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593rd post - The leap year

The 29th of February is something that happens only once every 4 years. Even in the other years, February is still the only month that has less than 30 days. Seemingly coincidental is that the summer Olympics takes place in every leap year, though the event itself is a few months after February. I somehow see the summer Olympics as something more significant than the winter one. The timing of this summer Olympics signifies how much time has passed. The Beijing and Athens Olympics are still fresh in my mind, but those were in 2008 and 2004 respectively! This tells me how fast time has passed, and I feel old.

Alternate Dimension (Part 83)

1st Daughter: "Mum, have you seen where my notebook is? I don't remember where I left it." Kotomi: "Oh, how could my son be so careless? You would have a hard time finding a girlfriend if you don't remember things about her. I think I saw it next to the phone." The daughter can't correct her mother that she's a girl and not a boy, so she just played along with her.

What makes me angry

People usually don't see me angry. When I do, it would be because of the frustration of things I dislike built up over time. My tolerance is high, so that means it would take a lot for that to happen. Of course, understanding the situation is also a contributing factor too, but it does built up faster if the anger of others are directed towards me. If it to someone I had known for a while, it is usually for the things that has been accumulated over time that I had previously tolerated, but the most recent being too much. Example: once in a while is okay, but too much of it is unacceptable. Maybe I'll let it slide if enough time has passed, but if done again before then, my tolerance level is pushed closer to the limit. In other words, try to tolorate, but if if kept pushing towards the limit, let them know. If enough time has passed, but still no improvement, it would be better to move on instead of still holding on.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 45)

( Author's note: Mentioned in " Alternate Dimension Part 82 " are 4 children in the family. Only the second eldest child is a boy, while the rest are girls. This part is describing the eldest daughter, 1st child, about how good she is that she could do exams that are above her current grade quite well. From the mother's point of view of course.) Me: "My what?" Seems that my own ears is preventing me from hearing a particular word of what the teacher said. It only happens when a gender-specific term about my first two children, whose gender even I don't know, is being talked about or shown. Don't know why myself, and neither can I do anything about it. I can't ask someone to help cure something only me in the whole world experiences and there isn't any medical evidence that proves that I'm suffering from it except suggestions that I may be mentally unstable, which I'm not. It's a mystery as to what caused it, as I could see my

589th post: People talking to the phone on trains

Having grown up overseas and travelled to different countries, I am used to having people to be talking  loudly on their mobile phones, and on a packed train on top of that. I wouldn't mind if people were to be talking loudly on the train, but that doesn't mean that others won't. Of course, having an otherwise quiet train to be disrupted by someone talking loudly does bother me.