Alternate Dimension (Part 96)

I knew Kotomi had been to this Kaisei Middle School I'm at now, I realised what I knew about it is no different from any other random school I have been to, apart from the layout of each school always being different.

Unfortunate for me, I had spent too much time waiting outside the teacher's room when I realized that the transfer students are now briefed in a totally different room. In this new world where transfer students are frequent, schools have created a room dedicated just for them. It is unclear to me if there could be more than one transfer student in a day at any school. I don't know where this room is, but a teacher and a student did walk past me when everyone else have disappeared from the corridors. I guess I have to follow them if I want to have a chance at finding someone today.

These two made their way to a first year classroom. I would have left here if I knew the name of the transfer student and how she looked like, but I don't. They don't seem to notice me thanks to this ability that allows me to not have people notice my presence. I should follow them to the classroom so that I could watch her introduction.

Time it took for them to reach a classroom seemed to take forever as I have no idea where they will be headed to. We passed quite a number of empty classrooms with the class sign removed, or were converted for other uses. A sad sign of the times that there are too few middle school students today than this school is designed for, which is of a typical size for a pre-evolution school.

Teacher: "I have been in this teaching career for close to 50 years now, and I have met students like you that I have been with from the entrance ceremony until their graduation ceremony may times. I am actually much older than how I look, but some unexplainable phenomenon happened to me, and all humans around the world, two decade ago where I had to relearn how my remodelled body works. Five years ago, it happened again, and this time, I was forced to only be able to wear only specific types of clothing, and our bodies forces us to behave like a well-mannered woman. Useless if I want to express anger without finding myself crying instead, but it did not change my personality, though people born after the evolution wouldn't even know how to behave any other way. There is, however, a loophole: while we are limited to how we behave, it does not stop us from writing angrily or do aggressive actions via controllers, though we are still limited to the femininity of how we move to our body to do this."

Student: "Wow, you have been here for very long, and I didn't know the world was a different place. I'm getting interested, and want to know more. What is this "woman" thing you mentioned? You sounded like you weren't one either."

Teacher: "Well, a woman is exactly what we physically are now, but in pre-evolution terms, they also had the ability to reproduce offspring, but are unable to do so without a man. I miss being able to do this with my wife. That is where the term "family, parent, father, mother, child" comes from as they would be together. "Sibling" is what one would call their parents' other child. A "man" do not have the things on our chests, are tougher, has hair growing around their mouth and on their legs. They use their... um..."

The teacher stopped walking and an awkward silence follows. The student reluctantly followed shortly after. The teacher's right hand was shaped as if holding an invisible pole as she said the last word for a brief moment. I am standing behind them, so I was not able to tell what their expressions were.

Student: "Yes? What do they have? Why does your face look odd?"

Teacher: "Sorry, I'm afraid can't talk about it as much as I would like to. Our evolved bodies have a known condition that if I think too much of men, it would become harder for me to teach as my concentration is forever affected. That means I can't talk about my past either as it would have me think in a way that triggers the condition..."

This condition is a well known vulnerability with our bodies: due to our new gender being based on the female gender in almost all aspects, we also inherited their desire of wanting to be with a man when she has been influenced enough. However, males have gone extinct, and the only reproductive organ we have are our breasts, which serves no useful purpose except to give us the female appearance and better buoyancy in water. The absence of reproductive organs means that we are unable to orgasm, making us sexually frustrated because we can't subdue our arousal. Because the arousal is not subdued, this cycle repeats over and over as it tries the failed attempt again, thereby making it persistent. A victim who already has this condition would only make it worse. It seem that there's no limit as to how aroused one can be, but there are people out there who have the mental willpower to not let it affect their thoughts. Those with this condition would look like they are having an internal struggle with themselves, have random pauses, make unintentional sounds, and touching themselves in their fruitless attempt to relief the discomfort. Some do admit that they are self-aware of it, but it is the mentally trained that you can't differentiate from the ones without the condition. Only way to tell is to make them go through something that requires concentration and see if they show signs typical of the untrained by accident as most of their focus is trying to not display their aroused state, which is difficult if their concentration is needed for other things.

