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I might start a new blog

I am planning on starting a new blog here in the form of a dairy/journal from a person's point of view. I would try to make it look as though it really belongs to that person. That would mean that there would be no links to me or my stuff. Stuff mention there may include stuff that appear in the news, pop culture, what happened on that person's day. Layout and content may change over time. Also, if there are no posts, it could mean that the person could be busy, on holiday, or just can't be bothered to update. Think of it as when 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱's official website when the anime was still airing (Summer 2006). When I have decided on the personality of the person, i would post the link here or at some of my Friendster accounts. See an example: 13 Sep 2007 Edit: Here's the url: (If you are interested on my blog describing my life, I would post them (if I bother) at MySpace blogs or Windows Live Spaces blog