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Alternate Dimension (Part 81)

Kotomi has made it clear that she doesn't want to be a housewife, contrary to what most woman usually do, but that's declining in recent years with many married couples. Well, this isn't exactly surprising to me as she seems to be the career woman, but relaxed enough to think about family. If she works at what she's interested in, she could do well in it. Although, working environment and treatment by co-workers are contributing factors. It seem that almost right after Kotomi said that she doesn't want to be a housewife on being married, Hatsuya as informed me and Itsuki that our working schedule might change. I was originally meant to do everything, but because my schedule includes being Mizuho student and Powell boss, which can't be changed, those times, including the buffer period around it, would have Itsuki or someone to take over. The children would have to be trained to not rely on their parents too much, but at the same time not doing it cruelly. May

582nd post: Christmas? New Year?

It's about 4-5 days after Christmas, and just another 2-3 days to New Year of 2012. I don't celebrate Christmas to begin with, and I now have a hectic schedule that everyday seems the same to me. With me hardly watching the TV or listening to the radio these days I never even heard any Christmas songs at all. On top of that, Christmas day falls on a Sunday, and it seems no different from any other weekend. In other words, Christmas is a non-even to me. I don't know if I would be up for the New Year countdown. You know, this is actually my first time in a long time that I'm not away, and actually at home. I brought this up because someone I followed on Twitter who is also following me said that I (or someone else named Haruka) am a bad girl for ignoring Christmas.

Teary Promise (Part 12)

If Hisakawa said that she had met my brother inside Mizuho, she must have known about his body changing. I mean, my brother and I go to the same school and, having seen a recent picture of me and my family (most likely the one taken during my entrance ceremony day last year), and knowing that me and my brother could look like the other if one of us tries to dress like one. I've seen my brother returning home directly from Mizuho, and if people saw him, they could easily mistake him as me in my school uniform, though he looks a bit different and I'm not well known enough on top of that for something to possibly happen. What I'm afraid of is not knowing if Hisakawa has already told my mother about it. Also, I knew I had the sense of familiarity when I first saw her on the plane, because she's the same person as the computer club president that I met at the Kamisugi High school festival. Her wearing a name tag that clearly reads as "Haneda Kanade" even though h

Disorientated Feelings (Part 43)

It has been about a year since I had injected the solution made from some bits of me. Sure enough, my husband did become pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl with no abnormalities. Since the presence of anything genetically male during the child's development being completely absent, it's not possible for the child to be a boy at all. This is my first child I could see with my own eyes: the children I gave birth too seemed to have gender-specific things appear censored to me for some odd reason, so I don't know if I have any sons. Now, I could actually know the name of the newborn child. Yuko (name of my husband in his female form) could see this child too. It would be a strange scene of two women having a child that resembles the both of them with no adult males involved. In this case, the mother of the child is the one who gave birth to it, which is my husband. It's can get confusing because the husband and wife (me) are each both a mother and father at th

Dad, we don't need a car

Dad, I want you to sell the car instead of getting a new one for the following reasons: 1. Tax 2. Depreciation in car value over time 3. Maintence costs, including other expenses and inconviences that may happen because of it. 4. Cost of fuel rising and pollution it causes 4a. Calculating the cost per liter, and fuel consumption, it's already clear that a train fare of the same distance is less. 5. There is a direct train form the house to the workplace, and the time you head to, or leave from, work is within operation hours. 6. Parking and toll fees 7. I usually never hear you taking the public transport. Don't you see the expenses? You probably don't as total price per trip is not shown in your face. Can't you at least see the price of fuel and parking at least? I don't know how much more money there would be in the household as you had drove cars for about 15 years now, and a motorcycle for some number of years before you married mum.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 42)

Quite some amount of time has passed since I found out about the big secret about me that even I didn't know about. My relationship with my children hasn't really changed since then, but the atmosphere with Itsuki does. I don't know if we are a married couple, or a group of friends hanging out together. I'm confused, especially when the family appears to be made up of three women, some children, but no men. Dig further and you would find out that those three women were previously men, but the children did come from one of them. Since then, I see gender differences as nothing more than the role played in making an offspring. Nothing more. Studying science since young, I know about this, but I never thought that it applies to me too, though it does help to be knowledgeable about my feelings and not let it take over me. I don't like wearing gender-specific clothes, but being a woman, the shape of my bust is permanently visible no matter what I wear. I don't like

576th post

I guess I've been more active at twitter lately. So, I have not even started writing any part of my stories as of late due to me being busy and worrying about serious things. My schedule is kind of tight at the moment. Hopefully, I would have more time on Saturday onwards.

