An Unexpected Wish (Part 6)

Nanami reaches home one day to see that neither her grandmother nor her cousin were around when she reaches home. Her cousin is working as usual but the grandmother this time is having the rare occasion of going out to a community center with other old people. If her immediate family members were still living, her mother would be at home and, not long later, the sound of a motorcycle fading in, indicating her older brother's arrival, but now she misses that. She tries hard not to cry about the empty house, but flashes of what she saw that night in her mind made her cry.

"Do you really want them back? No matter what?", said a voice out of nowhere.

"Yes, I really miss them so much. It seems impossible for me to live on without them.", replied Nanami, still not looking at where the voice came from.

Nanami was too sad to realize that she was telepathically spoken to by an odd doll that Takuya had found in a box belonging to the computer club president of the past two years who had graduated already. The history of the doll is unknown or confusing due to it being able to travel through time amongst other abilities. One thing for sure is that it originated from somewhere in South America. Besides photos and sketches of it, it was difficult to study it as people known to came in contact with it had their way of life changed completely, but it's difficult to prove who they were.

"Nanami, I'm back! I brought home your favorite... ARGH!"

Nanami's cousin was blasted backwards and saw rapidly flashing green lights. She was puzzled as to what just happened.

"Those lights... isn't that what Saeko claimed to have seen several times about five years ago? Something that if that happens to someone, they become someone else of their desire? Oh!!! NANAMI!!! First, it was an overseas colleague of mine with a childhood friend at Mihara called Haruna, and next, my boyfriend, next, it's escaping my own death in a dimension where my boyfriend is a girl along with a clone, and now my cousin. Why must this happen to those close to me?"

Well, Nanami's cousin has went through a lot of things that she's become more frustrated the more abnormal things happen to her. As for Nanami herself, she is entering a different world.


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