Alternate Dimension (Part 83)

1st Daughter: "Mum, have you seen where my notebook is? I don't remember where I left it."

Kotomi: "Oh, how could my son be so careless? You would have a hard time finding a girlfriend if you don't remember things about her. I think I saw it next to the phone."

The daughter can't correct her mother that she's a girl and not a boy, so she just played along with her.

1st Daughter: "I see it! Thanks!"

Due to Kotomi being unable to tell the genders of her first two children, for years that she assumes that the first child is a boy. Me and everyone else is trying to correct her, but all attempts failed as she can't hear or see those words, and her assumptions go uncorrected. Even the first daughter gave up of her mother referring to her as her "son". The opposite is true for the second child, who is the only actual son in the family, whom Kotomi thinks it's her "daughter".

Kotomi: "Oh, and when are you going to find a girlfriend? There now are more girls than boys around your age. Surely at least a few of them..."

1st Daughter: "Mum! Stop it! I'll... I'll figure it out myself!"

Being a girl, she is reminded of how hard it is to find a boyfriend: there are several times more girls than boys, so the chances of finding a boyfriend who doesn't have another girlfriend is very slim.

Lately, the elderly and random younger males have been mysteriously been turned into young women. Except for the first year it happened, those who had been changed by this could remember who they were before and, apart from that relating to being a young woman, their lives are mostly unchanged.

This means that nobody could die of old age as they become young again, and they make up for the declining births, though cancer and accident-related types of deaths are still possible. However, the main problem here being the declining number of males. Soon enough, there would be no births: Not because women can't get pregnant, but there being no males left who could make that happen. Several companies, including Hatsuya Research, have offered ways to get these women pregnant without the need for a male at all, but it's not possible for children born from this method to be a boy at all.

This also means that there is a possibility that these women would not die of health problems associated with old age as their bodies are automatically biologically renewed to a teenage or young adult age, which theoretically means that they could live forever. However, they are still vulnerable to die of other causes.

Well, that is what it seemed like, but it got stabilized when the male population is left with only 20%. However, due to the rapid and unpredictable decline of the male population, production of male-related things have been stopped, and male-associated activities are non-existent due to insufficient men. This is to reduce the impact of the shock of the men who may one day unexpectedly be turned into a woman and the people around them.

This means that, even though the human male has somehow narrowly escaped from being extinct with a population that is now about 80% female who aren't (biologically) above a certain age, the influence for these males to behave like men is almost non-existent. They are slowly adopting the female behavior as they have no exposure to the male ones, and the very people who could have prevented that from happening had already been turned into teenage girls at the first wave with no memories of who they were. The gender difference between male and female has now been reduced to nothing more than gender-specific physical features. Simply put, males have been reduced to just girls that were born with male features.

Well, there was a suggestion to have these males to watch old videos that are male-orientated to have an idea of how they should behave, but the only people who can understand what they were looking at are of around college level, and among the men who watched it, there appears to have been no influence on their behavior.


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