575th post

So, I have a lot of things to manage, things to do, and things that were pushed aside because of the more important things to do. My room is gradually starting to become messy from stuff I just chucked aside just to have an item out of the way that it looks cluttered or were place in places where I completely forgot about. Unlike earlier cleanups, I'm starting to have a clearer picture of what I don't need and being less sentimental towards things that are to be thrown out. Bookshelf I have 3 separate bookshelves, and the shelve used to store my manga and video game cases is, apart from the lack of support to prevent items at one end from falling, is quite neat. The other two are messy and visibly has things I don't mind throwing out. Eletronics Quite a number that I don't know where to start. Well, I would like to get rid of the 21" TV and the 15" PC monitor (both are the CRT type; you know, those bulky things). Perhaps the DVD and PC unit from 10-1

Alternate Dimension (Part 80)

The results of the year-skipping tests has arrived saying that I have passed it. I though that the people at Hatsuya headquarters would do anything to prevent me from the endless loop of going to high school for the rest of my life, but they didn't. In fact, they congratulated me for passing it. I wonder why they let me? Did they finally notice my desire? Are they planning to use me for something after college? Looking at the situation, I could be taking care of Kotomi's future children, whoever her husband may be. Kotomi appears to want children, but not interested in taking care of them, I could be tasked to take care of them until the youngest child is old enough. She sees having children as a necessity to replace herself when she can't live on any more, so she doesn't care about the financial burden that it comes with like most couples today. Throughout the rest of the year, I have helped to make Nanami (Kotomi's aunt, though younger than her) feel better fr

Timeframes of the latest parts of my stories

When writing my stories, I tend to get confused as to what year the stories are currently at. Knowing what the year is, and in some cases, the exact time and date, is important for me to sort out the events that takes place in that story. As I write a different story right after the last one, it would make things even more confusing. Even more so if at least two or more coincide with each other a lot, with one being in a different year than the other. So, here are the positions of where the stories are at the latest part: Story 1 (completed) - Summer 2005 Story 2 (Part 79) - Autumn 2010 Story 3 (Part 41) - early 2020s Story 4 (Part 6) - Summer 2011 Story 5 (Part 1) - early 1990s Story 6 (Part 11) - October 2011 Note that the protagonist of story 4 (Nanami) and 6 (Yumiko) do not meet each other at all, but both have met the protagonist of story 2 (Saeko/Itsuki) at some point. Saeko/Itsuki and the protagonist of story 3 (Kotomi) are in a relationship with each other, so th

Alternate Dimension (Part 79)

After some discussion with Takagi, we decided to name the new employee of Powell Research as simply ヒトコ (Hitoko). No family name, and the given name is written in katakana. I feel strange writing it because it feels like I'm drawing random short, straight, lines. This name is clearly influenced by the nicknames used by song artists that might sing some anime songs. Hitoko has transformed again, but it happened after the previous record of 100 hours. Nobody knows what the maximum is, and, according to the other two Hatsuya staff in the same situation, the transformation can happen more than once while asleep. If this happens for the rest of her life, who else besides me (and possibly Hatsuya) would let Hitoko secure a job if her own identity keeps changing too frequently? It hasn't yet be proven, but in theory, any injury or illness those three may get would disappear at the next transformation. Adding that to the fact that their physical age changes too, they could practi

Teary Promise (Part 11)

