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Yononana no Okugi (Part 7)

It was getting cloudy when I left school, where darker clouds appear to be in the direction of where I live. While the station I am at is underground, most stations on the line are not. At where I would be alighting, there's practically no shelter between platform and home as the station ticket concourse is the only sheltered area along that stretch of the road. I'm guessing it would be raining heavily with winds over there, so it seems unlikely I'll get home dry. Getting to the train platform took a lot longer than usual as my thinking ability was hindered by the newly acquired persistent feeling as I thought about directions to the right platform. It's not painful or like a headache, but more like the body wanting something it doesn't have. The station is massive as many lines intersect here.  There are no escalators, but thankfully I don't have to lift up my leg  much to climb up every morning.  Elevators are available, but are inconveniently located