There is no cure to this problem, but if one reaches a biological age that is too old to be a young woman that everyone is physically, they are reborn without this condition, but that doesn't mean they can't get it again. Hatsuya and Mizuho have their own ways to being down arousal levels down to as good as not having it so one can gain their sanity again for as long their ways are being used, but that doesn't prevent the problem from happening again. The health ministry considers this as a disease, but not life-threatening.

Teacher: "Well, I'm not sure if I am in a position as a teacher to tell you more. Even in my private capacity, I am not prepared for it. My rebirth might had me forget about some details. You might have better results with someone born between 1993 and 2002, which is 31 to 40 years ago, where they would have lived long enough to know what the world was like before evolution began in 2011, but not old enough to be reborn yet."

Two sets of ages are kept: biological and actual ages. Actual age could sometimes be indirectly be referred to as how many years ago they were born. Only people born in the time the teacher mentioned, and some born right up to 2017, are highly likely to have their biological age to be the same as their actual age. I am 44 this year, but I'm not affected by the rebirth that had also affected Itsuki and Kotomi because my biological age has been stuck at 16 since 2005! I don't know if I should be proud of this at all as I was forced to be immortal against my will.

Student: "So how am I to find out more? Does the library have it?"

The two had began walking again.

Teacher: "With the censorship to not let us think too much of men, I doubt you could find any in the school library. I don't know about public libraries though. Internet works too, but you need to know what exactly you are looking for, and to filter out the noise and the lies. Perhaps research companies would know about this, but they are difficult to contact. One if them, based in this city, was founded by a girl who was still in middle school at the time she founded the company, so maybe she might know things better than we do, but she is above 40 now. She is known for how young she looks, and always seen wearing various school uniforms in the region like she actually attends. Remember, this was in the time when people could freely wear whatever they want. I know a bit about her personally as she is the sister-in-law of one of my former students, who is above 40 too, except that she is not a student of this school though."

That description sounded like how you would describe me. From what the teacher has said, I am guessing that she was a man pre-evolution, is at least 70 years old now, and married with children. She did indirectly mention Kotomi, but with no name or further details mentioned, I can't confirm that. The young female appearance of the teacher makes it hard for me to believe that she was a 70 year old man, but nobody alive today could biologically be anything besides being a female of between the ages of 12 and 40, regardless of their actual age. I should take a photo of her and get her name so that I could show to Kotomi and see if she recognises her, but I don't think she would remember the teacher more as a middle-aged man in her time than as a young woman now.

Student: "Wow. What happened to her today?"

Teacher: "As far as I could tell, she still looks the same today as she was in the early days of the company. I thought she only just look young, but with four years over the actual age of forty where pre-evolution people should have been reborn, she is as young as she looks as you can't fool your biological age with what makes us reborn. It's a mystery on how she stayed young through all these years. To add to the confusion, she is always seen wearing random school uniforms, giving the vibe that she actually attends school. The last I heard, she was wearing a very rare variation of a Mizuho Academy uniform, so don't be surprised if a Mizuho girl walks up to you: it could be her."

How does she know about this? It wasn't that long ago that I entered Mizuho's middle school. It also made me worry on explaining how I remained youthful through all of these years. I don't think becoming immortal is a valid explanation, but what else am I supposed to say when that is the truth? It would scare people too if I try to prove it. Good thing the evolution happened or my inability to age would have become more obvious as everyone looks young no matter how old they are supposed to be and, in theory (too soon after evolution happened to confirm), can't die of old age either as their biological age resets to 16 when they reach 40, removing any pre-existing health problems in the process. Unlike me, these people are not immortal as they can still die form other ways, though a random woman would be made pregnant when that happens, or two random women for each pregnant woman that died to ensure the human population does not decrease.

Teacher: "This is the class right here. Stay outside until I call you in."

The two came to a stop outside class 1C. A first year? I was not expecting that, though this might be a good thing as I would have plenty of time to prepare her in a way that, if she were to be in a role where she would lead others, she could talk to someone about what I am about to put her through.

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