of that town due to the distance from the main area visible only in the distance. Has schools ranging from pre-school to advanced degree. Oddly, it also has boys', girls', and co-ed schools for secondary education (middle & high).
        Featured students:
        • Haruna Kobayashi
        • Aiko Hirano
        • Yukari Takahashi
        • Saeko Hisakawa
        • Mamiko Hisakawa (Mamiko's 2nd school)
      • Katsura High School (克良高校) - A typical school, but the proximity of the more well known Mihara Academy means that the school compares their performance with Mihara Academy.
        Featured Students:
        • Itsuki Hisakawa (Mamiko's 1st school)
        • Kotomi Miyazawa
      • Kamisugi High School (上杉高校) - A normal school, but if compared to Katsura High (which is in a different city), it's ranked higher.
        Featured Students:
        • Megumi Takagi
        • Nanami Fujibayashi
        • Yuichi Takizawa
        • Misae Tamura
        • Saeko Hisakawa (Mamiko's 4th school)
      • Mizuho Girls' Academy (瑞穂女子学園) - While smaller than Mihara in terms of land area, it's having the largest density in the country with multi-functional skyscrapers makes it bigger as each bit of land is maximised with inter-campus trains blending in the surroundings, and the use of technology that are decades ahead of anywhere in the world where the public can see. It is commonly mistaken that the academy is seperate from Katsuhara City as the campus itself, and its futuristic look, can seem like a completely different city on its own. Adding to the confusion is the passport-control look at the entrance where you have to enter through a maze designed to not let anyone ahead or behind to see you to get in, but a simple one-way open-air turnstile for the exit.

        You are kind of forced to either walk or take the train to get around as there are next to no roads in the campus. As there are buildings everywhere, traveletors, escalators, and elevators make it a bit easier to get around. Guide info located everywhere helps you to get to exactly where you are headed in this concrete jungle right down to the route to take, taking account of any people mover systems (elevators, trains, etc.) and crowds along the way.

        Anyone who steps into the campus or wears their uniform is physically and mentally turned into a healthy, graceful female of between 12 to 30 years of age (15 to 25 in earlier years), regardless of what they were before that, with everyone having similar body dimensions. What they wear determines which variation of the uniform they wear. Although, the design of the skirt of these uniforms means they are unable to run, with those cycling or driving vehicles find themselves needing to bend their knees sideways or forcing against the limits the skirt while trying to use the leg controls. Wearing the uniform in the campus is mandatory, and enforced by a magic field surrounding the campus, which means that it could only be taken off outside campus when not seen by anyone, though students have to wait some days after their graduation (or suspension / transferring out) before that works. That maze at the entrance is to make sure no one sees them transform, with the length of it adjusted to their walking speed to be long enough to cover the entire process. Exit is very simple because, as mentioned earlier, transforming back happens outside campus and not immediately.

        Despite how many people populate the academy, nobody outside Mizuho knows about people being forced to wear their uniform that turns them into young women on entering, as anyone who has been there, including visitors, could not reveal it. The reason behind it, or why it stared, is not clear. Graduates are also issued with the equivalent certificates of Mihara Academy. Despite appearing to be in a female-only campus and having "Girls'" added to the name, the school is still officially co-ed and still accepting male staff and students: even though their press releases do give the impression that it's a school for girls only, they are carefully worded in a way that they accept boys too, but not obvious to those who aren't closely interpreting the words they used. Entry requirements for females is, being a popular academy, is one of the hardest, but since it is little known that males are accepted too, the requirements for them are so low that even a young kid or a dropout delinquent could enter. The catch here is that they may get brainwashed to think and act like a female (and become graceful and knowledgeable too) by the uniform physically turning them into one, along with the emotions and pains that comes with being one, and locked into it until graduation.
        Featured Students
        • Kanade Haneda (羽田 奏; Mamiko's 3rd school)
        • Saeko Hisakawa (Mamiko's 5th school)
      • Kaisei Middle School (海星中学) - Kotomi Miyazawa and Naomi Maeda's Middle school. Some of Kotomi's siblings attended the same school too.
        Featured Students
        • Kotomi Miyazawa
        • Naomi Maeda
        • Shin’ichi Miyazawa
        • Izumi Miyazawa
      • Standford University - The college Kotomi Miyazaya attended located in California, USA. Except for a brief mention, what she does there has yet to be described.
        Featured Students
        • Kotomi Miyazawa
      • Kobayagawa High School - The school that the Inami siblings and Noriko attend. Is in the same city as Kamisugi High and Powell Research Institute.
        Featured Students
        • Yumiko Inami (井波 由美子)
        • Tsukasa Inami (井波 一)
      • Yuribashi Middle School (ゆりばし中学) - Naomi Fujibayashi and Yuko Takizawa's school located in Inami City. School was established during the initial stages of the evolution to meet the surge of middle school going girls.
        Featured Students
        • Naomi Fujibayashi
        • Yuko Takizawa
      • Yosaka Middle and High School (代坂中高等学) - (tentative school to be featured in "Teary Promise") A school in Yumiko Inami's hometown infamously known for their old-fashioned uniforms, vandalism, misbehaving students, bullying the rich, weak, or smart students. Situation is so bad that even the teachers have given up trying to fix it. Definitely not the kind of place to study at if you really want to enter university.
      • Kinoshita High School (きのした高等学) - (tentative post-evolution school)

