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Alternate Dimension (Part 47)

The summer vacation has arrived before I knew it. I am in the mood to treat all my club members to have an overseas trip to Europe or something, but they have their own plans as what I heard. This ranges from supplementary classes, taking part time jobs, to even playing their home console or computer games for the whole vacation. (I myself have played ones that would take hundreds of hours of gameplay and know the excitement of wanting to play them.) I was slightly disappointed, but I don't want to show off my wealth around. The last time I brought people for a vacation was about three years ago for a classmate who has somewhat like an an amnesia and needs to meet up with a friend of her father from university. Besides me and Haruna, the people who came along include Haruna's boyfriend, my director's daughter, and three of Kotomi's siblings. Did I say that there were the two of me? I was the one who couldn't move and was in a wheelchair. The other me is my counte

Disorientated Feelings (Part 27)

As the days pass by, places that I remember during my childhood days, to recent as two years ago, has changed a lot: from the roads to the vehicles. Empty plots of land or poorly maintained buildings had sparkling new buildings in their place. I still keep in contact with my university friends and some of my middle and high school friends. As for my friends from primary school, I've lost contact with them: the well known social networking sites we know didn't exist until I was in high school, and nobody that I knew back then, except the grown-ups, has a mobile phone with them. My eldest child is about to enter kindergarten, so the house is chaotic. I don't know what my children knows, but they are able to identify me and Itsuki as their parents. According to Saeko, my uncle would drop by at random when I'm not around to " examine " my children. Is he checking if they had inherited something abnormal from their parents? I roughly know the possibilities on my

Stuff to do

There's just too many things and so little time to do things that I have to sort stuff around according to priority, but I might forgotten what they were along the way. Screenshot of a post I did last night early this morning. It's not obvious, but there are already several things to fix or already fixed in this picture alone. The new watch list has been un-bold. Width of the background image of [1] needs to be change to wider than 230px. Of  course, there should be empty spaces on the left too. Width of the entire blog is too wide, but this would affect [2]. Well, the width is already percentage based anyway. The search bar at the bottom right that stays there regardless of how much you scroll. Should it be there? It behaves differently in IE. The page that [4] would lead you to is outdated and looks awful, but it's on an external website whose settings are obscure and needs manual editing. [1] has been moved up. Should the numbers of the paragraph before the

An Unexpected Wish (Part 6)

Nanami reaches home one day to see that neither her grandmother nor her cousin were around when she reaches home. Her cousin is working as usual but the grandmother this time is having the rare occasion of going out to a community center with other old people. If her immediate family members were still living, her mother would be at home and, not long later, the sound of a motorcycle fading in, indicating her older brother's arrival, but now she misses that. She tries hard not to cry about the empty house, but flashes of what she saw that night in her mind made her cry. "Do you really want them back? No matter what?", said a voice out of nowhere. "Yes, I really miss them so much. It seems impossible for me to live on without them.", replied Nanami, still not looking at where the voice came from. Nanami was too sad to realize that she was telepathically spoken to by an odd doll that Takuya had found in a box belonging to the computer club president of the p

Alternate Dimension (Part 46)

Itsuki: "He has already been eliminated by your current time? How? When?" Kotomi: "Well, all that I could say is that there would be a lot of confusion, even more confusion than anything Saeko has already went through: Nobody could tell who's who, as everyone's appearance has changed overnight. I was surprised to suddenly see a lot of foreigners with hardly any locals, but, apart from the confusion, all were behaving like one. I've seen a grown-up crying like a baby, and a child driving a car. I didn't think I was affected too until I looked at myself and my family. Everyone was forced to corporate with each other to solve the problem, by that, I mean thousands, or even millions, of people." So how do we know that the Kotomi here is the one we know and not someone else if you're telling us that everyone's appearance had changed? I'm guessing that it's already been fixed, or you're someone who has known her close enough to no

Connecting the PC to the TV

If both the TV and the PC hardware support has at least a VGA/HDMI port, and a 3.5mm audio out jack on the PC (may be simply labeled as "headphones"), it is possible to watch videos on the TV without the need for an additional monitor for the PC. This usually means that most CRT TVs (old ones especially) don't have it without using adapters that are bulky, messy, and output video quality is decreased from the original video. The hardware configuration is more important than the operating system, which determines how good the video plays back. It's best if no conversion is needed just to play the video, so a Pentium 4 PC or older is obviously out if you want a smooth playback of a video that is at least 720p. I have a Pentium 2 PC with 384MB of RAM on Windows XP (upgraded from 64MB on Windows 95), and it's already struggling with any low-res video. In general, any PC in the 2nd-hand store that are from the 2006-era or more recent is capable of playing it smoothly