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An Unexpected Wish (Part 8)

The girl Nanami saw appeared to be a student from the well known prestigious Mizuho Girls Academy. She looked very much like the president of Nanami's school computer club who graduated last year. Is this her sister? Moreover, for a girl who attends the academy that is known for people to to be knowledgeable, gentle, and feminine, her playing violent games clearly designed for men of ages older than her seems far out of place. Nanami thought that this could be their secret way of relieving stress and anger hidden behind the smiling faces. As much as Nanami wanted to know, "Hey..." The Mizuho girl had a worried look on her face. Nanami wasn't sure if the Mizuho girl is angry for trespassing. Before the Mizuho girl got closer, she received an incoming call from someone. It now looks like Nanami was given more time to come up with an excuse. "Huh? When did you say that was? A minute ago?!" Silenced followed as the unknown caller talked as the Mizuho gir

637th post: eBooks (Eletronic books)

Recently, I have been gaining interest in reading books. It wasn't until I started a movie marathon of the Harry Potter film (grew up with it) that I felt the desire to wanting to read it: I had read the book versions of the whole series (except the 7th, which I had only seen the movie version), and knew that there were things in the books that were omitted from the film version. The problem is that I seem to have misplaced it, or was not with me when I wanted. (I can't carry a lot of books with them weighting me down or leaving little room for other things, especially with the 4th volume onwards.) Well, you do know that I write my own stories on this blog. About two hundred thousand words on last count. Weeks earlier, I wrote down the first 3 parts of Teary Promise on sheets of lined A4 paper I had lying around: it took up 22 pages, and I had to take a break to rest my hand at every 3rd or 4th page. (I found typing errors as I did it.) I myself was shocked at how many pages

An Unexpected Wish (Part 7)

Nanami found herself in a white void where everything she looked seems to extend forever with nothing in sight. She couldn't even tell if she is standing or lying down as she can't feel the gravity and with nothing in her sight but the shadowless white void for reference. She's not sure if she could even move her body, if she had any. Nanami is confused on what is happening around her. She knew she saw some rapid flashing green lights (in her home, not sure) not that long ago. The place is dead silent: not even the sound of a book being flipped, or any soft sounds. Is this silent, empty, and white, a place that everyone calls heaven? The last situation Nanami remembered certainly did not seem the kind that she would be killed in. After a few moments of being in this white void, not being able to do anything, things materialized around her as if she was in a video game, except that it looks real and she could feel the things that appeared. The object in question was an