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Alternate Dimension (Part 59)

It's now the transitional period between winter and spring as I could see the snow slowly melting away and the cherry blossom petals growing. The weather's getting warmer, but still cold enough to wear warm clothing. Over there is the karaoke box Kotomi once told me she went to with her middle school friends, and how she saw her dad when she came out from the uniform store across the street. Strange. Seeing juniors I didn't know from the schools I had attended makes me feel superior over them, but sad that I'm no longer a student. If I could be a teacher there, it wouldn't be the same either. People I know from Mihara and the schools before that would not even know me. I have just graduated from high school, but would be entering another. Getting to know people in school and the high portability of not meeting them again after graduating makes me feel sad too. Not counting graduation day, the days after the last lessons before the college entrance tests until afte

How little things seems to have changed

When I look at footage from around 1999 and  2000 and compare to that of today, things don't seem to have change much for the past decade. Except for mobile phones and maybe the online world, advances in technology don't seem quite obvious at all. Like there aren't any as compared to the decade before and the most part of the 2000s decade seem stagnant. Well, I don't really have much to say right now: time seem to have passed by quickly. This is not really confirmed, but the latest blog story should be out around the weekend. Watch out for my tweets with the #takhsiru hashtag for updates relating to my blog stories. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Alternate Dimension (Part 58)

As though it was because of Takuya's happiness he didn't show to me, the cherry blossom trees started blooming the following day. Though my view of how the company runs is no different than that of a newbie, I don't want staff to know that. Neither do I want to be deceived by the possible cover-up by the supervisors either. If I were to announce my arrival to check on things, everyone would hide stuff from me (as someone important) and be unnaturally formal. How much things they could hide from me depends on how far in advance the notice was given, and how frequent I do it, which might give them the ability to predict if there was a pattern. Seriously, the more important a person is, the more others would hide things from them, unless they don't know that. The chief executive officer is the one who oversees the company on a daily basis, while I can just hide somewhere to the point that I'm forgotten, but, if I want to, override his command without warning as I have

Disorientated Feelings (Part 32)

Like at dinner, I did not dare to ask the question on my mind about the video footage my husband just showed me. Daisuke: "Kuniko-chan... I didn't know your family was this big..." Kuniko: "Me too. With my oldest sister born before my parents are married and that brother I talked about earlier, my own family seems strange and mysterious. Except for mom and I, everyone seems to have inherited the foreign look that originated from my great-grandfather on dad's side..." The mysterious past of me and my parents when I was born: why did my parent had me before they were married? They were barely graduated from high school at that time. What did uncle did to me shortly after I was born that is enough for dad to treat me like a mutated child that he doesn't want to look at? Kuniko seems the only one who didn't inherit the foreign-like appearance from dad and, behavior-wise, almost as normal as Izumi and most girls. She was supposedly one of the thre