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what a waste of time

Friend called me late in the morning. He offered me to watch a movie in Bedok at a cinema behind McDonalds. Went there on time but never showed up and found that the cinema was closed. He then called me and followed his directions to meet him. In the end, about 15 minutes later, he decided not to go. Took the train from Bedok station to HarbourFront station. Entered B2 of VivoCity from the station. Rode up the escalator to 3F from B2. There was a rooftop pool there with a view of Keppel Harbour and Sentosa Took several pictures there. Went to Orchard Road from there. Walk around there aimlessly until I reached Books Kinokuniya inside Takashimaya shopping center before heading back. Remembered that the underground link between Wistma Atria and Orchard station is closed due to construction works above it. Waited 6 minutes for the train to come. (It is normally 3 minutes) Transfered to East West Line from North South Line at City Hall. Noticed a lot of foreigners on the train and all of t

letting you know

In case you are not aware, posts not relating to Anime can be found here . While posts in Japanese language (and some translations of the earlier mentioned blog and this blog) can be found here . (5 Dec 2006 edit: URL changed from fnfd-jap to asuna888) I'm not feeling well right now, probably because I have been cleaning my room extensively ( update ) I also plan to change the header image and converting the images on the bottom left of the page into thumbnails as the current ones are actually full size images that are resized and need to save bandwidth so that these images load faster (and "save our (imageshack) bandwidth").

Need to clean my room badly... (update 1)

( Read this if you want to know what this is about ) I have been making some progress... Images are taken from the same angle as those in the previous post. Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4: Picture 5:

Need to clean my room badly...

(I haven't been online lately due to O-Levels) It seems that my room is very messy and needs to be cleaned up badly. Although I had cleaned it up before, I only do one section which means that it gets messy again. So, to make more space (and not leaving things around the house; outside my room), I have to remove the junk like tissue boxes and tube (the cardboard thing at the center of the toilet paper/kitchen roll). While cleaning, I found old stuff (including empty food boxes with an expiry date in the year 2002). I will post pics later as i'm downloading 17 episodes of "mahou sensei negima" and "negima!?" (about 246MB and 173 MB each respectively) at the original time of post. Speaking of anime, I should be updating the "Anime i'm currently watching" section here and here . When it finishes downloading (or at least enough to upload images), I will post screenshots from the anime i'm currently watching. BTW, japanese anime that are broadca

Zune theme

I was checking Paul Thurrot's SuperSite (that's the name of the site) if he had added a review on the final version of Windows Vista when I came across this article which has a link to download the Zune theme (for operating systems based on Windows XP) It looks nice, in fact, much better than the one than came windows XP. It look so similar to the theme that came with Windows Media Center Edition 2005, only that it's black instead of blue. The only thing I don't like is the orange coloured start button. It's too strong. And the font does not seem to work with cleartype (sub-pixel rendering, make text more readable on LCD screens) for text in languages such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional) and Korean (although it works fine in Russian, Arabic, Greek). This would be troublesome if you try to read a 汉字/漢字 text with many strokes (eg. 憂鬱). However this can be sloved (except for things like the taskbar) by installing fonts that support thes