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Disorientated Feelings (Part 36)

So here I am, walking towards the old computer my child seemed so interested in. This odd disability of not being allowed to know the very children I gave birth to is hindering my job as their mother: anything about them seemed censored when it reaches my mind and their father doesn't understand my problem. Saeko: "So here's the old computer that **** was interested in... opps, I think the name might have sounded censored to you, but you know which child I'm referring to. Anyways, let's see if we can run this thing." Saeko pointed to the computer I used until the end of middle school. Saeko looked as though she's warning me about something that she can't say in front of my child, but, given the current situation, bringing me away from my child just to talk about it is not an option either. I can't blame her since there are several computers in the house, and them asking was unexpected. There's a video file on the desktop (first screen yo

Possible problems of making a working holographic display

You've seen them in futuristic or sci-fi shows, but do they actually exist? Sorry to say this, but although LCD displays has replaced the bulky CRT displays within the past decade, it seems kind of dated. You could say that, despite recent advancements in technology, it still feels that I'm living in the past. However do actual interactive mid-air holographic screens exists? Well... In the above video, there's a hand tracking system and image is drawn with lasers with water mist or smoke (seeing laser between point A and B is not possible unless there are fine particles in between). How this works is similar to a projector display, but with the screen being in mid-air. As you can see, there's a glass casing surrounding it and the lighting surrounding it being dark. I don't even know why I'm writing this...