  • Companies

      • Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
        • General Hospital - Location of the Hatsuya Research Institute headquarters where Kenji Hirano, Aiko Hirano works. Kotomi Miyazawa worked here during her high school days. Place where Kenneth woke up at.
        • Inami branch - Itsuki Hisakawa's workplace between start of employment until being re-posted to the Mizuho branch
        • Mihara branch - Located within the college section of Mihara Academy, but rooms and equipment are intentionally unsecured to lure trespassers to become Hatsuya's research subjects. It's also where Saeko Hisakawa accidentally cloned herself. The cloning process separated her mind from the mind of her male counterpart of the another dimension that has been inhabiting her body at that time.
        • Mizuho branch - Itsuki Hisakawa's workplace after the Inami branch. Located within Mizuho Girl's Academy. Orders come directly from company headquarters or the academy's high-level management as there officially isn't anyone in-charge within the branch itself. Itsuki may appear to be in-charge because he's wearing the supervisor uniform, but he's not. He's wearing it only because he's assigned to wear it from being the most valuable staff in the otherwise leader-less branch.
        • Yukihara branch - Kotomi Miyazawa's workplace since graduating from college, after briefly working at Tanaka Bank. That branch specialises with forensic science, and sometimes comes across traces that pinpoint to Saeko Hisakawa as a victim.
        • Singapore Branch - Kenneth's father works there. Kotomi Miyazawa seems to have talked to him before.
        • Hong Kong Branch - Location where Itsuki Hisakawa had sent Saeko Hisakawa (clone) to collect something, but the latter was attacked on the way. This triggered Itsuki to be posted to the Mizuho branch for his irresponsibility for sending her unsupervised, due to her being the most valuable asset to Hatsuya.
      • Powell Research Institute (パーヴェル研究所) - Megumi Takagi's workplace after high school. A direct competitor to Hatsuya company founded by Saeko Hisakawa (original) when she herself is still in middle school with help from her father. The original never worked for Hatsuya, but the clone inherited this company upon attempting to return to the dimension where her original body (Itsuki Hisakawa) is. Due to the clone inheritance to this company, and her existing permanent employment with Hatsuya Institute, she's having a hard time maintaing both and, at the same time, not let the Powell staff know that the founder is working for the rival. Has no relation with Senritsu Corporation, who uses violence, despite having a common rival.

