Short story: The Amnesia That Nobody Noticed

[Author's note: Perhaps I need to think of writing stories that is outside the same world that story 1-4 and 6-8 takes place in to get a fresh perspective. Short stories are where I have some ideas to write down, but not enough to turn it into a series.]

I live in a small town, built around a large round lake. The people here know each other well. Perhaps too well that most know me by name.

This town really has nothing in terms of leisure. I was kind of surprised when a classmate told me about bringing me to a coffee shop. To my dismay, it was just a vending machine at a bus stop.

As for traditions, it's tough. I don't want to do it, but I'm expected to due to my family line. Dad is the mayor of this small boring town, so the stress is even higher for those who recognized me as the mayor's child.



Morning came, but there was something odd about how my grandma and little sister reacted to me. (Dad went to the town hall early, mom passed away years ago) They told me that I was behaving like I had amnesia and didn't even know who I was.

...huh? Yesterday?

The date today I see everywhere suggested that the "yesterday" I recalled was two days ago, not the previous day. That can't be right.

Since then, the days where I seemed to skipped days happens randomly. It's like I had a comma, but, apart from the unusual behavior, people that knew me did saw me as usual on those days. My little sister got weirded out when she saw me touching myself as she was waking me up on days I seem to fall into a comma.

This is getting weird.


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