2nd day, 5th month, 2007th year

(Lucky Star was featured in the June 2007 issue of Newtype Japan)

Okay, i know i have not been updating my blogs lately. i just don't feel like updating and not to mention that i have school (holiday is in june/july) and have many different profile and blogs to maintain, i regularly update those at friendster. At http://www.friendster.com/friends/4623690, I received a very long list of friend requests. As it already reached the 1000 friends, I had to delete those with non-anime/japanese related display images but still accept at the other 2 accounts until either reaches the 1000 limit. (btw. the link to my MySpace profile can be found in my 3rd friendster profile).

Note1: I have dropped "Nagaserete Airantou" as at episode 8. I'm sick of seeing 19th century japan-like environment and nosebleeding comming from the only guy on the island. (the rest are females and odd looking animals and plants)

Note2: ODEX is the devil for being the only legal anime distributor here and provide low quality video and subbing.

Note3: It seems that only 2/3 of the anime i watch now (out of 8, more if you count those i have watched before) are licensed by ODEX. They are "Idolmaster Xenoglossia", "Darker than BLACK" and "Nagaserete Airantou". (oddly enough, even though "School Days" hasn't started airing in japan yet (though they have released a preview in 2005), they have already licensed it)

Note4: Seems that some poor guy has been caught for ilegally downloading anime (go to www.darkmirage.com and look for blog entry around end-may/early-june 2007). Looking at the scan/pdf of the letter (dated mid-may 2007), it seems that person download subbed version of bleach and inuyasha from DB (dattebayo) and whatever site/groups i don't download from for the month of february of the same year.

Note5: Don't download subbed anime, especially popular ones ;) (hint hint) If you want to watch the subbed one and not support ODEX, buy those R1 DVD ones.

Note6: in the letter mention in note4, none of the downloads that "violate" (can't verify if the orginaisation the letter is from is legit) contains raws or non-latin based charaters. though i'm not sure about those sent to other people.

Note7: None of my friendster profiles contains my real name, including my main (3rd) acc. (though you need to add my real given name as the last name or 1 of the few email addresses with my real name in it to add me)

Note8: So long.... -_-

Note9: That list is updated already.

Note10: I don't like the climate in Singapore: Hot tropical climate (no winter), small land area (=dense population and expensive houses. a 5rm (200sqm)apartment (with minimal/no furnishings btw;) is already around SGD 300,000 (SGD1.5=USD1) and single houses in the 1mil range. Houses in the suburbs of other developed countries are barely even 50,000 and the size is larger.), might emigrate one day (most likely around 2018)
Note11: I want to marry someone from japan, move there and change my name and surname

Note12: Trying to understand japanese including both spoken and written.

Note13: You might have noticed that this post has minor changes as compared to those i posted at the other blogs (and the Japanese Language version too)


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