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Alternate Dimension (Part 42)

I changed my clothes with one of the set of clothes I just bought. (Itsuki is waiting outside despite me genuinely allowing him to be around as I changed.) I don't know what my hands were doing to my head and face as they moved by themselves. I couldn't tell as my eyes were forced shut and there wasn't any mirrors when I could see again. I wonder how I look like, and what's with this pleasant smell coming from myself? I put on my white coat, changed into high heel shoes (they're uncomfortable and unstable for running, but I don't know why I like wearing them), and wore two work passes that had distinctive designs for the company I work for and for the one I founded, but what kind of a job title is "Visitor" for the one I founded, and "Executive Research Assistant" for the other? I have another for the former that says "Employee of Hatsuya Institute", but that's worse than just "Visitor" since my employees see the Hat

Alternate Dimension (Part 41)

After what seemed like forever, avoiding the stationery vehicles while riding the bike, we finally reached the institute where I'm staying at. The lighting looked as though it's neither day nor night, more of heavy clouds blocking the sunlight completely. Our clocks says that it's already late at night, but all the clocks everywhere were stuck in the evening. There wasn't any security guards at the entrance, and neither is the gate closed, but it did look as though the building is occupied with people, and neither is it affected by the strange phenomenon that's going on now. I normally enter by the back, so Itsuki zooming through the main entrance without stopping (due to the absence of the guards) might had triggered the intruder alert which, only sounds to the people watching through the security cameras. I know, because I own the place and had talked to some of the staff, but Itsuki doesn't know that. The distance between the gate and the building seem qui

Disorientated Feelings (Part 26)

As time passes by, it's increasingly obvious that Saeko does not age that one day, even my own children's ages might overtake her. Of course, my children aren't even in primary school yet. They're too young to tell what they had inherited from either me or my husband, but they sure appear healthy. I don't know why my uncle insists on checking on my children just after they were born and conduct more-than-necessary tests. I was allowed to be around when it's going on, but he didn't tell me what the extra tests were for. Well, he is in the medical science field and could gather information for one of his many (weird) projects that I don't know what is the purpose or the benefits behind it. ••••• Anyways, back when they promoted me and was posted to a different branch, I didn't know what my new job position meant and believed that it was the same as the last. However, when I went there, I couldn't find my name on any of the desks they said my

Alternate Dimension (Part 40)

Itsuki brought me to a family restaurant that's neither empty nor crowded at the time we went there. Just looking at food that other people had ordered gives me a general idea of what they are selling here. Those look quite delicious. Surprisingly, I was able to order what I wanted at my own will, though I can't stop smiling and what came out of my mouth when talking to Itsuki is not exactly what I wanted to say. Itsuki: "Say, Saeko. there's something I want you to know." Me: "How rare of you to talk to me like this. What is it? What is it?" Itsuki: "I have a girlfriend. And I've known her for quite some time now." You have a girlfriend... Don't tell me it's who I think it is. Itsuki: "Her name is Kotomi Miyazawa." Thought so. I'm trying to act as though I'm not interested, but my body is behaving as though I'm surprised at this news and wanting to know more. Me: "Is she pretty? How did

463rd post: Seijin no Hi

Recently, I've tweeted that 11 January this year was my coming-of-age day (成人の日). It's for people who turn 20 in the current acedemic year (April 2009 to March 2010), as 20 is the official age in Japan where one is recognized as an adult and as a full-fledged member of the society. The ceremony was held at the city town hall. My legs became numb from sitting in the same position for quite a long time. In fact, I found my head swinging around and leaning on the shoulder of the person next to me. (; ̄O ̄) Since my parents were too cautious about saving money, I didn't wore the Kimono. Though I felt out of place, I wasn't the only one. 21 seems to be the maximum age around the world where one is considered an adult though. I was born on the 8th month of Heisei 1 (平成元年8月), which tranlates to August 1989 on the western calender. Confusingly, the beginning of that year was Showa 64 (昭和64年), as the country was under a different emperor regime and entered the Heisei era in Januar

462nd post: Winter 2010 anime first impressions

(Cross-posted from the anime blog) Here are some of my first impressions of the new winter 2010 anime that has been aired as at the time of this post. I am facing this weird problem where if I were to take a snapshot of a 1080i video, the aspect ratio goes funny, but nothing wrong when playing it. The screenshots are taken at random, so having fewer or more screenshots does not mean that they are very/not good. Ladies vs. Butlers (レディ✕ばと!) Opening: This opening is actually quite upbeat and good, but there are some hints of fanservice and signs that I won't be watching this. Episode 1: That's ridiculously thick and long! A "lost kid" Isn't she cute? Haruhi with evil eyes You could sense the evil aura from her What and how is the bag hung up there? A high school girl that looks like a kid, another with weird hair, one who had tortured the protagonist in primary school (who awfully looks a lot like Haruhi in the flashback). But this episode is just mostly about the