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396th post

(written on 11 June 2009) With my birthday less than a week away, I'm not sure if it is something to look forward to. Most of my peers are living better lives than I had and now they are in colleges I'm unable to get into. My parents are still pampering me to the point that I became matured and independent quite late and start to distrust them more. Why the hell did they teach me 2 useless languages since childhood that I don't practically use? Why did they made me do all that religious crap? I don't see the point and the reasons they give me doesn't make sense. Also, making me learn all the religious crap and those useless languages does more harm than good as it places a limit on what other useful things I could have learn and maybe master them better. Since I have never used them now and picked up a more useful language, I kinda have forgotten. On top of having my school in the past starting so bloody early, my parents turn on to some radio station that gives me

395th post: Time passes by

(written on 11 June 2009) Look at how much time has passed: It's already the final week of July. When I'm just lying around at home doing my own things that are not physically or mentally demanding time sure seem to fly by quickly that I can't believe how long ago an even took place. I can't believe I actually spent a total of 10 months of practically not doing anything that involves studying or doing paid work: November 2006 to April 2007, and (late) March 2009 to (early) July 2009.

417th post

Just to let you know, this is not a scheduled post. I have delayed the next post by an another day so that I could squeeze this post in. I have just got back from somewhere where I can't mention, even when it's over, where I don't have access to the internet, let alone my files at home. However, this time back here is quite limited so I have to maximize it. I don't have the time to explain it now, but let's just say the time I have yet to catch up with is preventing me to put up anything worthwhile. I have also met a lot of new people too.

An Unexpected Wish (Part 2)

Nanami found herself to be at the amusement park she remembers going to when she was 4. She saw her parents and brother in the distance. They looked younger than the last she saw them. As Nanami missed her family a lot, she ran and called them. Nanami noticed that her body was that of a young child, so everything seemed large. She tried to walk the way she's used to, but wasn't able to and fell down as she tried to. She's puzzled as to what was going on: she remembers that she was at the pool in her high school not too long ago. As she struggled to get closer, she saw a rocket from the clear blue sky heading towards the amusement park. A large explosion from the roller coasters soon followed and the whole place became dark with fire and explosions everywhere. People were running and screaming and structures collapsing. The fire now separates Nanami from her family. Before the fire got bigger, her mother said that has continued on the Fujibayashi family and asks not to wo

384th post: My experience installing OSes

(written on 19 May 2009) Until recently, I have been installing operating systems on various systems. This includes installing OSes via a virtual PC for many years now. I shall discuss on how I installed them and how it went. However, do note that I have never used any Mac OS operating systems long enough to know where everything is as the only time I get to use them is at an electronic store or when visiting a media/arts college before someone drags me away. Unless otherwise mentioned, formatting the drive is required and, in some cases, partitioning too. This means that all data previously on it would be erased. MS-DOS (virtual): Since the host machine has an actual floppy disk, I used that to start the installation. I don't know how different the version I used is compared to the one that came with Windows 95, but it did run games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D fairly smoothly. Since I have already used MS-DOS (or Command Prompt) in latter versions, using it with only the keyboard

An Unexpected Wish (Part 1)

Heavy rain poured onto a building where the funeral of a couple and their son takes place. A young lady in a black dress was seen crying a lot in front of the portraits of the deceased. This is Nanami Fujibayashi (藤林 菜々実), their daughter, whose immediate family was killed by a robber. Relatives and friends of any members of the Fujibayashi family paid their last respects to them and offer support for the sole living person in the family. It's hard enough to have someone close to pass on, but a lot harder to have one's entire family to be killed because of someone else's greed. It was barely a week ago that she came home quite late because of club activities. Nanami was walking along the dimly lit road that leads to her house. As she reached home, she finds that the house is unusually dark and that the front gate and door were wide open. She called her parents to check if everyone had left in a hurry earlier in the afternoon. But when she called, she heard all of their mo

379th post:: Wonder what they are up to...

(written on 13 May 2009) Being away from home, I wonder if the people at home are doing anything to my room. I don't mind if they clean it up, but not throw away my precious stuff. Also, I don't want them to go sneaking into my room to find something that would make me embarrassed. They normally don't as I'm always in my room and is hard get around but you never know. Sigh, I can't watch much of the new Spring anime or the new episodes of Haruhi. I'm also missing out on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. .. If only they didn't delay it from the originally planned December 2008 release... Oh well, there's always the DVD release or something.

378th post: How my posts are numbered.

(written on 13 May 2009) You might have noticed I numbered my posts, except for my stories and some of the older posts. It's based on the post count of what I had done, including scheduled and drafts. It's because of of the later that you might see the numbers jump around. Oh, and in case you have forgotten, I had mentioned back in April that I am now off to somewhere and would not be able to to put up new posts. However, I have prepared posts that are scheduled for the next 2-3 months. Well, to tell if my posts are scheduled ahead, I might put up something like at the top of this post. Also, the time of the post would be at exactly 11:00 AM. Due to time constrains, lengthening list of what-I-should-be-doing- but-have-yet-to-do, (as at 13 May) I don't have much of my stories scheduled for the next 3 months. Also, until I have the time and get access, the links would not be available and would have to look through tags and archives after they are released.

