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Today (at night), i did tracing of an image with a 2B pencil, eraser, 2 A4 sized paper, a flat surface and a LCD monitor (though I recommend using a CRT monitor or a projector that produces images on the wall) to help me do the tracing. What I have traced can be found on volume 6 of the "Welcome to the N.H.K.! / N・H・Kによこそ!". Scans of it can be found via bittorrent, though chances of being able to download, let alone become complete, are reduced as times goes by. How much it is reduced depends on how long it has been out and how popular it is. Anyway here are the images. The photographed version on the left and the scanned version on the right: (click on image to view in full size) It seems that tracing is much faster than vectorizing although vectorizing is useful if you want to make the image larger without it appearing to be very pixelated.

I am bored

Since i'm so bored ( PangyaSEA is under maintainence at time of typing), i decided to post random pictures I found on various blogs. (The ">>Next blog" link seem to keep switching between the center and the right, sometimes none at all. That is so annoying)