Being in a foreign country for the first time, it suddenly occurred to me that reduced food, electricity, and business hours in light of the earthquake back in March, does not apply to here at all. Buying things using a currency I'm not used to has make me feel disoriented on whether the numbers on the price tag of an item is considered cheap or expensive. They said to divide a number by 100 from the yen as a rough guess, but seeing something that costs 800yen back home being labelled as 25 in that currency, which itself after currency conversion, is worth 650yen or US$9, is making me even more confused. Waking up, having breakfast, preparing things, travelling to school, waiting for everyone to gather and brief, taking the train to the airport, having lunch, waiting for the plane to depart, duration of flight plus delays, timezone differences. All of this has made us tired from travel alone and lost track of how long we have been travelling. The sun had already set when we arriv

570th post - Busy

I currently have an assignment that's to due quite soon, and most likely a test a week after. Also, I'm having a hard time thinking of what to write for it. I am thinking of writing of part 11 of "Tearful Promise" (6th story), but nothing has actually been planned or written yet. I'll start doing it when I can. Keep an eye on my twitter profile for updates, and the little things that indirectly affects me writing it. Updates for my blogs should have a #twitter hashtag.

Teary Promise (Part 10)

About half a year has passed since the earthquake happened. Everything has started to become normal again, and the mess caused by the tsunami in affected areas mostly cleared up, though there are still shipwrecked ships and empty areas where destroyed houses used to stand. Only the roads, surviving buildings, and some trees, tells us where everything was. Electricity is gradually returning back to normal, though some energy conservation measures implemented since the earthquake are still visibly in place. Sadly, it seems as if the world has stopped caring about the incident itself. There have been small earthquakes since then that were more frequent than usual, which might be possibly be and aftershock of an aftershock. There was a typhoon that nearly threatened to hit the already-damaged nuclear plant and scatter its radiation just recently, but it became weak enough to be not much of a threat when it arrived. Some boys in school have started to talk to me often since the start

Disorientated Feelings (Part 41)

Since I am quite close to Saeko's company, I could drop by there to ask for help, but the level of rivalry of Powell staff with Hatsuya is so great that the former would refuse to corporate with the latter. Me wearing an outfit with Hatsuya's logo on it being glaringly obvious and not knowing how to take it off kind of rules out heading there for help. They probably don't even give me a chance to explain myself. Either way, I contacted Saeko to see if she's not busy. From the voices I heard in the background, Saeko seemed glad to use me as an excuse to get out of the situation she was in at the time I called her, though Saeko didn't say what she was doing at that time. Oddly, she said not to tell my husband about it yet. When she saw me, she knew immediately knew that I had went to Mizuho and my discomfort with the clothes I couldn't take off. Apparently, I was wearing the rarely-seen Hatsuya Research uniform that non-Mizuho based staff would wear, which has

Alternate Dimension (Part 78)

The closer I brought the friend to Takagi, the more nervous I got about how Takagi would react to it even though I have no involvement on how the friend became what he is like now that has the body to keep changing quite frequently without control. He currently looks and sounds like an office lady, and is unknown when the next transformation is, but an hour with an even number in it would be approaching soon. Transformations frequencies varies between 2 to 100 hours, with the lower end being more common, always happens at the top of the hour, and the number of hours of these frequencies are always dividable by 2 without a remainder. That makes it easier to prepare for it, but preparing for a transformation that could happen between every 2 to 100 hours without knowing when exactly it would be can be quite stressful. Knowing exactly when it would be or, even better, not worrying about it at all, is less stressful.

In Memory of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 One of the greatest pioneers in shaping the world of information technology, Steve Jobs had helped changed the world that had span many decades. He envisioned having computers that were user-friendly to people that have little knowledge on computers, and also have one that is small enough that would fit into people's homes. He also reinvented the music and mobile industry. May he rest in peace.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 40)