414th post: Noodles

Noodles are stiff and fragile when dry. But soft and springy when soaked in water for some time. It tastes plain, but flavoring can be added. However, that flavoring is not part of the noodle. It just sits on top of it or the soup it is soaked in. Chocolate marshmallow flavored noodle.... Purple noodles... When bringing them abound in its unused form, broken pieces are unavoidable. A cup of hot instant noodles is warm in the cold tempreatures. It's hard to tell when those 3 minutes are up. And I don't know why I'm talking about noodles. Or what's with the purple chocolate marshmallow part I mentioned earlier.

Alternate Dimension (Part 29)

I had the sensation of my life I have never felt before last night. I was like, "Is this for real?" when it was going on, but I don't want to talk about it. Anyways, today is the cultural festival at Kotomi's school. I didn't know what to wear, so I just wore my uniform. Saeko, who has been hiding somewhere in the house since before I arrived home last night, only came out of hiding after Kenjiro and I left. Kotomi is already busy helping out people this early in the morning that she can't stop and talk to me. She did say that her siblings are around when she ran past me. Oh, Kotomi's siblings... I haven't seen them since I went to that country with Haruna and some of my current classmates not too long ago. It was such a large group that they probably didn't notice me there as though I was invisible. I did see Shin'ichi there, but he was too preoccupied with whatever he was doing. On top of that, they probably don't recognize me wit

Disorientated Feelings (Part 13)

(continued from Part 12 ) Just as I was about to leave, Shin'ichi wanted to tag along with me. Well, since he's about to enter middle school next year and the most mature among my siblings, I don't see why not. Along the way, we walked past an ad for enrollment into a university and academy specializing in certain fields: the school our cousin went to was one of them. The sight of those ads made him think about which middle school he should go to. Me: "If you're thinking about entering the academy Aiko went into, you should keep in mind that many people are applying for it and admission is based on the grades you scored for the entrance tests and the amount of places avalable. So in order to guarantee being able to get in, you need to score around full marks." Shin'ichi: "Kotomi----oneechan, why is it that you did not enter that school and chose a normal high school instead when you obviously can score high?" This brother seem to alwa

410th post

I don't know what to write. My head gets fried when I try to think. Maybe it's the overload of unnecessary stuff I had learn since childhood, like why a particular day less than a week after my birthday some years earlier that important to a particular country somewhere is over-emphasized to the point I don't want to hear it. Or maybe it's the overload of the number of languages I was exposed to: at least 10. Español, Français, Deutsch, 中文/汉语, Bahasa Indonesia..... must I list them all? Many people around the world seem to be exposed to only one or at least two, but unlike those fast learners you see on TV, learning them is at a cost of learning other things like the molecular structure, the contour lines on a map to determine the height and steepness. Anyways, I'm exposed long enough to know what is being communicated but not the other way around or what is being said in written form. This could partly because it could be related or structured similar to what I alr

Disorientated Feelings (Part 12)

(continued from Part 11 ) It has been quite some time since my birthday. The weather has started to get colder, and the trees are shedding their leaves with some already bare. I find myself to be with Itsuki and at his house more than I do with my other friends when I'm not working. I don't know why I am seeing him more frequently lately. Is it because of his house? That's not it: his house seems average but less maintained compared to mine. Not to mention the mess and dirt I saw when I first went there. The food? Wait, it was me who bought, prepare, and cook them at his house... Something he did at school? Unlike me, he seems to be the very opposite: hardly anyone knows him, scores quite low for exams, not in leadership role of the things he joined... Why did I choose him over guys all the girls are crazy over, or one of the guys who showed interest in me? The answer to that: I don't know myself. I woke up to a cold Sunday morning. It took me a while from the tim

408th post: Firefox 3.5

Video requires a browser that supports HTML 5: Besides that, I have yet to play around with it to tell what it's like, but it's performs beyond expectations. Maybe because I added more stuff then when I was using the beta and release candidate versions. The only problem is that it uses about 470k+ of memory unlike the previous version at 350k+, at least, with the plug-ins I have installed. Such a memory eater... Since I have 2.5GB of RAM and is not fully utilized, it actually runs smoothly and a lot faster than the earlier version. I use Firefox as my primary browser, but I do use Chrome on slow PCs, Safari if I don't like the way Windows renders text and as a standards-compliant reference since Safari 4 passes the Acid3 test at 100. For backward compatibility (or just want to know how horrible the page is rendered), I would use Internet Explorer 6-8 too. I do use Opera on mobile devices, as a USB-installed browser, or as a non-Firefox browser in Linux. In case you were won