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576th post

I guess I've been more active at twitter lately. So, I have not even started writing any part of my stories as of late due to me being busy and worrying about serious things. My schedule is kind of tight at the moment. Hopefully, I would have more time on Saturday onwards.

575th post

So, I have a lot of things to manage, things to do, and things that were pushed aside because of the more important things to do. My room is gradually starting to become messy from stuff I just chucked aside just to have an item out of the way that it looks cluttered or were place in places where I completely forgot about. Unlike earlier cleanups, I'm starting to have a clearer picture of what I don't need and being less sentimental towards things that are to be thrown out. Bookshelf I have 3 separate bookshelves, and the shelve used to store my manga and video game cases is, apart from the lack of support to prevent items at one end from falling, is quite neat. The other two are messy and visibly has things I don't mind throwing out. Eletronics Quite a number that I don't know where to start. Well, I would like to get rid of the 21" TV and the 15" PC monitor (both are the CRT type; you know, those bulky things). Perhaps the DVD and PC unit from 10-1

Alternate Dimension (Part 80)

The results of the year-skipping tests has arrived saying that I have passed it. I though that the people at Hatsuya headquarters would do anything to prevent me from the endless loop of going to high school for the rest of my life, but they didn't. In fact, they congratulated me for passing it. I wonder why they let me? Did they finally notice my desire? Are they planning to use me for something after college? Looking at the situation, I could be taking care of Kotomi's future children, whoever her husband may be. Kotomi appears to want children, but not interested in taking care of them, I could be tasked to take care of them until the youngest child is old enough. She sees having children as a necessity to replace herself when she can't live on any more, so she doesn't care about the financial burden that it comes with like most couples today. Throughout the rest of the year, I have helped to make Nanami (Kotomi's aunt, though younger than her) feel better fr

Timeframes of the latest parts of my stories

When writing my stories, I tend to get confused as to what year the stories are currently at. Knowing what the year is, and in some cases, the exact time and date, is important for me to sort out the events that takes place in that story. As I write a different story right after the last one, it would make things even more confusing. Even more so if at least two or more coincide with each other a lot, with one being in a different year than the other. So, here are the positions of where the stories are at the latest part: Story 1 (completed) - Summer 2005 Story 2 (Part 79) - Autumn 2010 Story 3 (Part 41) - early 2020s Story 4 (Part 6) - Summer 2011 Story 5 (Part 1) - early 1990s Story 6 (Part 11) - October 2011 Note that the protagonist of story 4 (Nanami) and 6 (Yumiko) do not meet each other at all, but both have met the protagonist of story 2 (Saeko/Itsuki) at some point. Saeko/Itsuki and the protagonist of story 3 (Kotomi) are in a relationship with each other, so th

Alternate Dimension (Part 79)

After some discussion with Takagi, we decided to name the new employee of Powell Research as simply ヒトコ (Hitoko). No family name, and the given name is written in katakana. I feel strange writing it because it feels like I'm drawing random short, straight, lines. This name is clearly influenced by the nicknames used by song artists that might sing some anime songs. Hitoko has transformed again, but it happened after the previous record of 100 hours. Nobody knows what the maximum is, and, according to the other two Hatsuya staff in the same situation, the transformation can happen more than once while asleep. If this happens for the rest of her life, who else besides me (and possibly Hatsuya) would let Hitoko secure a job if her own identity keeps changing too frequently? It hasn't yet be proven, but in theory, any injury or illness those three may get would disappear at the next transformation. Adding that to the fact that their physical age changes too, they could practi