Alternate Dimension (Part 92)

Here's something new: not only am I being made to study at Mizuho Academy, they posted me to its middle school! It will be a long 3 years before I get out of it, or an additional 7 years if I'm put through high school and college too. I have already studied at the latter two (along with a number of non-Mizuho high schools), but not the middle school.

With Mizuho seen as a prestigious academy, on top of recent sharp rise of people enrolling into middle and high school in general all over, there is competition over securing a place. While Mizuho has tens of times more classrooms than the average school, and maximizing classroom usage, there is just not enough space for everyone. New extensions are slow, made worse by construction workers being forced to wear clothes they can't change that aren't suitable for the job. Robots have been brought in to overcome the physical and safety issues, and speed up the construction. (Funny how they can program these things to be ruthless and aggressive when they themselves aren't at all while whining over every little thing.)

I have seen quite a number of middle school students from here on graduation day of year 3 students of previous batches, but I got a rude shock when I saw only a handful of students at my classroom while waiting for the entrance ceremony to begin. For a school with a massive student population, this has got to be a joke.

The speech that someone on stage is giving out bores me, with screens everywhere so that other students sitting in the massive auditorium or other areas in the school could watch, but this is perhaps the eighth time I'm going through this. Everywhere I see are girls and more girls. If it weren't for me being a girl myself and getting used to it, I would have been excited at what I'm seeing if I was still a boy, but I feel nothing.

Voice in my head: "Ah. This is actually considered normal. There are fewer students on average at other middle schools. Don't forget that most people who are born these days are born with a high school-going age, and it's not common to have an age older or younger than that. You will see massive numbers of transfer students into your class closer to your graduation."

Ah. This voice is of someone at Hatsuya that I completely forgot about. Doesn't sound like anyone I know. You see, my own eyes, what I think and hear, are being transmitted to them all the time with no way for me to block it without impairing myself. They probably heard me complaining about it.

Voice in my head: "You can't stop sending to us what you are seeing without blinding yourself. Since you are officially not a human but our robot under the eyes of the law, there's nothing wrong with us invading your privacy. In fact, it's the you complaining about it proves that your AI is like that of a real human."

My mind is a robot AI? Violating my privacy is legally okay? What is this rubbish? My body may be made, but my mind is human.

Voice in my head: "Well, that is just my opinion. I don't know your history. Oh, I just want to check if the uniform is working properly. The improvised version did work, but obviously not working optimally with the older design, and uncomfortable. We did work on improving it, but it took us a while to figure out what exactly we needed to do and have it work the way we wanted. We are about to start the test. If you are feeling it, everyone around you will feel it too, but what is the unknown if people will react to it. Your body is the best thing we have that tells us if you are feeling it but not telling us about it, feeling it but your mind doesn't tell you, or nothing at all."

Oh great another one of their experiments that uses my body like some test subject again, but I had gone through ones that are worse. I think the time gap between this and when the previous ended was due to taking care of Kotomi's children until they became old enough. What made it even tougher is that Kotomi herself doesn't want to take care of them, but yet does not want them to be cold towards her or them seeing me as their mother instead from me taking care of them the most during their development. Well, that worked, producing the strangely obedient kids that never bothered us: they never even cried as an infant. In terms of the aura feel, they can't seem to tell the difference between me and Itsuki, their biological father and my former body. However, even with Itsuki in his female form with the Mizuho uniform, they could somehow accurately tell the two of us apart despite looking alike.

Voice in my head: "I hate to interrupt you thinking about you recalling how your children growing up, but are you feeling anything? Are other people feeling it? The test is going on right now."

When did the test started? I thought you hadn't as I didn't feel anything so... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! The faces of the people around me looked as if they are blushing shyly.

Voice in my head: "Your brain activity indicates you don't feel it happening, but yet able to see it happen. The announcer should clearly see it happening as she's facing a sea of identical expressions, but judging from her speech, it's as if nothing is happening. I am testing to see if people are able to react what the uniform does to their bodies. Seems that although they can see it happening and can think about it, they can't talk about it or do anything that is of a direct result of knowing what the uniform can do to them. In case you aren't aware, I have rewired people's brains so that they give a different expression and feel differently when aroused, like now."

I'm aroused now? I don't feel anything, and the people around me looked more like, where in the past, girls being shy with the boy they fall in love with.

