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Teary Promise (Part 11)

Being in a foreign country for the first time, it suddenly occurred to me that reduced food, electricity, and business hours in light of the earthquake back in March, does not apply to here at all. Buying things using a currency I'm not used to has make me feel disoriented on whether the numbers on the price tag of an item is considered cheap or expensive. They said to divide a number by 100 from the yen as a rough guess, but seeing something that costs 800yen back home being labelled as 25 in that currency, which itself after currency conversion, is worth 650yen or US$9, is making me even more confused. Waking up, having breakfast, preparing things, travelling to school, waiting for everyone to gather and brief, taking the train to the airport, having lunch, waiting for the plane to depart, duration of flight plus delays, timezone differences. All of this has made us tired from travel alone and lost track of how long we have been travelling. The sun had already set when we arriv

570th post - Busy

I currently have an assignment that's to due quite soon, and most likely a test a week after. Also, I'm having a hard time thinking of what to write for it. I am thinking of writing of part 11 of "Tearful Promise" (6th story), but nothing has actually been planned or written yet. I'll start doing it when I can. Keep an eye on my twitter profile for updates, and the little things that indirectly affects me writing it. Updates for my blogs should have a #twitter hashtag.

Teary Promise (Part 10)

About half a year has passed since the earthquake happened. Everything has started to become normal again, and the mess caused by the tsunami in affected areas mostly cleared up, though there are still shipwrecked ships and empty areas where destroyed houses used to stand. Only the roads, surviving buildings, and some trees, tells us where everything was. Electricity is gradually returning back to normal, though some energy conservation measures implemented since the earthquake are still visibly in place. Sadly, it seems as if the world has stopped caring about the incident itself. There have been small earthquakes since then that were more frequent than usual, which might be possibly be and aftershock of an aftershock. There was a typhoon that nearly threatened to hit the already-damaged nuclear plant and scatter its radiation just recently, but it became weak enough to be not much of a threat when it arrived. Some boys in school have started to talk to me often since the start

Disorientated Feelings (Part 41)

Since I am quite close to Saeko's company, I could drop by there to ask for help, but the level of rivalry of Powell staff with Hatsuya is so great that the former would refuse to corporate with the latter. Me wearing an outfit with Hatsuya's logo on it being glaringly obvious and not knowing how to take it off kind of rules out heading there for help. They probably don't even give me a chance to explain myself. Either way, I contacted Saeko to see if she's not busy. From the voices I heard in the background, Saeko seemed glad to use me as an excuse to get out of the situation she was in at the time I called her, though Saeko didn't say what she was doing at that time. Oddly, she said not to tell my husband about it yet. When she saw me, she knew immediately knew that I had went to Mizuho and my discomfort with the clothes I couldn't take off. Apparently, I was wearing the rarely-seen Hatsuya Research uniform that non-Mizuho based staff would wear, which has

Alternate Dimension (Part 78)

The closer I brought the friend to Takagi, the more nervous I got about how Takagi would react to it even though I have no involvement on how the friend became what he is like now that has the body to keep changing quite frequently without control. He currently looks and sounds like an office lady, and is unknown when the next transformation is, but an hour with an even number in it would be approaching soon. Transformations frequencies varies between 2 to 100 hours, with the lower end being more common, always happens at the top of the hour, and the number of hours of these frequencies are always dividable by 2 without a remainder. That makes it easier to prepare for it, but preparing for a transformation that could happen between every 2 to 100 hours without knowing when exactly it would be can be quite stressful. Knowing exactly when it would be or, even better, not worrying about it at all, is less stressful.

In Memory of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 One of the greatest pioneers in shaping the world of information technology, Steve Jobs had helped changed the world that had span many decades. He envisioned having computers that were user-friendly to people that have little knowledge on computers, and also have one that is small enough that would fit into people's homes. He also reinvented the music and mobile industry. May he rest in peace.