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Disorientated Feelings (Part 47)

Author's note: This chronologically happens after " Alternate Dimension (Part 84) " Ever since I found out what the genders of my first two children were, I could finally be able to see their faces and hear their voices. My first child, whom I've always thought was a boy, is a girl. Likewise, I thought my second child was a girl, but is actually a boy. Previously, they seemed like a fuzzy presence with a fused aura of me and Itsuki before, and I couldn't hear their voices, but somehow understood what they were saying that seemed like they were talking to my mind. Sadly, I have now only just realized the damage that I had done from treating those two children as the gender opposite of what they really are: my daughter (first child) seemed aloof and morose towards me. The things I gave her that she didn't like were given away to someone else after accepting it from me. No wonder Saeko asked me to stop buying gender-specific things for her, because I always

Alternate Dimension (Part 84)

Me: "Kotomi, has your first child already told you that I can fix your problem of being unable to see their gender?" She looked as if she wasn't expecting me to ask that, but knew what I'm talking about. Kotomi: "Shortly after my dad became a girl, yes. I completely forgot to ask you about it after my child told me about it. What is it?" The same phenomenon that turns middle-aged men and elderly women into young girls doesn't seem to have spared Kotomi's dad. It caused disruptions due to identity and personality change. It happened during dinner one night at their home in front of everyone present at that time. If you were to examine their bodies, they have the same traits of ordinary teenage girls (born less than 20 years ago as girls), and bare resemblance to the oldest (untransformed) male and female in the family they are close with.