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A supposed-to-be-great-day until he spoiled it.

(For your info, my house is opposite the junction from the Metta Building in Simei Rd/St1) It started yesterday (29 Oct 2007) in the afternoon after my SW class. Went for Japanese class at 3pm, learned stuff like "いちまんはっぴゃくさんじゅうに" (10832) and "銀行は駅の前にです。" (The bank is infront of the (train) station.) on the following day. Received back the slip we wrote for the height of 富士山 (Mt. Fuji) as 3776m (I checked via internet on my phone :P). Wore school shirt over the SW shirt and my mic shirt over my SW short. (The people around me commented on how it looks like a skirt). The room was bloody cold when I entered, in addition to infront of the wind flow from the ac unit. Fast forward to some time after the 日本語 class: There was a full dress rehersal at the ampheathere. Me and a group of a few people (Lawson, Minrong and I-forgot-his-name) stationed at the sound. He wanted me to take pictures (with someones camera and I dont feel like doing so). I then passed the camera to a

What a week

Monday: the 3rd term of school has started. There were new subjects: Intermidate Accounting and Business Stastics. Had problems with payment of the books of the later and did not receive it on that day. A friend told me to bring my laptop from wednesday to friday for the project "Money Sense" Tuesday: I kind of knew this a few weeks ago but today was decleared a holiday for recgintion of efforts by Harvard University (was it in the US or the UK?). This did came out in the media. My secondary friend (Mark) offered me to go out with him the previous day. Ate at MacDonalds and then walked around White Sands (Pasir Ris) before deciding to go to Compass Point (Sengkang). Took 88 from the interchange and alighted the bus stop after the TPE (should have alighted the one just after that; nearer and less roads to cross) and walked to Compassvale (SE1) LRT station and reach the destination. There wasnt much to do there, so we end up going to a job agency in Nee Ann City (Takashimaya Sh