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Post-Evolution World Report 6 - Mismatching Instincts

From the perspective of an outsider, one may notice that the humans of our world are full of irresistibly attractive and well-mannered women. To us, however, this is a nightmare that gave us instincts of a man, but with the external expression of a well-mannered lady that matches with our appearance. Any behavior we attempt to express that isn't like the latter would get changed to the closest possible. This means that we have no restrictions to how we could think, but why do we even have such a restriction on our external behavior? How can it translate all of our attempted non lady-like behavior into one that is instantaneously? I am thinking that the well mannered lady we are forced to express are probably the only ones our body is capable of, where anger is strangely omitted. If this were the case, it should have ignored the disallowed behavior instead of trying to closely match what we could. Perhaps something in-between that is like the computer equivalent of a compiler, where