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Alternate Dimension (Part 50)

With the time spent preparing my club for the festival and helping out my classmates, there are only a few weeks left before the end of the holidays. With Itsuki now having fallen ill, I don't know how much time I have left. That is, if I were to take care of him. Mother:  "Saeko-chan. I appreciate you taking care of him, but aren't you supposed to have your break too? He might have been too ill to tell you this, but he wants you to collect documents all the way from somewhere in Hong Kong in his place." Aren't you contradicting what you just said? Having me go to a far-away place just to collect something. But what about customs? For me, things like my thumbprint are exactly the same as Itsuki's and might cause confusions. As for the passport, well, there isn't an issue as the thumbprint looks the same and my current name there is reflected there instead of the one from the other dimension, but I don't know what the person at the counter is doin

I have aphasia?

From what I have read, I might have aphasia ( 失語症 ). I don't know why my spoken vocabulary is a lot different than my writing vocabulary, with the former being more limited. In fact, just trying to speak alone takes up a lot of effort. My mother said that I had a seizure somewhere just after I was born. I don't know the exact details of it though. What kind of aphasia do I have? As you can see, I can write meaningful sentences and not add meaningless words in it. If you had read the stories I wrote here for the past 20 months, or my Twitter posts ("tweets") for the past 15 months, you would have known that. Then again, I can't write as quickly as I type. Of course, I can understand speech too, or you wouldn't have noticed me talking about it unless it's about a silent film from more than a century ago or post screenshots with subtitles on it. Who knows, I'm not an expert in the medical field. I might not even have it, but the symptoms mentioned are

Alternate Dimension (Part 49)

We spent the whole day trying out various hairstyles and clothes my mother was willing to give me. She seems to have some old clothes that have yet to be opened from their shopping bags. A fraction of those seemed expensive and another seemed to have been bought before I was born. Me: "Er, mom? Why do you have so many shoes and clothes I've never seen you wear before?" Mother: "Me and your dad bought them at flee market and discount sales at department stores. Others were what I have only worn once for various interviews. I don't have much space left to store these, but I would rather give them away to a family member than to throwing or selling them away." I already have a lot of clothes and shoes, but I shouldn't reject her offer either and... and... oh great. I'm starting to feel sleepy and can't think as I would want to and my thoughts are now filled with nothing but wanting to sleep. Mother: "You seemed tired. Why don't y

Alternate Dimension (Part 48)

I have found myself awake shortly before the alarm rang. I don't know how I'm able to do that. The summer vacation is still ongoing and I should be having time to myself, but people who rely on me too much are still contacting me. Didn't I tell them not to contact me except in real emergencies? Sadly, they didn't take me seriously, they hardly do except a few. As though he could read my mind from very far away, Itsuki invited me to stay at my parent's house at Inami City. I have not been there lately due to the traveling times to and from Kamisugi City, which is where I am currently staying. Itsuki could afford to do so as taking care of me is part of his job. I wonder if he's staying elsewhere? My house in Kamisugi City is within the Powell Institute Headquarters. I have to follow the dress code to avoid them stopping me unnecessarily as I head to the parking area. Fortunately, I don't need to carry my luggage, so they won't stop me for carrying p

Recent anime that I'm unlikely to watch but have seen before

First off, I'm going to talk about the new spring 2010 anime first. Of course, I'm not repeating titles that has already been mentioned before. Kiss x Sis (キス✕シス) Based on a manga and has a DVD that comes with one of its volumes. As I found out, there are 4 planned OVAs, with the 4th coming out soon. Based on what I saw, from those and the pre-broadcast episode, it's kind of... well, not what I'm looking out for. Kaicho wa Maid-sama (会長はメイド球) I don't know what to say as I know very little about it. It takes place in a recently-turned co-ed school, so there are still dominantly males there. She's the school's student council president who has to deal with guys that bully the minority girls. A friend asked the protagonist to help out at a maid cafe and cover her expenses. As she's helping out there, she was spotted by... okay, my interest has already wandered at this point, actually from the point I saw "Maid" in the title. B B-gata H-k


4月1日には、世界中で新聞が嘘の内容の記事を掲載したり、TVニュースでジョークニュースを報道したりといった事が広く行われている。インターネットが普及してからは、実用性のない冗談RFCが公開されたり、ウェブサイトではジョークコンテンツを公開するといったことも行われる。 ジョークの規模についても、簡易なものから大きな労力をつぎ込んだものまで存在し、ウェブサイトにおいては個人発から大手企業発まである。逆に習慣を逆手にとって、ありえない内容に見えて事実の内容であったり、翌日以降に「嘘ではない」「本当に実施する」といった裏の裏をかいた記事が書かれることもある。これらのネタは、一種のファンサービスの行為にもなり、一種のお祭りとみなすことも出来る。時に、閲覧者から嘘の情報の内容についての問い合わせが来ることもある(BBCの「ビッグ・ベンのデジタル化」など)。 恒例行事としてジョーク記事を作成している場合、『ネタ切れ』を防ぐためにその年度の時事的・風刺的な内容のジョークになっているものも多く、4月1日のみの刹那的なジョークではない、一年の総決算的な要素も持ち合わせていると見ることができる。 なお、かつては通信社が配信した嘘記事を日本の新聞社が本当のニュースとして掲載した事があったほか、2005年に日本の新聞社が掲載した「スマトラ沖地震の余波で沖縄南端に新島が出現」という記事を、韓国の新聞社がニュースとして掲載するなど、別のメディアが真に受けて情報元のメディアに騙されてしまった事例もある。また、エイプリルフールに便乗し、4月1日に発動するコンピュータウィルスを設置するなどの犯罪行為が行われることもある。