(15 Apr 2018 note: Changed ETH address in Q21. Other answers are correct as of 24 Dec 2016)

Q1: Where exactly are you from?
A1: I get asked this a lot as my language skills aren't associated with Japan. I studied and grew up in a different country, travelled to places around the world, so my sense of belonging to a place isn't that strong.

Q2: Your English is quite good. How did you learn it?
A2: Along with my answer for no.1, I was though English since before kindergarten, on top of English being thought in the primary school (=elementary grade 1-6). I also learn to writing a 300-word English essay, with grammatical and spelling errors pointed out. I watch and listen to a lot of British/American music/films too. This means thoughts in my mind are processed in English because of how young I was, but it does mean other languages are affected. Have you looked at how hard it is for a native English speaker to learn Japanese?

Q3: (Personal questions about me)
A3: Er... I don't want to talk about it.

Q4: (Usually asked by people in the Tokyo area.) Would you like to meet up in person? or Are you going to (insert name of place/event)?
A4: Personally like to, but circumstances make me unable to do so. I'm also the kind of person who is not good at speaking, thinks slowly, and couldn't catch well on what is being said without the words appearing in front of me. I would also like some privacy too.

Q5: I would like you add you to a social networking site. (eg. Facebook, Skype, LINE, etc.)
A5: This one would have me answering differently to what service you want to add me to. In general, it's mostly a "no" for wanting to separate my real-life friends from those I've only met online. However, feel free to add me to my Twitter (most of you have found me there anyway) and Steam accounts. I do play Minecraft if this means anything to you.

Be warned that I might see you as a stalker if you as too many personal questions. Also, it might take a while to answer your question, if I want to. Please note that I do not like long conversations.

Q6: When is your birthday?
A6: 5th of August

Q7: (Twitter-specific) What do you look out for when following people?
A7: Nothing in particular, though I do check new people via the people I'm already following. There are however, obvious ones I avoid: corporate accounts with boring tweets, too much links, ratio of recent tweets being more retweets than actual tweets, and automatic generated tweets via third party sites that they didn't bother editing. Examples of the last one include:
  1. "I favourite a video at YouTube" (link) etc.
  2. "myanimelist.com has been updated" or something like that
  3. "I'm watching (title) at crunchyroll.com"
  4. "No unfollowers and one new follower, checked by (link)"
You get the idea.

For private accounts, I may follow you if I can see your tweets. Private accounts you see me following were public at the time I started following them.

Q8: I see you tweeting at times when people in your timezone are usually sleeping. (Usually by people of other timezones)
A8: My sleeping patterns are pretty messed up.

Q9: What is this S8P947 or story 10 you keep mentioning?

A9: Those are codes for my blog story. In the above example, "S8" or "story 10" refers to which one I stared that particular story first. "P947" refers to the part number of the story code immediately before it, so S8P947 refers to Part 947 of the 8th story. The actual post of that story, however, uses its actual title, but the numbering is still reflected in the tags and indexes.

Q10: What languages do you speak, besides English and Japanese?
A10: Not much actually, though I have seen and heard many languages to roughly know what a particular word means.

Q11: Are you a bot or a real person? And is your account a role-play (RP) or a real one?
A11: What do you think I am? Well, I might be a super-advanced AI thing who could read and reply like a real person and generate personal-like things from time to time... (^_-)-☆

Q12: Why do you not use the same display images across all different SNS accounts? 
A12: I change it once in a while, but I don't do it all at the same time as it's a hassle to do it all, especially with accounts I'm not active with. So this means image you see that is different from Twitter account was one of my standard display pictures, from a long time ago. Moreover, each site has different approaches as to how to handle uploaded images, so there isn't a one-for-all solution, and not practical considering how often I do it.

Q13: Do you have siblings? What are they like?
A13: Well, let's just say that their names are (from youngest) Yukari and Kouichi, and the latter bugs me a lot.

Q14: I wanted to view this site from work, but it says it is blocked as pornography...
A14: Unfortunately, these kinds of things are beyond my control. You can use a proxy like Hide My Ass! (or ask help from a certain bear that likes tunnels) to get around this block. As to why this even happened, it could be because of my Tumblr blog (same domain, different sub-domain), or perhaps the words I use for the stories I write on this blog.

Q15: How do I contact you?
A15: You can send me a direct message on Twitter, Steam, or type a comment on any post on this blog. You can also send an email to me via the address mentioned below.

