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Post-Evolution World Report 6 - Mismatching Instincts

From the perspective of an outsider, one may notice that the humans of our world are full of irresistibly attractive and well-mannered women. To us, however, this is a nightmare that gave us instincts of a man, but with the external expression of a well-mannered lady that matches with our appearance. Any behavior we attempt to express that isn't like the latter would get changed to the closest possible. This means that we have no restrictions to how we could think, but why do we even have such a restriction on our external behavior? How can it translate all of our attempted non lady-like behavior into one that is instantaneously? I am thinking that the well mannered lady we are forced to express are probably the only ones our body is capable of, where anger is strangely omitted. If this were the case, it should have ignored the disallowed behavior instead of trying to closely match what we could. Perhaps something in-between that is like the computer equivalent of a compiler, where

717th post: Indirectly helping reduce utility bill

I may not directly seem to be saving energy, but there are indirect ways that I help to reduce the household utility bill. Solar Panels with 2 USB type-A ports It began after I bought my first power bank in 2012. I didn't know it was a power bank then, but the only input it had was the retractable power plug and the other side covered in solar panel. The down side was the small capacity it had, and certainly couldn't charge much with the size of the panel. However, the idea that you could get some charge from placing it in sunlight without ever plugging it in since completely draining power was new to me. It now only works as a USB wall charger since it can't hold charge now, if it doesn't overheat while charging. Solar panels do still work, but effectively useless with the little power it generates. The solar panel idea came about as I was looking as a result of that device bought in 2012. I research that I certainly need panels way larger than what I had, and the

716th post - Seperating the confusion with USB type-C and 3.1

When I look around YouTube comments in videos, particularly that of the 2015 MacBook, people seemed confused that the two USB type-C and 3.1 are together, or an Apple-only standard. (In fact, Google's Chromebook Pixel and newer generation Nexus phones uses it too.) What is USB 3.1? Here's the confusing bit. USB 3.1 has two different versions: Gen1 and Gen2. Gen1. Gen1 is basically renamed 3.0, where maximum transfer speed is 5Gbps. Gen2 is the real new 3.1 with speeds doubled to 10Gbps. It's not Thunderbolt 3, which uses the same USB type-C connectors with the thunderbolt logo on it, so don't expect a USB type-C to mini-DisplayPort adapter to work unless it's between Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 1/2 or DisplayPort protocols. Separately, you can have video output with just USB 3.0 3.1. What is USB type-C? Well, we all know what it looks like and how reversible it is, but here is the list of what is is and what it isn't. What it is not: It's a pr

715th post: Early preperation for Halloween everywhere

When you go out to the shops since around August, what do you see slowly creeping in? Decoration for Halloween! To remind you, that's on 31st October, which is practically November. I do get how big of an event this is, plus the time between production of goods and preparing venues of with said goods, but I feel that it's way too early to have have it in stores in August! Even online, you can't escape it as people began talking about it. Pumpkins, orange colour, ghosts, bats, witch hats, skeletons... The usual things associated with it. When the day has come and gone, everyone removes the decorations a lot more quickly than setting them up, only to be replaced by... Christmas decorations. You can never escape these things, do you?

Post-Evolution World Report 5 - Status Quo

As the crime rates fell to an unprecedented record low levels worldwide, governments around the world had decided to remove all restrictions relating to international trade and travel. Everyone thought that they were crazy to just abolish all border checks overnight, but the truth of the matter is that evolution has changed everyone to the point that they don't even recognize themselves or anyone they knew. The less they resemble a young Japanese woman, the greater the amount of changes were made. We have no idea why Japanese women specifically, but Japan was where an unexplained change of male to female gender ratio from 6:4 to 1:9 in the two decades it happened until evolution took place. We are now all single-gendered asexual humans, but with the shape of our bodies strongly resembling that of females. If anyone was large, small, or male, it was inevitable that their necks would be reshaped, at the same time as the rest of the body, to have them sounding like a young woman. O

