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Interest in Cryptocurrencies

You may have noticed that, seemingly out of nowhere, I have been talking about cryptocurrencies as of late. Have I caught on the masses when the value of Bitcoin jumped from 3 digits to 5 digits against the US dollar back around November/December? In a way, yes. You see, I'm not new to Bitcoin. I've known about it as far back as 2010 where anyone could mine with just a laptop CPU. I've minned quite a bit myself, spread across multiple PCs for the same mining pool. Did try solo mining, but that didn't work. Don't recall how much I have mined, but it was less than 1BTC total. What I did back then was to have Bitcoin-qt (Bitcoin Core now) across multiple PCs I had back then. I don't remember which wallet associated with each had bitcoins on them, or where I had transfered some to, but I do recall transfering between my wallets and some place that held bitcoin. Not sure if those inter-transfers included gathering all of the bitcoins I had into one wallet file an