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Alternate Dimension (Part 96)

I knew Kotomi had been to this Kaisei Middle School I'm at now, I realised what I knew about it is no different from any other random school I have been to, apart from the layout of each school always being different. Unfortunate for me, I had spent too much time waiting outside the teacher's room when I realized that the transfer students are now briefed in a totally different room. In this new world where transfer students are frequent, schools have created a room dedicated just for them. It is unclear to me if there could be more than one transfer student in a day at any school. I don't know where this room is, but a teacher and a student did walk past me when everyone else have disappeared from the corridors. I guess I have to follow them if I want to have a chance at finding someone today. These two made their way to a first year classroom. I would have left here if I knew the name of the transfer student and how she looked like, but I don't. They don't see