Me: "Is there a way to tell how stressed Saeko is if she can't express it emotionally?" Principal: "Well, one way to tell is from her actions or the number of things she has to cope with sententiously. You can ask her yourself, of course, but you should be careful about the timing that you do it. Since she respects you the most and relied upon for emotional support, she might approach you herself while not in a good mood. Another way to tell is to check her system status, which is the most accurate, but hard to access without Saeko herself being aware of it even though she has no control over it. Do you have other questions? I might not remember everything I'm supposed to tell you since it has been a few decades." About Seko or Mizuho Academy... that I can ask someone else later. Oh, there's one thing that has been bothering me. Me: "You said that I have children that I gave birth to, right? But why do I find it had to see them or have ge

Teary Promise (Part 9)

We had attended Tatsuya's funeral, which seems to also include his parents who were working at the bakery below his house when the tsunami hit it. His extended family, friends, and co-workers attended too. For being his girlfriend, and quite close to him, his death impacted me the most. It left me a huge void in my heart. My willpower to find another boyfriend is weak since I had already poured my heart and soul on Tatsuya, but if it wasn't for my brother who comforted me, I would be feeling worse now. It was that day after the tsunami on returning home, dad was comforting me and my brother who... hold on. Something is wrong with my memory: dad had clearly said "my two daughters" instead of "my daughter and son" when he hugged me and my brother on seeing us for the first time since the quake. I also kept thinking that my brother was a girl that whole day. How on earth did I not notice it until now? Why did I actually see Tsukasa as a sister instead of a

564th post

This is possibly the umpteenth time that someone has asked me about my contact information. I'm starting to get annoyed about it. Seriously, did anyone read the "FAQ/About Me" section of this blog at all? First was around early 2009, where this person (with a DP of Hiiragi twins from Lucky Channel) gave me inside info about the person who was plagiarizing things from me around that time. I never gave him my home address, but he sent me things to me. Back then, I didn't know it was from him, until I mentioned it. I was spooked at how he knew it. Next were countless number of people who wanted to add me to Skype/"MSN"/Facebook, but I have to reject them for the following reasons: Are they stalking me? I don't use them regularly Past experience tells me that I would either be ignored or bombed with questions I don't want to answer. Relations are also likely to become sour, so they are better off not adding me. *sigh*

Windows 8 development preview

(cross-posted from my inactive technology blog) I've got my hands on the preview version (a development stage earlier than beta) of Windows 8. I installed it on the laptop I bought earlier this year on an another drive partition, keeping the pre-installed Windows 7 intact. According to the specifications, you can also install on a PC that meets the requirements of Vista on it too. (Windows XP or other operating systems? It depends on your hardware, but certainly a PC from 1997 won't do.) It features a new start screen, and the more familiar desktop screen somewhat secondary. I don't have a touch-screen based interface, so bare in mind that this was used with a keyboard and mouse. Since the aspect ratio is 5:4, with a resolution of 1280*1024, certain features like snap to the side of the screen are unavailable. To access all programs here, press the WinKey and C. To have those black boxes at the bottom of the above screenshot to appear, just hover the mouse at the bott

A Day to Remember

Today, around this time 10 years ago, terrorists has struck the World Trade Center in New York city. There were many deaths of people that resulted from this. Since then, security, particularly bording planes, has heightened. To those who were affected by this, I apologize for posting this, but those who didn't know what it was like exactly, or what the atmosphere was like, particularly children, this actually happened. Something that can happen to anyone anywhere. The video below is a recorded footage as it happened.

Alternate Dimension (Part 77)

Girl with long hair: "Where... am I? That flashing green light has knocked me out... Wait, why am I speaking perfect Japanese as if it's my native language, English ability reduced, and forgot the other languages I know? And, did someone adjusted the pitch of my hearing, or have I become a...? Saeko, is that you? I haven't seen you in months. And... who are these two other girls wearing the same outfit as me?" Takagi's friend has woken up from sleep, but is shock at what he has been turned into. The impact of this shock seems small though. Well, if he wanted to have his identity changed completely, he wouldn't want to look like his former self and is willing to accept anything that he would be turned into. I'm also surprised that his language abilities was affected by the change too. Whether this is something that the professor or that mysterious doll has done is unknown to me as I don't have the details.

