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Short story: The Amnesia That Nobody Noticed

[Author's note: Perhaps I need to think of writing stories that is outside the same world that story 1-4 and 6-8 takes place in to get a fresh perspective. Short stories are where I have some ideas to write down, but not enough to turn it into a series.] I live in a small town, built around a large round lake. The people here know each other well. Perhaps too well that most know me by name. This town really has nothing in terms of leisure. I was kind of surprised when a classmate told me about bringing me to a coffee shop. To my dismay, it was just a vending machine at a bus stop. As for traditions, it's tough. I don't want to do it, but I'm expected to due to my family line. Dad is the mayor of this small boring town, so the stress is even higher for those who recognized me as the mayor's child. AH! I WANT TO MOVE OUT OF THIS PLACE! ... Morning came, but there was something odd about how my grandma and little sister reacted to me. (Dad went to the town

723rd post: Ongoing DDoS attacks

Many US-based servers are currently apparently having denial of service attacks, which includes Twitter. I have never seen it down for this long before. I don't know what is going on. Here's a news article in greater detail: USA Today

722nd post: Fixing an old motherboard

Wondering what happened? Well, you wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary if you have been following me on Twitter , but I need to take my mind off things from the stress of finding jobs. (Still not successful about it, if you are wondering.) This meant I stayed away from anything that required a lot of thinking. As of the time of writing this, I do not have any new content to publish. Also, legitimised my Minecraft copy and hopped onto a multiplayer server, which meant a lot of time spent away on it like any new game I purchased with an interest in. How long have I played Minecraft? No idea, but looking at changelogs, I'm pretty certain it was before release v1.2 (released March 2012) where hoppers and redstone lamps weren't a thing. So enough about that, and on to what I want to talk about. Now that I'm in the mood to do some soldering, might as well replace these bad capacitors. Need to remove the whole motherboard. — H

Yononana no Okugi (Part 7)

It was getting cloudy when I left school, where darker clouds appear to be in the direction of where I live. While the station I am at is underground, most stations on the line are not. At where I would be alighting, there's practically no shelter between platform and home as the station ticket concourse is the only sheltered area along that stretch of the road. I'm guessing it would be raining heavily with winds over there, so it seems unlikely I'll get home dry. Getting to the train platform took a lot longer than usual as my thinking ability was hindered by the newly acquired persistent feeling as I thought about directions to the right platform. It's not painful or like a headache, but more like the body wanting something it doesn't have. The station is massive as many lines intersect here.  There are no escalators, but thankfully I don't have to lift up my leg  much to climb up every morning.  Elevators are available, but are inconveniently located

Yononaka no Okugi (Part 6)

I thought about what happened with the student council and the tour of the school's disused sports facilities. I didn't understand why things were the way they were. The sight of a group photo of males earlier, even if if it was brief, was sufficient to trigger a new unfamiliar feeling inside me that heavily affected my ability to concentrate. Hitoshi pointed out the rate of increase of intensity is based on how long I have visually seen males, multiplied by the number of them, and add that on top of any preexisting amounts I had prior to that. Whether I saw them in person, which is unlikely in this world, or through a medium, does not make any difference. If I had seen a page that had three separate photos of men for five seconds, the increase in intensity is the same as seeing one man for fifteen seconds. The problem here is that I saw multiple images of an all-male a baseball team pasted onto the ceiling that I saw by accident when I happened to look in that direction af