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Disorientated Feelings (Part 48)

The only school that is best suited for my son is Mizuho Academy: the school that seem to have some special magic to it. Saeko and my husband, who have both respectively studied and worked there for a number of years, claim that they have no role in it. It's more of based on the situation, my son's character and age, and so forth. Sadly, there's no other school that could accept both my son's feminine behavior, and prevention of being picked on because of his young age and quite a number of people whom I don't even know being able to recognize me on the streets because I hold a high-level position of Hatsuya, which many people are familiar with. Sending him to a normal school would mean that he could be an easy target to be bullied, or, worse, be kidnaped to force me as a highly ranked Hatsuya staff to do something undesirable. This would be a different story if my son could even defend himself. I have 3 daughters and a son, but with this, it's making my onl

609th post: When not to round off numbers

You come across a number that looks something like 27634279.3478295 and wonder how to round that off. Most people would just simply say 30 million or 25 million. Sometimes, however, knowing what the exact number can be important. Makes a difference when over/under estimation is involved, but when it comes to just talking to people about how big the number is, saying this can be quite a mouthful. Anyway, I'm here to talk about rounding off numbers that you would come across for money. Before I go on, note that some countries uses "." or a space to separate 3 digits of whole numbers, and "," for decimals. For countries like India , the first group contains 3 digits, but subsequent groups contain only 2 digits. Situations where you are more likely to come across more than 2 decimal places for money (or, depending on currency, trailing digits that are more than the lowest denomination) when calculating taxes or dealing with foreign currency. Here's an exa

608th post: Small Change in foreign Currency

Having been to many different countries, I have accumulated quite a number of coins. As you probably know, the money changer do not carry coins besides that of the local currency. Sure I could create a collection out of these, but there are extras left over for it. How to deal with these? I don't know what is the smallest denomination the money changer would accept, but it's certainly banknotes instead of coins. I have received RM 1 notes, which are worth only US$0.31, and sometimes, the highest denominated notes of that currency aren't worth much, so exchanging a few pieces, and getting the equivalent in foreign currency back as thick stacks of notes. Well, if going to the country again, make sure to bring those coins along, and try to use as much of the smallest denomination as possible, or pay in a way that you don't get small denominations. Example: Paying the exact change (or as close as possible) with as many of the low-denominated coins as possible inste

606th post: Behind the scenes

I've talked from time to time about my posts ( blog stories and anime posts especially) being late/early and such. However, with a lot of things to do, including doing household chores, it's hard to keep a schedule. Blog stories are supposed to be out once a week. But as time went past, they get unknowingly longer and longer (in terms of the number of words per part/post). On top of that I have a busier schedule and things that have higher priority that it's hard to maintain that. Eventually, that weekly thing became every fortnight Mondays, and now... well whenever I say it's ready. Sometimes, it just sits in my drafts for days and then publish it at a later date without any editing. Before you ask, it's not scheduled either. Also, I am writing only because I want to write what I want, but, unfortunately, I don't earn enough from those to make a living. (Not even enough to afford one subway train ride) Wasting my effort on something that doesn't r

Alternate Dimension (Part 85)

At work, Hitoko (the one whom I rescued a while back ) showed something that required my attention: there is something detected in the mountain ranges at the northern part of the country that is related to the phenomenon of people being turned young girls. Ironically, Hatsuya had also given me the same assignment at the same area with very vague detail and an almost immediate timing that implies that they knew that Powell had already told me. Hatsuya said that I could go there with what I'm wearing at that moment without the need for any additional clothing as my body can withstand extreme conditions that normal people can't, but added that the same doesn't apply to how I would feel about it. Obviously, I don't want to go a mountainous region wearing nothing but summer clothes. Plus, they could track my location and see what I'm seeing, which I can't disable it myself as it's part of my body. For the latter, it's deeply implemented into my eyes that th

Teary Promise (Part 15)

Hisakawa seemed to have problems with the people with a certain group of people in an area near where we are now. Quite a number of people have seen her at Powell Research's official events in that Mizuho uniform, enough times for people to see it as her "trademark" outfit. This means that she would be recognized instantly. For her to get into a disguise is nearly impossible as her Mizuho uniform can't be removed, including the name tag that has a completely different name written on it. The shape of that name tag, and her (larger-than-average) breasts, could still be seen even with multiple layers of clothes worn over it. She added that she hates wearing skirts, which is ironic as she's wearing one now and is never seen wearing anything else. Hisakawa is such a beautiful and elegant woman that I can't ever imagine her as a man. Hisakawa's phone started ringing. She answered it, but not long after, she started crying. Hisakawa: "What do you mea

Disorientated Feelings special: College Graduation Trip

My friends and I have planned a trip to head to New York via car as part of the graduation trip. My university is located about 40 km south east from San Fransisco, but New York city, which is on the other side of America, is 5000 km away from here. I'm leaving behind things that I don't need with a friend, so I had to fly back to California to pick them up before heading back to Japan. It's hard to book flights due to the unpredictability of the trip that could exceed the original plan by as much as a week or more. I could get a standby ticket if I want to get to the earliest available flight at that time, but only if there are still seats available at the time the regular check-in closes, which, considering that the international airports of California and Japan are major stopover airports, that's not guaranteed. For this trip, we would be traveling in two cars. Whose car? Well, from someone who is joining the trip who lives closer to New York than California: one o