Alternate Dimension (Part 76)

After that last company meeting, the perception of me to the Powell staff has changed. They used to imagine me as a lady somewhere between the 30s and 40s, doesn't show herself except in the messaging system or important meetings, and, just as the staff personally think they can get away with doing something bad, they would unexpectedly receive a notice from me that I know what they had done. Now they see me as someone they can't fool, has a lot of knowledge of things, and a deceiving appearance of a high school girl instead of a middle-aged woman in formal business suit people imagined me to look like. I could sense that my staff were distracted by how I looked when they talk to me. In terms of what the average staff wears, how old they look, or how they behave, I would stand out a lot. Who knew that what seems like a teenage girl running around like a child is the founder and big boss of one of the largest research companies around? People in high position tend to be greedy

Teary Promise (Part 8)

As we walked into the sports hall, my brother seemed uneasy. She has been like this since we got here. Me: "What's wrong?" Tsukasa: "I was thinking if my friends are affected by this. They may be living far away from the sea, but you would never know if they were there when it happened." Me: "Me too." Tsukasa: "So, here we are. The list of the refugees here, and the list of the dead over there. I'll help you to look through the list. What's the Kanji of this Tatsuya person?" I wrote "立谷起也". Tsukasa: "Okay. Got it. That's a normal looking name, until it comes to the pronunciation. Sorry if I had made fun of you. Until you wrote down the name, I though you were mentioning his name twice." I search through the list of the refugees in here, while my brother looks at the rest. The name lists might look as if it's not listed in any particular order, but it's actually arranged according th

New domain

I have purchased a new domain for this blog., and any posts/pages with that will now automatically redirect you to The new URL should work by 2nd September for everyone. Note: would direct you to my anime blog instead.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 39)

The principal looked at me quite uneasily. He seemed as if he wanted to say something to me, but stop short of saying anything. Me: "You said my mum would have 6 children back then, but there's only 5 now. Did I have an older brother?" Principal: "Well, your mother was getting exhausted from being made pregnant and giving birth for 6 straight years after the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child. We determined that she has lost the willpower to have another, so we let her have a break and had the 5th as the final one. You noticed that, in that video, there was a male child, but you recalled that they said that the baby was the first child. You also noted that, including you, there are only 5 children in the family, and you didn't have an older brother. Well, that baby was... er..." Me: "What happened to him? He died before I was born?" After quite a number of hesitation, he picked up the confidence to say it. Principal: "That baby didn't d

555th post:  (・_・)

Although I'm not being paid to write the stories by me on this blog, or was asked by anyone to write, I need something to cover my day-to-day expenses. Since my focus is on my real life day-to-day activities, and those blog stories, my other blogs seems somewhat neglected. Twitter seems to have become the medium to talk about the updates to my blogs, though if I feel like I might want to search for it later on, or something so detailed that it wouldn't fit in a tweet, I might post it there. Having received no comments on most of my posts, sometimes I wonder if people are even reading my blog. If I didn't have Twitter followers in the hundreds or have people following this particular blog (via Google Friend Connect widget), I might have felt demotivated to continue from the lack of support. You know, these banners on this blog has been around for a while, but after a very long period of time (years), I've not made anything out of it. Oddly enough, the usual one, e

Alternate Dimension (Part 75)

The day of the annual Powell Research meeting that I'm supposed to show up has arrived. I personally don't want to show up, but being the founder, my absence could lead to a negative reputation to many people. Some of the major reasons that I don't want to show up is that my Mizuho student uniform can't be removed until I graduate from there. I entered there only April this year, and Hatsuya Research had made me attend it. Most of my employees almost never seen me in person as their founder, where photos of me were in in my formal corporate attire appear in the company's publications, and press releases from our clients, which I normally wear in official meetings. They have, however, seen me as the high school girl that runs around the company's premises daily, but they never see me as the founder or the schoolgirl as being the same person. The fact that I couldn't take the Mizuho uniform off to wear the formal one, on top of me having to attend the compan

Teary Promise (Part 7)

Waking up the following morning, it seems that yesterday was just a bad dream. Brother was the first person I saw when I left the room. I thought I had a nightmare of him being turned into a girl, and a very strong earthquake and tsunami happened. Brother: "Oh, you're awake. I completely forgotten about it when I came back, but here's the thing I collected yesterday." He brought me to his room and opened his school bag that was on the floor. He took out what seemed like video game casings with American and European gaming rating symbol on it instead of the local ones. He also took out some products that looked as if it were to be sold in many different countries, except Japan. Is this unnecessary spending? Me: "How did you order these things?

