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So, I have a lot of things to manage, things to do, and things that were pushed aside because of the more important things to do.

My room is gradually starting to become messy from stuff I just chucked aside just to have an item out of the way that it looks cluttered or were place in places where I completely forgot about.

Unlike earlier cleanups, I'm starting to have a clearer picture of what I don't need and being less sentimental towards things that are to be thrown out.

I have 3 separate bookshelves, and the shelve used to store my manga and video game cases is, apart from the lack of support to prevent items at one end from falling, is quite neat. The other two are messy and visibly has things I don't mind throwing out.

Quite a number that I don't know where to start. Well, I would like to get rid of the 21" TV and the 15" PC monitor (both are the CRT type; you know, those bulky things). Perhaps the DVD and PC unit from 10-15 years ago too. The TV is used for nothing more than for the DVD player I just mentioned (made redundant by other computers and the PS3) and the PS2. I hardly use any of the said devices here. Keeping it only for nostalgic reasons, but they would go if I have to clear out my room.

Also, certain buttons of the TV remote don't work, so I would need to go all the TV unit just to change channels and adjust settings. Remote is only good for turning it on/off, the volume, and certain channel numbers.

Stuff from previous cleanup
During my previous cleanup, the focus was only to clean the furniture interior, and get rid of the obvious trash. Stuff were moved around, but I never exactly sat down and check which of the things that were still kept were actually needed.

I would try to clean things up so I wouldn't have a hard time or have a lot to pack if I need to move, or to be placed in newer furniture. Clothes would remain untouched, though non-clothing items in the closet, and clothes placed in places that are in the way or being in the risk of becoming dirty would be moved.

Actual cleaning would happen when higher piroity tasks are done, and being in the mood for it.


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