632nd post: How to select files to open/upload files more quickly with a different program

You may have faced this before: you open the file explorer in Windows to search for a file, or selecting a file to upload, only to repeat the process again with a smaller window, and that file can't be opened directly.

Well the quicker way around this are with these three methods:

Method 1: Open up the window that prompts you to select the file. Then switch to file window (use Alt+Tab to do it quickly), select the file to upload, and drag the file icon to that file selection window mentioned earlier. If that window is not visible (most likely because the window is maximized or overlapping), first drag it to the taskbar to the program you are opening/uploading with, then drag to the empty text field at the bottom with "File Name:" next to it. Select "OK" or hit Enter/Return key and you are done.

Method 2: Hold Shift while right-clicking on the file you want to copy. Select the "Copy as path" option somewhere in the middle in the menu that appears, and, if not already open, open up the open/upload file selector, press Ctrl+V at the "File Name:" text field. Hit enter.

Method 3 (Windows Vista or newer only): At the top of the file explorer, you would see something like "User ▶ (username) ▶ Documents". Click on the empty space next to it, select everything (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C), and paste it at the similar location in the open/upload file interface. (If you had previously selected select a file there, you can skip this step.)  In the "File Name:" text field, type the first few characters of the file and the name you want should appear in the auto-suggest field below the input field)


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