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Teary Promise (Part 6)

(Edited: 10 September 2012) It's the second Friday of the month where my brother had claimed to collect something at his other place in Mizuho. Although it's late in the morning, my brother doesn't look like he even plans to go out at all. By this time, our parents had already headed out to work. Me: "You said that your delivery of something to there is today?" There is very little time if he heads out now, and he has yet to bathe today. Brother: "Oh, they said it will arrive about 1:30pm, so I would still be early even if I head there now... Say, where are you headed?" Isn't that not much of a time difference? You have to be there already when the delivery arrives or you would have to reschedule or the product be sent back. Me: "I'm heading to the neighbouring harbour town to buy some seafood." Brother: "You mean heading to your favourite crying spot close to there, don't you? You have something to cry about

Teary Promise (Part 5)

Me: "So, was the chocolate good?" This was after valentine's day. I made it myself with the chocolate that mum gave me that had some kind of biscuit in that's crunchy. Of course, I had tried some myself to make sure it doesn't taste awful. Takuya: "That chocolate was so great that it sent me to heaven! I will give you something better on White Day. Just wait." I sensed that he couldn't think of what it would be without spending a lot of money or going through a lot of trouble to get it. Maybe he doesn't even know what it would be. Me: "I'm fine with anything really. It doesn't need to be expensive or something." I said that because I knew boys would tend to overdo things when it comes to impressing girls.

Legacy URL

If you were to look at the URL of this blog, you would find that the odd name of 'the1iam' being used here. You might be wondering why that is being used, or why points to my anime blog instead of here, or the current @THE1IAM user on twitter is someone else. Well, it dates back to when I created this blog in 2006 and that name was chosen simply I couldn't think of a creative original name. In fact, 'the1iam' was the name I used when I first signed up for twitter. Long time followers of me there would also notice that I used 'asuna888' between that and now. Unlike quitting, changing the username also means that the former username is available to others. This means that my former usernames has been snatched up by other people on twitter: 'the1iam' by an African man, and 'asuna888' by (fortunately) my sister. I had used 'takhsiru' since 2010.

Alternate Dimension (Part 74)

Since the day we rescued Takagi's friend, nothing significant happened. I guess that is what I wanted after a long time of something exhausting that doesn't happen everyday. There's still no news of Takagi's friend so far, and the status is still unknown. This would likely mean that he had made a major decision to change himself and taking time to get used to it. Still, not knowing what he's doing now is making me anxious. My 8th (yes, eighth!) annual high school summer vacation is almost over, and Kotomi should be back any time soon unless she wants to hang out with her university friends for a graduation trip or something. Shouldn't I have graduated from college by now? Why on earth am I repeating my entire high school education for the second time when my academic performance is more than enough to do well in colleges of a similar level that Kotomi went into? Moreover, why am I also a very important person to a particular large company that didn't exist

Teary Promise (Part 4)

Since the day I asked for Takuya's email address, we have been keeping in contact with each other more often than before. Every morning, we would meet up with each other on the train and talk about things. He too isn't in any club, but he helps with his family at a bakery store just below his house. He told me that it's facing the shore of the vast ocean, so the air and scenery there are both quite nice to be at. I went there for the first time just after Halloween and it looks like it could look nicer in the Summer, though my favourite spot closer to my house has almost nobody there and the nearest building is quite a distance away, but there are trees and caves nearby for shelter. I haven't been there much lately. As time passed, the less frequent meeting with my brother didn't seem to bother me much, to the extent that I forgot I even had an older brother. I had come to realization that my body had already become fully matured and somewhat become like my mother

A student card I had in mind

While watching Kami-sama no Memo-chou , I came across this image. This seems pretty close to what I had in mind for the student card as mentioned in the stories I write on this blog (that very lengthy image-less posts I publish on this blog these days). Next post I am likely to put up here is part 4 of "Teary Promise" (6th Story). I've only written the first paragraph as of the time of this post. My increasingly busy schedule might have it out late and shorter.