Q16: Can you tell me in detail on what your PCs run on? / What are the specifications of the PCs you mentioned (on twitter)? (Updated: 14 Apr 2014)
A16: Okay, this will be a long one.
2007 laptop
  • Acer
  • Bought new in October 2007
  • RAM: 1GB (upgraded to 4GB)
  • Windows Vista 32-bit (upgraded to Windows 8.1 64-bit)
2010 laptop
  • NEC
  • Bought new in March 2011
  • RAM: 2GB (upgraded to 6GB)
  • Windows 7 64-bit
2007 desktop
  • Dell
  • Bought used in August 2012
  • RAM: 1GB (upgraded to 2GB)
  • Windows XP 32-bit and Ubuntu 12.04 (updated to 13.04) 64-bit as dual boot
2008 desktop
  • Lenovo
  • Acquired used in September 2013
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Windows XP 32-bit (replaced with Ubuntu 13.10 32-bit) 
2012 laptop
  • Apple
  • Bought new in October 2013
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Mac OS 10.8.5 (updated to 10.9)

      Q17: What operating system (OS) do you use? (as of 24 Dec 2016)
      A17: I primarily use macOS Sierra, but if you meant all the OS I am using right now, here's a list of them in the rough order of the frequency of usage.
      • macOS 10.12
      • iOS 10.2
      • Windows 10
      • iOS 7.1.2
      • iOS 6.1.6
      • Windows 2000
      You may have noticed that this doesn't match up with Q16. A number of devices since that question was written (July 2014) have since either failed or have been upgraded. No new hardware was bought.

      Q18: In early parts of your stories, there are images, music players, and links to find out a term mentioned, and some special formatting, but recent ones seem to lack these things, especially pictures. What happened?
      A18: Well, I have considered creating an ebook for the benefit for those with e-readers that may find it hard to read with both the web and mobile version (which itself doesn't get detected automatically some devices), or just simply an offline version. These things just don't work well for ebook. Also, finding images suitable for it takes up my time in my huge image collection. I could just come up with my own illustration, but I can't really draw from my mind (despite what I had done).

      For embedded media, I had some of my earlier ones get broken over time. I had playlist or individual songs from IMEEM, but it broke when MySpace took over, and nothing was carried over. As I do not recall what songs were on there, the posts these embeeded media were on had not been updated to the current format for navigation to other parts of the story, including indicating what Chapters these are on with the ebook/Wordpress editions

      Q19: (Ebook related) I noticed that MOBI versions seem a little out of date from the EPUB version. What is going on here?
      A19: I created these in EPUB format, so naturally, EPUB versions gets out earlier. The MOBI version is just a converted version of the EPUB version, but possibly of an older version of it if the dates at the end of the file don't match. The conversion process is troublesome as I don't get to choose where the output is, and in a filename that is not the same as the EPUB version (because of metadata in it) and rename it, and that is before I even start the process of making it available online, and I hadn't even include other formats.

      I know it's frustrating for you Kindle readers out there, as I have a Kindle too where EPUB format isn't supported. You would have to convert the EPUB version via programs like Calibre to convert that to formats like MOBI or AZ3, though this happens automatically when you try to add it to your Kindle via Calibre...

      Q20: You hadn't posted any new stories here in a while, but I see you active elsewhere, like on Twitter.
      A20: Well, this blog was created when I was in my teens with a lot of free time, and ideas for the stories overflowing. Since then, that free time has reduced and what I do can make me too tired, forget completely, or just have no clue on what to write. Another hassle I face is that I can't optimially do it on any platform besides desktop PC. There was the official iOS app, but it was designed for iOS 6 and hasn't been updated since. Since the app no longer works as of iOS 11 due to dropped support of all 32-bit apps, I cannot use it at all.

      Q21: I would like to support you by donating. (Updated: 29 Mar 2018)
      A21: You can donate to me with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) are accepted too, but not other ones like Dogecoin (DOGE) or Zcash (ZEC) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) as I do not have the means to do something with it.

      Bitcoin (BTC): 1JAuQ5C66PZwTiuHb8rXfCVxZrSG6URTLq
      Ethereum (ETH): 0xD5268c15F3E7499bb59B4412cE800dA8CFF8D930
      Bitcoin Cash (BCH): qz79n8ch7ruk2z82t7lc6s3n0hah9t58zu4jr6s5vn
      Litecoin (LTC): MDokF1KLn9bdxY6ssJW2ffJ3YSnZ8RT4LX
      Dogecoin (DOGE): D95aF1Zez6C5EA7THCNkrbyKVsBWPVdiNY 

      If you're not into the cryptocurrency thing, you can use PayPal at takhsiru[at]gmail[dot]com in any major currency

      Ask me on Twitter for more questions not listed above.

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