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Disorientated Feelings (Part 52)

For the summer school break of my children, we took the time off from work to bring my family on  a vacation to Kyoto. I don't think the opportunity to do this would happen again before my children gets older. I've been there before as part of the school trip and business meetings, but having a schedule to stick to is not exactly enjoyable with pressure of keeping track of time. Excluding my time in university at California, I never travelled much. I don't know why the thought of travelling never occurred to me before. I'm the head of the family because I did all the documents, fed everyone, and practically almost everything that has anything to do with the family. It's not the first time doing something like this as I also had to take care of my younger siblings (I was the eldest child). To tell you the truth, I don't want to take care of other people: I would prefer to be taken care of than to take care of others. What is my husband doing? He's an idiot

634th post: The joys of traveling alone

If you know what you are doing, planning well and all that, travelling alone can be quite fun over travelling with a tour group or even with just one other person. Yes. I do have experience with that. Well, sure the planning can be a pain, but you can plan it to your schedule without the need to  also suit other people's schedule. Sometimes, they can't even confirm anything until closer to the day, which is bad if the flight or accomodation has yet to be book as cheap and convenient options would be unavailable to you as they are likely to be fully booked or exceeded the latest eligible date. If you have ever looked at a booking system for the best routes/time/cost, you would notice that even booking a flight of the same route on a date can cost a lot different than the dates surrounding it. This is why flights should be decided before deciding on the exact dates. Also take note of the time of departure and arrival: depending on the airport, you could save some hotel

Alternate Dimension (Part 88)

It has only been a day after it happened, but it has become clear that every single human in the world now looks like an attractive high or upper middle-class Japanese teenage girl (or slightly older than that) who could only speak Japanese or (not so good) English regardless of their original ethnicity, age or gender. They have also developed a taste of good design, durability, and convenience that anything considered horribly designed is redone. Quite a large number of things in developing countries do fall into that label. To be honest, everyone is forced to behave in a feminine way, even if they weren't before. Existing girls who weren't feminine aren't spared from this either. People voiced how much they hated it or being forced to only be able to wear knee-length skirts that some might find too short (they are longer than Mizuho skirts though). As much as I hate wearing skirt (you see me wearing them all the time only because I'm forced to), the skirt hides wh

632nd post: How to select files to open/upload files more quickly with a different program

You may have faced this before: you open the file explorer in Windows to search for a file, or selecting a file to upload, only to repeat the process again with a smaller window, and that file can't be opened directly. Well the quicker way around this are with these three methods: Method 1: Open up the window that prompts you to select the file. Then switch to file window (use Alt+Tab to do it quickly), select the file to upload, and drag the file icon to that file selection window mentioned earlier. If that window is not visible (most likely because the window is maximized or overlapping), first drag it to the taskbar to the program you are opening/uploading with, then drag to the empty text field at the bottom with "File Name:" next to it. Select "OK" or hit Enter/Return key and you are done. Method 2: Hold Shift while right-clicking on the file you want to copy. Select the "Copy as path" option somewhere in the middle in the menu that appe