Teary Promise (Part 3)

Back during our kindergarten and primary school days, me and my brother were very much alike that even our parents couldn't tell us apart. As that school did not have a uniform or use those standard bags (black for boys, red for girls), it was even easier to be alike. The visible difference ended when we had to wear gender-specific clothing as part of the middle school uniform and, as a result of that, I stopped caring about keeping my hair to look the same as my brother because our gender differences had started to become obvious anyway. Since my family moved to another city far away during my transition from primary to middle school, none of my primary school friends came along, but we still keep in contact. Those who thought I was a boy or mistake me for my brother thought I was crossdressing when they saw a picture of me in my middle school uniform because I was obviously wearing a girl's uniform. It wasn't easy to convince them that I'm really a girl without my bro

Disorientated Feelings (Part 38)

I'm running low on options of who to ask on getting to Mizuho: I could ask my husband, but he might tell Saeko, who isn't supposed to know. Neither could I ask my family or other Hatsuya staff, who are sadly the only other group I know well... Oh wait. That store where I bought my Katsura High uniform might know where: they make uniforms of many kinds. The karaoke box just opposite it was also where I spent my last days as a middle school student with my friends from there, so I know where it is. Me: "Excuse me. Do you have any uniforms for Mizuho Girls Academy?" The store attendant looked though a list, thought for a while, and asked someone I couldn't see inside the staff area. Store attendant: "I'm sorry to say this, but we don't sell any here.

Alternate Dimension (Part 73)

We both changed into the outfits provided to us, in separate toilets of course. I was too deep in thought about the Kotomi future of my time talking into my head. That I didn't realize that I had already changed with Itsuki talking to me. Itsuki: "Wow, it does make you look like a respectable person just from the appearance alone, even more than mine. I've never seen you wear something like that before." Being someone important to the Powell Research company, this is not the first time I've worn something that would have people to look up to me with respect. Personally, I don't feel comfortable if people treat me at a level of respect that is anything other than as equals.

Teary Promise (Part 2)

So here's the daily schedule on a normal school day: have breakfast, head to the train station, and take it to somewhere south-west in an another town 1-2 hours away. There is also the chance of meeting up with friends and classmates. Even though there are several high school in the same town as where my current house is, they seem to be like a place full of students staying in this town and the neighbouring harbour town. The school rules seems so relaxed as compared to those of elsewhere that it's quite obvious in their "fashion" to the point it made both me and my brother uneasy and the question of how serious the students of the school are in studying. My brother's friends from the middle school before transferring to another have forewarned us about this. As the middle and high schools around here uses only the gakuran (for boys) or sailor uniform (for girls) as part of their uniform, anyone in town who is seen wearing any other kinds (like mine) would be qu

Teary Promise (Part 1)

There's something special about the seashore that's facing the Taihei Ocean that me, and some of my extended family members used to go to back when I was in elementary school between 2000 and 2006. Since middle school, I've been heading there by myself, even during the cold winter, for a relaxing time. The beach itself being a big wide open and remote area with nothing but sand and, in the horizon, nothing but the big wide ocean and no islands visible. Looking towards the nothingness for as far as I can see and with the refreshing wind and smell makes me want to seek out what is out there. Not far from that beach along the coast, though far enough if you walk, is a town with a harbour where fishermen deliver seafood they caught out in the sea. They are quite humble in a sense that they enjoy it and not worried about competition. They have talked to me before, and they're quite nice.

540th post - Twitter Bio

Lately, I've noticed that most profiles on twitter roughly say the same things in their bio, that longest chunk of text next to the profile image. Some of these common elements they put in commonly are: interests links (it's supposed to be in the homepage field) text that would appear correctly only on an iOS device journalists/companies that don't describe themselves from a personal point of view people claiming to be "otaku" (among anime fans) no text at all, not even an emoticon (ーー;) I have to admit, I myself don't even look at my own profile. From what I saw at a glance, it would also fall into at least 2 of the points above. Question is, what should I write for its replacement?

