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2nd day, 5th month, 2007th year

(Lucky Star was featured in the June 2007 issue of Newtype Japan) Okay, i know i have not been updating my blogs lately. i just don't feel like updating and not to mention that i have school (holiday is in june/july) and have many different profile and blogs to maintain, i regularly update those at friendster. At , I received a very long list of friend requests. As it already reached the 1000 friends, I had to delete those with non-anime/japanese related display images but still accept at the other 2 accounts until either reaches the 1000 limit. (btw. the link to my MySpace profile can be found in my 3rd friendster profile). Note1: I have dropped "Nagaserete Airantou" as at episode 8. I'm sick of seeing 19th century japan-like environment and nosebleeding comming from the only guy on the island. (the rest are females and odd looking animals and plants) Note2: ODEX is the devil for being the only legal anime distributor here an