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Alternate Dimension (Part 67)

Researching about a person that Takagi wants me to find that has been missing for two years was not easy: the longer a missing person has not been found, the harder it is to find them. Just searching for a child who has gone missing for only less than a week is hard enough, but a young adult could be anywhere in the world, including places that I've never even heard of. There's a vast amount knowledge and information stored inside me, but only ones that I've actually learnt, or what someone wants me to know (which gives me the strange feeling of knowing about something quite well about something I had never never learn), are only accessible to me. It's quite ironic that I have to ask someone to access something that is a part of me. Why can't I do it myself? Well, having a glance of what that information was, it contains every action of anywhere of any given time, which you could turn into what a particular someone was up to even though nothing was actually record

McD prices

On March 6, I was discussing with other Twitter users about how I've been to McD. I've said this before: I lived and grew up overseas until recent years. If you were to convert the prices of the same meal to a common currency, I would say that the country neighboring where I grew up in is a lot cheaper than ones in my homeland. Oh, and what is this " country I grew up in " and " home country " I kept mentioning, but didn't give details about? I'm not telling, but I've dropped hints around. ( Hint: Photo on the right is of an outlet of a place called Ameyoko) Somethings wrong about how I grew up: My foreign language skills are a lot more fluent than the native language of my family. I'm even writing in that s a id foreign language right now that even I'm scared of how good I am in it. I know enough that I'm now surrounded with bad English (though I've seen worse ). I could have grown up in my homeland, with a completely d

526th post

It has been about a week after the Tohoku earthquake. To those who did not follow me on twitter and noticed that I didn't write a new post for quite a while, forgive me for making you worried that I might have died, especially since the death toll and missing persons from the earthquake (and the tsunami that followed) is in the tens of thousands. So, most schools are having their graduation ceremony this week. It's probably a sad day for them as some might have lost their peers or relatives. Yukari would be entering college next year. Some colleges are having an open campus and are checking them out since she's entering her 3rd year of high school and will be taking the entrance exams about. She's my sister after all, and is somewhat like an another me, but born latter and went through completely different experiences. As I've mentioned earlier somewhere, I haven't even begin to write my blog story. Would do so when I've figured out how to continue writing f

525th post

Looking at news or business reports from the western world, one thing that I notice very frequently is this kind of mindset: USA + Canada + Western Europe = The world Any attack on internet servers -> Blame it on China What is wrong here? It's practically ignoring the rest of the world that's not mentioned and continued stereotypes. Well, sure there's history behind it, but that's not an excuse for letting it happen. As for the internet attacks, it could have been done by an individual that doesn't even reside in China and actually originate from an unsuspecting county that's not even mentioned in the daily international news. Well, maybe it might have, but for unrelated reasons. Disclamer: I am neither for, or against any country mentioned here.

Alternate Dimension (Part 66)

I was given a case to solve via a schoolmate that claimed to be Takagi's cousin that has several unknowns and I don't have personal experience with the things involved made it more challenging to solve. I had my doubts if this Yui Ito (伊藤湯井) is a cousin of Kamisugi High's computing club senior, who is now working for me at Powell Institute. I never knew what Takagi's given name was, but I wondered if the name Yui gave me (Megumi) is even the Takagi I had in mind. I had to ask her personally. It's pointless asking "the other me" as they don't know who she is other than as someone only I had met. I was caught off-guard by her to call me by my actual name instead of Kanade Haneda, something that only people who had met me before April this year or knew through someone before that time and indicated my current identity. I can't think of anyone outside the Hatsuya research institute who knows this, and Takagi certainly doesn't fall in that group. Un

Looking Back

You know, it has been almost 4 years since I have graduated from High School * . The time passed since then is obviously longer than the time I've spent in it, but it's somewhat the best time of my life. Walking around near where I live, past schools and students in uniforms makes me recall about it. Kind of sad to think that the amount of time passed since graduating is longer than the time I had spent in it. Primary school seemed like an eternity, but looking back, I don't really remember what happened. In fact, in the working world, people usually never talked about what they did earlier than High School. There's no mention about Primary or Middle school unless they have children in it. I was taught to speak English since young (before kindergarten?) and with a method more effective than the schools at home. (Maybe it's the age they started learning it.) Dad could speak it, but with the accent. As for the rest of the family... Let's just say that they don