        Powell does not take lightly with competition but the staff are puzzled as to why the higher ups let Hatsuya specifically do things to them, including having their work copied by them, but not let off lightly if by someone else. This is because, the company's biggest boss, Saeko Hisakawa (clone), is also a Hatsuya staff (and property). This indirectly makes Powell itself an unofficial subsidiary of Hatsuya as they can be manipulated via Saeko. Saeko herself, is very aware that anything she can see with her eyes could be seen by people at Hatsuya, but as much as she disapproves it, she can't stop sending what she sees in Powell to Hatsuya, which is the primary way of how Hatsuya knows what Powell is up to before they even publicly announce it.
      • Tanaka Bank (田中銀行) - Kotomi Miyazawa worked there briefly after college before returning back to work with Hatsuya Research due to the dissatisfaction working conditions there.
      • Senritsu Corporation (株式会社千里通) - A company who also sees Hatsuya Research as a major rival to the extent of using violence against its staff, but managed to hide evidence pointing towards them. Was brought down after using Mamiko Hisakawa as bait and used footage from her eyes when she was attacked as evidence; they weren't expecting Saeko's eyes to be cameras. Although Senritsu and Powell both have Hatsuya as their nemesis, no formal relationship was formed between the two and both handled their competitor differently: the latter as a competition, but Senritsu trying to bring them down with violence and force.

        Senritsu was forced to cease operations by authorities after their violent attacks against competitors stealthily was revealed when they were caught unaware when Saeko, with her immortal body as a Hatsuya staff, and remotely viewed cameras built into her eyes, used herself as bait. Authorities have long suspected Senritsu to be behind the attacks of mostly Hatsuya staff, but lacked the evidence to prove it.
    All ages stated in all sections except general is their age as at when they are first introduced. Due to how all stories are related to one another, dimensions and periods are included to make sense as to how one inter-relates with one another.

    (Note: The evolution happened from 2011 to 2030, but did not become noticeable until 2020 when the rate accelerates. In that period, random people are progressively turned into young women. Regardless if they are transformed in that period, everyone gets turned into a new single gender species, which looks not that much different from a female, but functioning differently.)

    Main Characters

    Haruna Kobayashi (小林春奈)Alpha
    Main character of “Losing Identity” (Story 1)
    Biological Age2005
    Actual Age2005
    Education2004 to presentMihara Academy High School Co-Ed Department, Katsura City
    (as Kenneth Tan)
    up until 2005Hatsuya Research Institute, Singapore Branch
    • Saeko Hisakawa
    • Kyousuke
    • Kenneth Tan
    It started back in February when her homeroom teacher brought a strange doll when he was overseas. Thinking that it could grant wishes, she wished that Kenneth Tan, a childhood friend from another country whom she hasn't met for a while, to be with her. It was when the eyes of that doll went to focus on her and Kenneth. That was when Haruna's body froze, but still aware of what is going on, and was later sent to hospital. After months of being unable to move her body, she felt a force entering her body that had her body moving without control on her part. Observing on how the body was moving, the possibility of her old friend having control her body is likely, linked to the strange doll from earlier. The problem is that she can't communicate with whoever is now controlling her body without speaking through the mouth or using the hand. Trying to do so would take up a lot of her limited energy. People may see it as talking to herself while trying to communicate. Apart from typing or writing, there is no other way of communication. Her mind was later merged with the other mind who resides in her body when a lightning strikes her when in the bathtub with the window open and thunderclouds outside. It is unclear if Haruna or Kenneth's mind is in control of Haruna's body now, or had both of their mind merged together. Apart from knowledge gained in the time since it started until the lightning strike, Haruna does not remember what had happened in that time, or to whom does her mind originally belonged to.

    Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子)Beta
    Main character of “Alternate Dimension” (Story 2), with appearances in most other stories.
    Alternate namesItsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月), Mamiko Hisakawa (久川麻美子), Kanade Haneda (羽田奏)
    Biological Age200520112020202620302033
    Actual Age200520112020202620302033
    Education2004 to 2005Katsura High School, Katsura City
    2005 to 2006Mihara Academy High School Co-Ed Department, Katsura City (Alpha Dimension)
    2006 to 2009Kamisugi High School, Katsuhara City
    2009 to 2012Mizuho Girls' Academy High School Department, Katsuhara City
    2012 to 2016Mizuho Girls' Academy University Department, Katsuhara City
    2033 to presentMizuho Girls' Academy Middle School Department, Katsuhara City
    Employment??? to ???Hatsuya Research Institute, Inami Branch
    ??? to presentHatsuya Research Institute, Katsuhara Headquarters and Mizuho Branch
    ??? to presentPowell Research Institute (Katsuhara Headquarters)
    • Nanami Fujibayashi
    • Aiko Hirano
    • Kenji Hirano
    • Hitoko
    • Yumiko Inami
    • Haruna Kobayashi
    • Sakae Kotani
    • Ako Matsumi
    • Kotomi Miyazawa
    • Kenjiro Tanigawa
    Prior to the incident, he was hardworking at his work to earn enough to support himself. His parents works quite far away and, because of that, receiving the money is irregular and part of the money that was sent being reduced due to taxes and exchange rates that might not be enough to support with the money left. He was employed at the current company when one of the top directors noticed him winning 1st place when attending a programming convention. The house he lived back then is in a bad state with cobwebs, dust and mold everywhere. As he lives alone, the only parts of the house he bothers to clean and fix up are his room and the bathroom. The device that he brought home from work on the fateful night triggered the major change in his life. After the incident, she wakes up to be living at a large luxurious apartment and easily mistook her appearance for someone else at first and is in a large shock as to what to do due to many unfamiliarities, despite still being in the same town. Later on, out of curiosity, she came across a machine that would, unknowingly, cloned her body. Later that same day, the cloned self was involved in a serious hit-and-run incident and was hospitalized. This however, had people mistaken it for her and triggered even more awkwardness, as she is not even aware of it until she was told to visit her cloned self for the first time at the hospital. She was then forced to give her a name and to call her her twin sister under a different name. The clone's body was later modified to be made invincible against attack and had its mind merged with the original. This would mean that Saeko can be two places at once and be able to live on as herself/Mamiko should something bad happen to her original body.

    Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢ことみ)Beta
    Main character of “Disorientated Feelings” (Story 3). Secondary character in “Alternate Dimension” (Story 1) and “An Unexpected Wish” (Story 4).
    Biological Age20052011202020262030
    Actual Age20052011202020262030
    Education2001 to 2004Kaisei Middle School, Katsuhara City
    2004 to 2006Katsura High School, Katsura City
    2006 to 2010Standford University, Califonia
    Employment??? to ???Hatsuya Research Institute, Katsuhara Headquarters
    2011 to ???Tanaka Bank
    ??? to presentHatsuya Research Institute, Yukihara Branch (Chitose City)
    Near futureHatsuya Research Institute, Katsuhara Headquarters
    • Nanami Fujibayashi
    • Aiko Hirano
    • Kenji Hirano
    • Itsuki Hisakawa
    • Saeko Hisakawa
    • Ajisai Miyazawa
    • Izumi Miyazawa
    • Kousei Miyazawa
    • Kuniko Miyazawa
    • Shin'ichi Miyazawa
    Was a guinea pig of having the gender being selected by parents during the early stages of the mother's unplanned pregnancy. The parents wants 2 children of each gender. The children themselves are unaware of it, but the oldest noticed an odd pattern and felt that the way her body reacts are sometimes out of sync with her mind and that the mother's older brother was some kind of a mad scientist with the hidden labs that she has seen. She met up with what was her boyfriend in her first year of high school when she tripped over a desk near the door while holding a stack of books and bumped into him, who happens to be there at that exact moment. When she learnt from her cousin that he became a girl of her school in the 2nd month of her 2nd year, she became largely disappointed as she was about to confess to him. However, this also means that she can get along better as her body's reaction of being with the opposite gender would not get in the way as they are now the same. Kotomi is quite good at science-related things that her uncle employ her to a job that would have otherwise required a degree. She works on formulating medicine and researching with chemicals in hoping to come up with something that could be a breakthrough in medical science like finding a cure for AIDS. She could sometimes be involved in researching on increasing the efficiency of harnessing the untaped/limited energy that surrounds us. Due to how early her parents and grandparents had children, it's not surprising for her to have relatives higher up in the family tree that are younger than her.

    Nanami Fujibayashi (藤林菜々実)Beta
    Main character of “An Unexpected Wish” (Story 4)
    Biological Age20052011
    Actual Age20052011
    Education2008 to presentKamisugi High School, Katsuhara City
    • Naomi Fujibayashi
    • Saeko Hisakawa
    • Ajisai Miyazawa
    • Kotomi Miyazawa
    Lives in a town of a prefecture north-east from where stories 1-3 takes place, which is quite close to the country's capital.

