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Alternate Dimension (Part 87)

(Edited: 7 Jan 2013) It's been weeks since I was sent to the ski lodge to collect the mysterious doll and collect samples from the skiing lodge near there. It is indeed the exact same doll Hatsuya had that went missing decades ago, but, in terms of the condition, the doll seems a bit newer and not a fake. Is this another copy of it, or from earlier in the past than the one we had? We now have the technology to analyse what this thing is made of, but it can't sense any magical presence. The mysterious doll is now in the hands of the Powell Research. The doll was never in Hatsuya's hands (unless you count myself) as it turns out that they were only interested with the ski lodge near where the doll was found and already have existing data about the doll in question. Powell doesn't seem to be interested about it as they mention it as the only man-made shelter in the area from the blizzard that frequents there. I had to distance myself from the research team because Hats

An Original Story By Me (Part 17)

Kyousuke told me that someone in Mihara uniform that looked like one of the Hisakawa twins was spotted at Katsura High School. That school is a typical normal school located at the bottom of the hill where the main entrance of Mihara Academy is located, and there's a train station located right in between these two. I don't know why Mamiko would go there, but I'm guessing that Katsura High is quite likely to be the school Mamiko attended before she came into this dimension. However, since that day, she seemed to have her mind focused on a particular someone who studies there. Mamiko had the look as if she knows something bad would happen to that other girl. Aiko: "Well, I can't blame her for being that way after finding out Kotomi would die in a collision with a train in the winter of next year, no matter what Mamiko does to prevent it." What did my classmate say to me? I don't even know who the person she is talking about either. Me: "Wait.

621st post: Perception of Windows 8 before RTM

Windows 8 (Consumer Preview) start menu screen For those who have been follow me on twitter since at least for a few months, you would have saw me talking about Windows 8. More recently, I mentioned how frequent the blue screen of death (BSoD) appears on my Vista Laptop lately, and, indirectly, how long it takes to boot up with junk that has been accumulated over the years. To have a BSoD appearing this frequent on an OS newer than Windows 98/ME means that the problem is serious, but not helpful as to saying how to fix it. I really wanted to reinstall the OS, but no, the manufacturer did not provide the OS installation disc that lets me do that. I'm using this Win8 upgrade to let me do that. (I have another laptop with Win7, but let's not talk about that now.) Parent's Reaction Had multiboot on the WinXP PC with Win8 RC and set the latter as the default operating system. This PC itself was bought recently, as used, to replace an older PC that is no longer function