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Disorientated Feelings (Part 16)

The preparations are taking some time to be prepared for some reason. I don't know why, but the logistics does seem to be one of them. Also, the school does not want the festival to be held during or before my cousin's academy's festival to be held during or before my cousin's academy festival. They know that it's just a short distance away and by having it early means that fewer people would turn up. On top of that, my school could use this as an opportunity to relax and obtain ideas for the following year. My duty during the school festival is to help people who might require assistance and guide the guests around. I could tell that there will be a lot of people rushing around. During preparations, I decided to bring out the old computer that I had pushed aside for my (then) new notebook PC back in November last year. I just realized that I did not backup my files from there and need to transfer them over to the new computer. It's a good thing that the old

419th post - Plans to change username

(written on 1 August 2009) I have been using the nicknames the1iam and asuna888 concurrently, but those seem quite old and in some ways unoriginal. The reason why I didn't change is that both are linked from number of sites too many to manage if I were to change: the1iam is used on a lot of my links and would be broken if I were to change it. asuna888 appears to be linked from a lot of sites I have no control over and even appears near the top in search engine page results if people were to enter certain phrases. Also, I used that as my nick in a lot of places now. There are also other nicks like fnfd (shortened from f lyer n o f ools d ay ) and sobadeniyoukoso (a pun on the title of a Summer 2006 anime ), but I didn't like it and was either stuck with it or changed to something else. Oh, fnfd now seems to be used by a lot of people from financial/soccer organization to a fire department. Why do I even think of changing? Here's why (besides being old): th

Alternate Dimension (Part 30)

Throughout the day, I played the leading role for Kotomi's class of 2-1 several times to the visitors. I didn't pay any attention to what I was doing or what the play was about as my body moved by itself, just as I was "programmed" to do yesterday. Since I'm feeling bored being stuck here, so I'm going to take a look at what Saeko is up to now. ***** Ugh, Mamiko is reading my mind and is seeing what I'm seeing right now just because she's bored when acting in Kotomi's class. I can't stop her from doing that because, technically, the body I'm in now was originally hers, but she is now stuck with her clone's body. Still, it's giving me the creeps. How did I end up in this body, I don't know. I don't even know who I was prior to that. The only memories I have are what this body had, which are obviously not mine. (It's stranger that I am able to think of that.) I bet she's happy with that cloned body of hers since s

397th post: Unsure on continuing

(written on 12 June 2009) I know I had just recently published " An Unexpected Wish (Part 3) " just last week, but I can't really think of anything to write for it. " The Story of a North High Student ", as you can tell, is not an original of mine, so I won't be continuing that. Part 15 of " An Original Story By Me " was written as the final (though I did feel that it is abrupt) as the timing seems to be the best to end at as finding out the truth and various events had already happened and can't really think of anything else. However, the storyline does coincide with the 2nd story ( Alternate Dimension) which itself is closely related to the 3rd story ( Tokihi ). Since I know how to write the 3rd story, that would continue on. I may write in a different perspective of any of my stories or expand/edit existing parts. " Alternate Dimension Part 1.1 " is one such example. Since the 3rd story is closely related to the 2nd story, I would

421st post: Addressing me

(written on 2 August 2009) When people address me by my surname, I feel weird as even though my full name contains what they had called me, it feels as though they are calling someone else, especially when addressed formally. On a related note, the previous entry (419th post), I mentioned about changing my username. Well, that has now been just been reduced to coming up with a good name to replace the1iam due to confusion to how much "1", "l" and "I" look alike and with so many the ones around. Examples of names I have spent a lot of time thinking in the recent past include injuration and nijitoki . (Looks at post date) Oh wait, the 419th post is not scheduled to be published until 25 August 2009, 10 days after this post. In case you where wondering what the 420th post was, it's not scheduled to be out until 3 September 2009 with the title: " Disoriented Feelings (Part 17) ". I know the numbering is confusing, b

An Unexpected Wish (Part 3)

Since that day, Nanami has gotten over the grieving of her family. However, she still feels lonely in the large empty house. It's impossible to get around without being reminded of her family. Nanami has been living at this house since she was born. Her parents met each other somewhere in the capital, rent an apartment, and accumulate enough money to settle down into the current house. Since it was newly built when they bought it, the house is of the same age as Nanami herself. Until Nanami was 10 years old, she had never met her relatives before as they live quite far away. Most of her relatives, including her grandparents, live in Hyogo Prefecture. However there is a family she is related to in Nagano Prefecture, which is also close to the capital, but would take the whole day to get to. The odd thing about this particular family is that in the family tree, the father is at the same level as her, but is a lot older. He has a lot of children, of which, the third oldest child i

422nd post

I have stuff lying around and I don't know what to do with them. a 1997 PC & 15" CRT monitor: Obviously considered "ancient" by today's standards. It's so slow that I can't play YouTube videos at normal quality without lagging. Let's not even talk about 720p videos. VHS tapes: They are seriously taking up a lot of space, but the contents are not important or have digital/DVD/BD versions. Old game console : GameCube, (1st Gen) Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced/SP/Color, PS2 and their accessories, games, cables, etc. I haven't touched any of them lately. Assignment books/papers from primary & secondary education and learning centres: Not only are they old, they contain written work I had done, but I don't even look at them now. They take up the same space (or more) than the VHS tapes. Should I keep them for future use or something my (future) children to look at? Empty shopping bags & boxes, used batteries, and 2008 calenders:

Disorientated Feelings (Part 15)

I woke up late the following day, so I was almost late when I arrived in school. However, I didn't see Itsuki today. Well, today is only a half day, being a Saturday, so it is possible that he either skipped classes, or headed home early. However, I didn't see him the following Monday, so is he really sick? I went to class 2-6, Itsuki's classroom. I asked everyone, including his best friend, Kenjiro Tanigawa, about his whereabouts. Student A: "Oh, Miyazawa-san! What are you doing here?" Me: "Do you guys happen to know what happened to Itsuki?" Student A: "Itsuki who?" What do you mean "who"? Me: "Itsuki Hisakawa! My boyfriend and your classmate! Ugh! Tanigawa-san, do you know where he is?" Kenjiro: "Who? Sorry, I there's nobody I know with that name." How can his own best friend not know who he is? I noticed that his desk is unoccupied and I pointed at it. Me: "Then who sits there?&

377th post: It's my birthday today...

(written on 13 May 2009) Today, August 5 th , is my birthday. I turn 20 today. Apart from restrictions lifted from when I turned 18, another set of restrictions would be lifted. However, this would also mean that I would become an adult, though not officially until 2010. Being born in August, I spent more than half of the year in the previous age number (eg. 14 for most of 2004, even though I turn 15 that year). As I was born around 14:30 GMT, my birth date could have been on the 6 th if it were to be just a little later or in the GMT+10 and later timezones which covers most of the Oceania area. Not sure about Brisbane, which is in the GMT+9:30 zone.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 14)

(continued from Part 13 ) After a long day of exploring the capital , we headed back home with my new computer. I can't wait to try out this new computer. I had also bought a new mobile phone as the previous one looked quite old with the bi-directional navigation buttons and the monochrome screen. I also like the clamp-shell design and that small screen on the outside so I can check who's calling without opening the phone. Also helps preventing pressing keys by mistake: my friends kept complaining to me that I had called them but didn't say anything even though I didn't, except that the call logs said that I did. What a nightmare. When reached home, the first thing I did was to put aside the old computer by disconnecting the wires and placed it on the floor. I notice that the area underneath where the old PC stood was dirty, so I had to clean that before placing the new one there. Since it's a mobile computer and not a desktop one, there are fewer wires to deal