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Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 3 - Clothing

On the topic of what we have been turned into, have you ever wondered why we are always seen wearing professorial looking office clothes, blazer uniforms for schools, but nothing else? It's not that the transformation has made us fashion aware or fashion conformist overnight, but it is the only kind of clothes we could wear at all. It even seems as if the clothes are a part of our body. How did we know? First of all, it is what we found ourselves wearing right after evolution happened. What one had owned if they have it, or the same generic type if they don't. We had attempted to wear other clothes, but for reasons unknown, those seemed to have ejected out almost instantly like magic. I know I shouldn't use the word magic as a scientist, but science as we know at the time of writing cannot explain how our body gets selective with types of clothes, or how the clothes get expelled out without us doing anything. As a result, we can't wear full body suits that is supposed