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Alternate Dimension (Part 92)

Here's something new: not only am I being made to study at Mizuho Academy, they posted me to its middle school! It will be a long 3 years before I get out of it, or an additional 7 years if I'm put through high school and college too. I have already studied at the latter two (along with a number of non-Mizuho high schools), but not the middle school. With Mizuho seen as a prestigious academy, on top of recent sharp rise of people enrolling into middle and high school in general all over, there is competition over securing a place. While Mizuho has tens of times more classrooms than the average school, and maximizing classroom usage, there is just not enough space for everyone. New extensions are slow, made worse by construction workers being forced to wear clothes they can't change that aren't suitable for the job. Robots have been brought in to overcome the physical and safety issues, and speed up the construction. (Funny how they can program these things to be ruthl

Alternate Dimension (Part 91)

It has been four years since the day every single human has been turned into a young Japanese woman due to an unexplainable phenomenon that caused it. The housing demand is still not met with people who were poor before the transformation now wanting to live into a upper-middle or high wealth house from the windfall that came with the transformation. On top of that, the very people who are constructing these houses are made up of women in office suits that are physically weak and lacking courage. The skirt and shoes that are part of the suit limits their movement, so they can't run well or jump. What are these office women doing constructing buildings with a cowardly attitude, and getting their suits dirty? Well, these women were brave strong men who had been working for years before the transformation. After transformation, it is impossible to find anyone. Ask any of these women and they will tell you that the transformations are the worst nightmare that has happened to them wi

Alternate Dimension (Part 90)

With so much changes to the human body, the education ministry has decided to withdraw biology from being taught in schools until the new features of the human body is understood, though a limited range of it is taught only for zoologist, botanist or doctor college courses. Basically anything non-human related, or on a need to know basis. They could have just taught those to everyone, but when people come across subjects on animal reproduction, a lot of people could ask why (the current reproduction system of) humans could only reproduce with man-made products, while animals, monkeys especially for being closely related to humans, could just mate naturally. Also raises the question of the absence of human males if taught that even experts do not have the answer to. Because the transformations causes arousal on the sight of images of "hot men" that make people difficult to concentrate is also difficult to subdue one you see them, images featuring men are banned. Due to how w