    Yumiko Inami (井波由美子)Beta
    Main character of “Teary Promise” (Story 6)
    Biological Age2011
    Actual Age2011
    Education2010 to presentKobayagawa High School, Katsuhara City
    • Tsukasa Inami
    • Noriko
    • Tatsuya Tatsuya
    Until the end of primary school around 12, she grew up in the city. Due to her father's job, and living expenses, the family moved far away into a small town. She has found a boyfriend in high school, only to had him die when a large tsunami happened just months afterwards. She was also dragged into her brother's events. Until around puberty, Yumiko and Tsukasa looked very much alike that people can't tell the two apart. Yumiko acted very much like her brother, and indirectly like a guy, at that time. The opposite happened when she's 16 with her brother and is creped out at how well he does it, or realizing that she was unconsciously made to think of him as a sister when he wears the uniform from Mizuho. She is the only one to notice that happening.

    Naomi Maeda (前田ナオミ)Beta
    Main character of “Yononaka no Okugi” (Story 7)
    Biological Age2035
    Actual Age2035
    Education2034 to presentKaisei Middle School, Katsuhara City
    • Inosaki Hitoshi
    • Sakae Kotani
    Naomi has a lot of questions surrounding her, including her own life. She doesn't know what's normal and what's not, but she knows that something is not right about the world she lives in. This story takes place years after where all the males, children, and the elderly had already become extinct. Excluding people who had lived before that happened, and could remember it, it's difficult for the people to imagine what the world was like before it happened as the world has become completely different. It's easy to tell who was born after the change as their names are written in katakana only, which is usually in kanji or hiragana instead. This is because they are automatically already assigned a Japanese given name (which is never a male name) as they are instantly turned into 12 year old girls on being born and won't find themselves asking themselves what their name was. For people who formerly had a non-Japanese name, their names are converted into kanji based on the origin of the name; like 鍛冶 (Kajiya) for names that used to be called Smith. Names that are untranslatable are given new names, but their new given name is never in katakana. As there are only young females, the concept of a family has been reduced to a group of girls who are (somehow) close friends living together. For the people who are born after the change, they don't even realize that at least one of the people they are living with is their parent as they look of the same age. The parents are forbidden from revealing this fact unless the child asks them, if the child even realizes this at all. From the child's point of view, they don't think of their parents at all as if they don't exist.

