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Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 2 - Changes to the Body

How different is our new gender different from females if we look exactly alike? The difference lies in the inner workings of how our body works. To begin with, we do not even have female reproduction organs despite what we strongly resemble. It is unclear at this time to tell if we could reproduce at all. Maybe we could, but we hadn't figured out the method, or happening without us knowing. While we do appear to have breasts, we are unable to examine them with clothes obstructing (more on them later) access and closer examination. As mentioned earlier , there is nothing between our legs that would suggest a male or female organ there: nothing but skin like the rest of the body. The bigger mystery is being still able to use the toilet with nothing there. So, we are incapable of both male and female roles in reproduction. We do feel ticklish and irritation when attempt to simulate it, but that's impossible if there's nothing there. This tells us that our evolved bodies