Voice in my head: "Feeling nothing and not letting out moaning sounds when aroused is an achievement in itself. Even right now, you are letting out your bodily waste remotely without tubes form anywhere in the universe. Arousal and releasing bladder has been taken care of so that people won't have their thoughts distracted by those. Mizuho is the only school that also trains your mind to be able to think clearly no matter how sexually aroused one may be, which is a difficult thing to do if you had seen images of men after the "evolution". Even looking at old pictures of myself turns me on because of the hormones in my current body. I did not want to be a girl, of an age younger than my original age on top of that, but what can you do when it is forced onto everyone without any warning that happens instantaneously?"

You are talking as if humans today are like products. Also, that last line suggests that the one speaking to me was a man. It's almost as if Mizuho itself, and whoever/whatever is forcing the transformations to everyone, are done by perverted men, except that there really are no men today, or young children and elderly too. The surviving young females have become eternally young and not die of old age as they can't get old to begin with, but are not immune from death by accidents. Even stranger is that their reproductive organs has been reconfigured to work only with man-made equipment.

Voice in my head: "Oh that? It wasn't announced publicly due to it being closely related to biology and what happened 4 years ago. Breast size of Mizuho girls has always some specific number of times larger than that of the average human. That multiplication number has never been changed, but the average size after transformation has increased. We found it odd that the current Mizuho size is larger that what we thought, but it seems that the previous standard includes men, who don't usually have breasts. Men used to me made up of more than half of the human population, so when all of those men turned into women, they grew breasts too, and increases the average size that Mizuho is based on. On top of that, even the smallest breast size today is noticeable with clothes over them. I don't understand why humans today are made up of only women, or how is it possible that we are forced to only be able to wear a very specific type of clothes, which renders so many other kinds of clothes obsolete just because we can't wear them. How can we wear protective clothing if we are forced to wear somewhat of a mix between a white collar worker and a blazer school uniform that has its skirt only covers a small area of our legs? It may be a dream come true from a man's point of view to see women everywhere, except that there are no men today, and is seen as nothing to other women. Women don't feel anything when they see another woman no matter how sexually attractive they may be because they are of the same gender, although those who know each other well enough can get attracted to each other. Those born after that "human evolution" wouldn't know what men are. Because of how there are nothing but young ladies everywhere and how children are born that they do not know or what family and marriage is. Even us scientists has no idea on what happened to us."

I forgot that the head teaches and senior students were giving their opening speeches to a rather empty auditorium. Well, their speech aren't that interesting to me anyway. and this is my third time though middle school anyway. If you were wondering the "human evolution" mentioned is a semi-official name to refer to the final stage where the final remaining men were turned into women, and, in a general sense, when that started with people noticing an increased number of female students that are exactly equal to the declining number of the elderly, but unable to point who they were exactly. All women had major changes to their reproductive system in a way that are not compatible at all with men from before the change, and what triggers your feels can be different too.

There should have been a history topic about this human evolution taught to the newborns, but because our evolved bodies would have us difficult to concentrate and permanently aroused at the sight of men, the entire history subject is not taught at all. Well, we could sacrifice someone to edit them out, but students would leave wondering why there are no images of the most significant people in history, who are mostly men, and would search images of them online, only to have them get aroused. I know it was considered normal and nothing before, but today, it's like an incurable disease. Governments has decided to not teach history as a subject primarily because of how frequent males appear that it's impractical to edit them out, and they would rather not teach it than to tell a falsified version of it. The same goes to biology, though only selected topics of it are taught to students who want to be a doctor, botanist, zoo keeper, and such. There are volunteers who brave getting permanently aroused so that they could edit out images of men and make that topic safe for everyone.

Why am I saying it's a disease? You see, with our evolved bodies, we are designed to not need males for reproduction. As there are no human males left, it was assumed that there's nothing to make us aroused, so features that could have helped us relieve it was made inaccessible as part of evolution. Because the female instinct has not changed with the evolution, seeing images of men, including images of your old self as one, triggers our concealed feelings of wanting men that we know that no longer exists, and wanting to use parts that now doesn't exist. Since we are unable to meet what our instinct wants, which itself is not possible today, we get sexually frustrated and our arousal level would not go away. Your physical health won't be affected if you do nothing about it, but the same can't be said for mental health. The good news is that it can be cured, but it's not easy.

All of those thoughts was enough to pass the time. Being in a rather empty middle school opening ceremony is creepy, but for nobody to mention it, even by the headmaster, means that this is considered normal, or she didn't notice it.


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