    Secondary Characters
    • Nagisa Sasagawa (笹川渚): Haruna's close friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
    • Yukari Takahashi (高橋ゆかり): Haruna's friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
    • Kyousuke (恭介): One of Haruna's childhood friends, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
    • Minoru (稔): Haruna's friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
    • Hiroko Kiyohara (清原弘子): Kotomi's childhood friend, but did not meet her for 10 years before entering high school. She lives in the same area as Saeko.
    • Kenji Hirano (平野健二): Director of Hatsuya Research, Aiko's father, Kotomi's uncle
    • Aiko Hirano (平野愛子): Haruna's classmate, Saeko's friend, Kenji's daughter, Kotomi's cousin
    • Supervisor (部長): In charge of the branch Saeko regularly works at
    • Kenjiro Tanigawa (谷川健二郎): Kotomi's schoolmate, Saeko's schoolmate and best friend before the incident. He starts to have feelings for her when he met her during the cultural festival preperations, but doesn't know that she was his best friend due to a completely different appearence, voice, and name.
    • Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв; ミハイル・セルゲーエヴィチ・ゴルバチョフ): Passed away a while back. Kotomi Miyazawa's great-grandfather and Nanami Fujibayashi's grandfather. He moved to Japan from a part of the Soviet Union (that is now Russia) for reasons unknown, but possibly related to escaping from communism at that time. Married his wife and took her family name (Miyazawa) after settling in Japan as he already had children and had no plans to return to Russia. He didn't live long enough to see the collapse of communism, let alone the birth of his grandchildren. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren (including Nanami and Kotomi) know nothing of him except perhaps wanting to know why they looked a bit foreign.
    • Inami Tsukasa (井波一): Yumiko's older brother by just a few months. Because he thinks his name sounds like a girl's name, he introduces himself to everyone as Hitoshi, which can written with the same kanji. His younger sister intentionally calls him by his official given name (Tsukasa) out loud when he's with his friends. Started staying at the Mizuho dormitories because he gets paid to stay there and is closer to school than home. The catch is that he would (automatically) be wearing clothes resembling the female uniform of whatever he's currently attending and be turned into a girl and have everyone that knows him thinks that he has always been a girl while wearing it and can't turn back until it gets taken of, which itself is not easy.
    • Hitoko (ヒトコ): Saeko Hisakawa's main assistant at Powell Institute, who helps her with operating and helping things when Saeko herself is at a remote location.
    Other Characters
    • Doctor & Nurse: They were in charge of Haruna when she was hospitalized.
    • Man 1: Homeroom teacher of class 2B
    • Man 2: English teacher
    • Bad guys: Wants to steal secrets from Kenji Hirano's company for unknown reasons. They seem to target Saeko more than any other employee, but doesn't know that she has a clone.
    • Collegue: The man who was in charge of modyfing Mamiko's body and, later on, merging her mind with Saeko.
    • Kotomi's mother: Kenjiro's younger sister. Normally do most of the household chores. Married to Kotomi's father a few months after Kotomi was born. She agreed to be the test subject of being able to selecting the gender of the feteus during the first few weeks after finding out that she was pregnant that resulted from having an unplanned sexual intercourse with Kotomi's father without thinking of the consequences resulted from having strong feelings with each other.
    • Kotomi's father: The breadwinner of the family with a full-time job that would earn more monthly income than all the previous part-time jobs combined in lesser working hours. He is rarely seen by his family members, but he does call home regularly. Childhood friends with Kotomi's mother and confessed to her when going together at a park they normally go to together one evening.
    • Kotomi's siblings: They share rooms with each other, but Kotomi has a room all to herself as she is the oldest child where she can have peace from her noisy and playful younger siblings. Kotomi locks her room most of the time for fear that the younger siblings would mess up her stuff. If her door were to be knocked on, she would only open for house guests around her age or older, her parents, or when one of the younger siblings cries for help (she knows if they are pretending just to get in). Their names are (from oldest):
      • Shin'ichi Miyazawa (宮沢真一), 13 years old, Male
      • Izumi Miyazawa (宮沢泉美), 11 years old, Female
      • Kousei Miyazawa (宮沢光世), 9 years old, Male
      • Kuniko Miyazawa (宮沢邦子), 5 years old, Female
    • Haruna and Saeko/Mamiko's parents: Nothing is known of them other than them working overseas and that she had not seen them for quite a long time.
    • Noriko: Inami Yumiko's high school classmate who also went to the same middle school as her.
    • Ako Matsumi (松実アコ) and Sakae Kotani (小谷サカエ): Girls that Saeko Hisakawa randomly chose (in S2P94) as part of a project to send people to an another dimension to see what happens to people if they are sent to a dimension where the evolution never happened. In Story 7, Sakae Kotani is also the president of Kaisei Middle School student council.
    • Hitoshi Inosaki (井ノ一詞): Kaisei Middle School student council vice president
    I would like to point out to some things, mostly relating to Story 1:
    1. Haruna's parents left on a business trip 2-3 weeks before the incident happened. The parents didn't see the need to write the day of the month, but it is written at the end of that month. They also have friends from all over the world that they had met in their college years, but the one mentioned on the letter in the story is the same as the one mentioned later on.
    2. The Kobayashi family live in a typical sub-uban 2-story house in Japan somewhere.
    3. Main character of Story 1 (Kenneth Tan) has met Haruna at least once a year as their parents are quite close and visit each other often, even before the children are born. It's not yet established if they have any siblings or if Haruna has other close friends, but it is established that nobody, besides a hospital staff and Nagisa was around when Haruna woke up
    4. Nobody was in the house in the time between the parents leaving for the trip and the time Haruna reached home.
    5. Haruna is younger than Kenneth Tan by a few years.
    6. The stinking smell mentioned is actually the stale air. All of the doors and windows facing the outside were tightly locked.
    7. On the night of the incident, there were no other mode of transport at that time other than the taxi from where the character was and headed to.
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