Post-Evolution World Report 4 - Biology

Not everything about the evolution is bad: people who had various disabilities and illnesses like blindness, paralysis, amputees, cancer, amongst others, were suddenly  able-bodied like anyone else. In fact, everyone who was warded in hospital for anything at the time evolution happened were all fit and healthy as if they never had the illness in the first place. However, this does not render medical facilities obsolete. People could still get injured and die from blood loss. The difference is the universal compatibility with anyone when things like blood transfusion or kidney transplant are needed, and clear off those with pre-existing conditions. Surgeons told me that they had to operate on the patient with the clothes they had on because they couldn't remove it. Examination of  our internal organs revealed that our bodies are now structured like an adolescent female, but without a reproductive system. Internal body p arts have been changed and rearranged, with possibly

712th Post: Reclassification of Story 7 Special as Story 8

This special of Yononaka no Okugi (story 7) I had been publishing since the beginning of the year was originally intended as a one-part long special talking about the background of how the post-evolution world of my stories works from a viewpoint that does not fit with the main story. It intertwines with other stories like Alternate Dimension (story 2), but yet have unique stories that are not just alternate viewpoints of the same thing. Keep in mind that I was travelling around Keihanshin, Hiroshima, and Sapporo around that time, so my piorites were to to focus on the travelling. I did manage to write a lot of it, but I need to edit it before publishing it. In the process, entire sentences were rearranged and redone. Because I had written so much, I had to divide it up to have something published to my blog. Even at the time of writing, there's still more of I hadn't published yet. I tried to write a new Part 6 for Yononaka no Okugi , but what I had written turned out more

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 3 - Clothing

On the topic of what we have been turned into, have you ever wondered why we are always seen wearing professorial looking office clothes, blazer uniforms for schools, but nothing else? It's not that the transformation has made us fashion aware or fashion conformist overnight, but it is the only kind of clothes we could wear at all. It even seems as if the clothes are a part of our body. How did we know? First of all, it is what we found ourselves wearing right after evolution happened. What one had owned if they have it, or the same generic type if they don't. We had attempted to wear other clothes, but for reasons unknown, those seemed to have ejected out almost instantly like magic. I know I shouldn't use the word magic as a scientist, but science as we know at the time of writing cannot explain how our body gets selective with types of clothes, or how the clothes get expelled out without us doing anything. As a result, we can't wear full body suits that is supposed

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 2 - Changes to the Body

How different is our new gender different from females if we look exactly alike? The difference lies in the inner workings of how our body works. To begin with, we do not even have female reproduction organs despite what we strongly resemble. It is unclear at this time to tell if we could reproduce at all. Maybe we could, but we hadn't figured out the method, or happening without us knowing. While we do appear to have breasts, we are unable to examine them with clothes obstructing (more on them later) access and closer examination. As mentioned earlier , there is nothing between our legs that would suggest a male or female organ there: nothing but skin like the rest of the body. The bigger mystery is being still able to use the toilet with nothing there. So, we are incapable of both male and female roles in reproduction. We do feel ticklish and irritation when attempt to simulate it, but that's impossible if there's nothing there. This tells us that our evolved bodies

709th post: What happened?

So, I wrote about 13 posts about preparing to go to Hokkaido starting all the way back in September 2014, up to December 2014. Taking about this and that and then? This blog went quiet. Did something happen? Well, unless you have been following me on Twitter (@takhsiru), which I was quite active at, it appeared that my blog has not been updated. Before you ask, I had gone to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival, starting with shortly after the Comic Market in Tokyo as I went around Kansai and Hiroshima before arriving in Sapporo. (In case you were wondering, I never went to any other city in Hokkaido except Otaru, which is not that far away.) Writing a journal like what I did back in around June 2013 as I head off to Europe had me realize that backlog gets accumulated so quickly from the days when I just don't feel like writing, or feeling so unproductive having nothing but an Android phone to get online with. I probably might not remember the minor details by now. I would worry t

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 1 - Introductory

(Author's note 5 July 2015: This was a former Story 7 special that is now a new story on its own. The old title would remain unchanged until I could decide on a new name.) A quick glance of our world would tell you that the humans in our world are made up of nothing but schoolgirls and women holding white-collar jobs that are otherwise not any different from humans of your world. If you were to take a harder look, you would notice that something is wrong with our demographics: there are no men, no children, no infants, no elderly people, and no one ever gets angry at all. On closer look, you would notice that the only disabled people or people admitted to hospital had injuries that happened after the final stage of the evolution with nobody from before that. You may say that the men from your world would find us to be the most beautiful women, but to us, this beauty is a hindrance we can't do anything about from keeping us sane in this world without men. In fact, thinking t