Alternate Dimension (Part 72)

Yuko: "There's 3 kinds of time traveling this machine has: First, allow us to explore what it's like there as if we are in that time, but doesn't allow interaction and not be seen. This is the most useful to view events that happened in the past where there are no known or surviving witnesses of an incident, and, more importantly, to ensure that the past is not altered. The second one is going there as ourselves in that time. Problem with this is that there's a chance that we may not retain our current memories, wouldn't know what happened during the time difference, and obviously can't go any earlier than one's birthday, or any latter than one's death, with the latter being the unknown and you yourself possibly having died too if you didn't go out of that time before it happened. You would also find yourself at a location and situation at the time you time traveled to, which can put you in an awkward position if you find yourself talking to so

539th post

Browsing through the numerous twitter accounts, I came across quite a number of people that self-proclaim as an "otaku". Looking at their description, I can't help but to notice that mainstream anime (eg. Bleach, Naruto) gets mentioned a lot. With services like Crunchyroll, this has been diluted as people are more exposed to a wider and more recent ones. I've been cleaning up my room for the past few week, but progress is rather slow. This is not only because of the usual daily things, but not having the mood to do it or being distracted by something else. From what I've cleaned up, I've accumulate about 5 bags (the kind you get from shopping at the supermarket) that has been filled full to the brim filled with things that I now realize are just trash that has accumulated over the years or things that don't work now. They each seem to have quite some weight. There were some things that had been thrown out, but cleaning up one area messes up an another,

Alternate Dimension (Part 71)

That gardener that I've frequently met randomly in Mizuho was the former principal of Katsura High School, which Itsuki and Kotomi attended. Me: "So, do you think I should tell..." Yuko: "No! He knows that I am a "supervisor" here as he does trim the plants around this building regularly, but I'm not sure if he knows that I'm the same person as one of his former students. He talked about Kotomi to you without mentioning her name. I'm surprised to learn that our director used his own family member to conduct experiments, and Kotomi having brainwashed since birth to behave as what they wanted and do things to her without herself not knowing anything about it, but I can't seem to figure out what that is. There could be a sub-conscious mind inside Kotomi that would notice that her own body and behavior is different than what it could have been. Having possibly lived as she is now since within a year from birth, her memories as a baby might

Alternate Dimension (Part 70)

Yuko had called me to her office as if there was something important to talk about that gardener and wanted to bring me away as if I would encounter something bad if I didn't. Yuko: "There you are! I've some shocking news for you: That gardener you spoke to earlier was the high school principal of me and Kotomi. He looked like this and had visible health problems when I graduated." Yuko pointed to an old man in a photograph, which doesn't look like the young female gardener I saw earlier. Me: "Are you sure that's the same person?" I'm trying very hard to not be distracted by Yuko's appearance: there's a noticeable change of the colour scheme since I last saw her here, and she seems to be wearing black stockings that covers her legs completely. I've also noticed that the staff working here has their uniforms changed, though different from Yuko, who is the supervisor but she claims that she isn't and there aren'

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Taken at Mid-Levels in Hong Kong

Disorientated Feelings (Part 37)

I saw two different versions of a file that has been indicated to me: the highest quality that this old computer could play without problems (very low quality by today's standards), and the other in it's original definition that this computer is not capable of playing, but computers that are, at earliest, 10 years old, that are even capable of playing it smoothly. Not really wanting to bother transferring the higher quality video out, I chose the lower quality video. The date created/modified on the file can't be trusted. Some computers on which the year has not been set has years like 1970 or 2022, which is certainly not right, and if you create a file or save an edited one, that wrong year is reflected in it. The video is not dated, but I could see era-specific things like mobile phone models and display screens. So, judging from those, it's probably, at earliest, at the turn of the current century: Just as I thought it's in a specific year, something newer than