Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 3 - Clothing

On the topic of what we have been turned into, have you ever wondered why we are always seen wearing professorial looking office clothes, blazer uniforms for schools, but nothing else? It's not that the transformation has made us fashion aware or fashion conformist overnight, but it is the only kind of clothes we could wear at all. It even seems as if the clothes are a part of our body.

How did we know? First of all, it is what we found ourselves wearing right after evolution happened. What one had owned if they have it, or the same generic type if they don't. We had attempted to wear other clothes, but for reasons unknown, those seemed to have ejected out almost instantly like magic. I know I shouldn't use the word magic as a scientist, but science as we know at the time of writing cannot explain how our body gets selective with types of clothes, or how the clothes get expelled out without us doing anything. As a result, we can't wear full body suits that is supposed to protect us from environmental harm either. What are we supposed to wear to protect ourselves? It's not easy to make a new one that adhere to the to the requirements of what we could only wear, particularly ones that covers our heads or legs.

To a certain extent, we are not stuck wearing the same clothes: we are given a period of time to change to another type that is allowed, but that period allocated is insufficient to completely undress ourselves, forcing us to do it in parts. This limitation itself automatically means we can not wear clothes that takes too long to wear, like outfits for traditional occasions. If we take too long to change, we would automatically be dressed in the last clothes we wore or the clothes we were trying to wear if it is the approved type and was halfway being worn. This is a big problem as it means we have to take a bath or shower with our clothes on, unavoidably making us either stuck with heavy wet clothes until it dries out or change out of it, or accumulating filth form not cleaning ourselves. Dresses are odd as, while it can be categorised to be the same as the feminine clothes we have to wear, it gets ejected out the same way as unapproved clothing instead for reasons we do not know. Duration appears to be extended when being assisted.

There are people who, even with sufficient time provided, would fail to change their clothes in time. Studies have shown that people involved were pre-evolution males, including the majority that were reborn as girls shortly before evolution: time was wasted as they stare in awe at their new female-like bodies and the unfamiliarity with the female clothes they have to wear. The are used to pants with the fasteners in front and legs through each hole. With skirts, it is just one round piece of cloth that hangs on the hips, where the position of the fasteners to secure it should be positioned varies, but never at the front. It is so secure that belts are not necessary, and can't be removed without unfastening or ripping it apart. Those used to having their legs covered all the way to their ankles were quite unsettled with how little of their legs the skirt covered, and how it feels like wearing nothing at times. People who thought skirts could be removed like shorts, or unable to locate the fasteners, were desperately trying to stretch the top to pulling it down, or were unable to locate the fasteners had wasted more time changing.

As for the blouse, these people are unfamiliar with buttons being located on the opposite side. Time wasted from this was mainly from the deep thoughts on seeing the breasts that these former males used to ogle at. In addition, the breasts causes clothes to wear to protrude further away from their torso and unfamiliar with the difficulty to button up that area, which they had wondered why it seemed large and loose when not worn. Former females have commented that they had it worse.

This system is causing a lot of problems with our daily lives. First, preventing us from even able to get naked, were even we do not know what we look like underneath these clothes. As an indirect cause of that, we have to bathe with our clothes on, which itself absorbs water that makes us feel sticky and heavy. Next, it's impossible to wear protective suits as they are without being redesigned that must make us look womanly.

What we have discovered in discovering is something odd: dresses are not allowed, but any clothes that was disallowed for the legs are allowed to be worn for as long as we are wearing the skirt we have to wear on the outside, or else they would be blasted out. Despite this, most people chose to wear conservative coloured pantyhose: the only allowed clothing, apart from socks, that we could cover our legs with. The only people who would even dare to wear mismatching bottoms are quite a number of pre-evolution people that had not been reborn, or the odd few among everyone else. Being optional clothing, it is the only thing on us we could remove before getting wet.

However, there is an exploit with this: the required skirt could easily be lifted up and tucked into the clothes worn above it and would still be technically be counted as wearing the skirt despite being not visible. The problem with this is the obvious weird bulge under the blouse when the skirt is hidden there. The only people who do this are those wearing unapproved leggings mentioned earlier. We aren't allowed to look at what we use the toilet with, so our clothes would shift itself automatically in a way that the thing not visible to anyone with as little movement as possible from their prior position, with speed determined by how quickly one tries to look. Research has shown that if attempted to look from all angles, the skirt would tighten itself to block off visibility to the point that the wearer could not move her legs above the knees. Interestingly, only cameras whose footage are being monitored or recorded counts as being watched by a person, but unmonitored that isn't being recorded or not being used at all does not.

The fashion industry has to adapt to the clothes we could only wear, while a few tries to see loopholes or how far they could stretch the limitations. Retail stores that sells clothes found themselves having a lot of stock that they could not sell because people couldn't wear them, which is a huge impact considering that most of these stores were not selling what we could wear, or a majority of what they sell if they did. Since the demographics of infants, young children, the elderly, and the entire male population, are non-existent today, related products have stopped producing, and dealing with the mountain of unsold stock is difficult.

Clothes have defined how we as a species look, but what about the people of Mizuho Academy? They are known for their uniform designs, having the most graduates holding high-paying jobs, and their campus resembling a large high-density futuristic city. But in the post-evolution world, the designs don't really stand out these days since everyone else has been brought up to just fall short of Mizuho uniforms that are best described as having stricter dress code. The easiest identifying feature of these Mizuho people are their breasts size: it easily stands out from the average size of everyone else, but I'm pretty sure it was smaller pre-evolution. There are rumours that the clothes may have changed their bodies and mental behaviour, but that is difficult to prove. However, if you were to group the girls together, it does seem strange that all of them have exactly the same body measurements. They are the only group among all the organisations dealing with censorship mentioned earlier that seems to be immune to the effects of seeing images of pre-evolution males. Unfortunately, I do not know anything more about them.

This evolution has caused us a lot of damages to business that did not cater to the right market or as a natural outcome to the evolution, like stores that cater to infants, or clothes we could no longer wear. Unexpectedly, sales of games containing violence has gone up. This odd because it is the exact opposite of the calm and polite people around us. We have no data of people who bought them.

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