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Alternate Dimension special: Riding the Train With Kids (Part 2)

We finally arrived at the station in the capital. The tickets for the kids were enough to cover the whole trip , but not for mine. I alerted the kids about this before we head to the ticket barrier. Me: "Hold on there! Remember that I bought a ticket that isn't enough for the trip? Watch what happens when I try to use the ticket, and don't enter through the ticket barrier before me or I can't show you something in this paid area." I inserted the ticket into the barrier where it closed on me as it makes beeping sounds that were different from the people who managed to go through. There was also a red light, but I'm not sure if the kids could see that. The staff who was at the window between the gates was looking at me. Me: "And that is what happens. If you were to look over there, there is a machine similar to where we bought our tickets from, but it is for paying off the difference between what I paid and what I am supposed to be paying. Remember