An Original Story By Me (Part 17)

Kyousuke told me that someone in Mihara uniform that looked like one of the Hisakawa twins was spotted at Katsura High School. That school is a typical normal school located at the bottom of the hill where the main entrance of Mihara Academy is located, and there's a train station located right in between these two.

I don't know why Mamiko would go there, but I'm guessing that Katsura High is quite likely to be the school Mamiko attended before she came into this dimension. However, since that day, she seemed to have her mind focused on a particular someone who studies there. Mamiko had the look as if she knows something bad would happen to that other girl.

Aiko: "Well, I can't blame her for being that way after finding out Kotomi would die in a collision with a train in the winter of next year, no matter what Mamiko does to prevent it."

What did my classmate say to me? I don't even know who the person she is talking about either.

Me: "Wait. What are you talking about?"

Aiko: "Oh, sorry. Kotomi is my cousin who is from Katsura High, and works with my father at Hatsuya. She's closer to him than her own father. Apparently, Mamiko had time travelled to the future, where she found out that my cousin had already died two years after our current time. I don't really trust what people say would happen in the future, but the device used has known to have high accuracy with minor variances."

Me: "Sounds that you know her quite well."

Aiko: "According to my dad, Kotomi also seems to have a mind from an another dimension in her at the same time as Mamiko. The only difference is that nothing happened to her unlike what happened to Saeko up until now. Before you ask, my cousin in both dimensions are both females, though the one of the other dimension seem to have an affection towards Mamiko as a male of their dimension of origin. In other words, they were a couple. They both had met each other in our dimension, and my cousin isn't happy seeing Mamiko as a girl instead of a boy. This could have happened earlier if Saeko had not moved to a different house and attending a different school, or me having known that the two knew each other."

I sense potential trouble. If Mamiko does not have her mind in Saeko's body before returning back to her dimension, she would be forever be stuck in that cloned body when she leaves this dimension as that cloned body doesn't exist anywhere else. However, being able to do that is a problem by itself.

Me: "Is there anything you can do?"

Aiko: "As much as we like to help, there's nothing we can do. Transferring souls around does happen in Hatsuya's experiments, including ones that take place in other dimensions, but we can't seem to be able to control it. A person's mind is something that is hard to handle, and it's outside Hatsuya's expertise."

Kyousuke had been sitting at the corner listening to us, but not saying anything.

Me: "Kyousuke, come on. Just because we are both girls doesn't mean you can't join in our conversation. We are all humans."

My words doesn't seem to have calm down his nervousness but enough to had him talking to us.

Aiko: "So, what else have you heard about what exactly is she doing there?"

Kyousuke: "Well, besides that Kotomi girl you mentioned, Mamiko being there in our school uniform has attracted a lot of attention as the students there consider us to be an elite school... Oh yes, she also seemed to have lifted a curse of a desk from one of the classrooms that has been there for a while. That desk has "Itsuki Hisakawa" written on one of the books placed under the desk, which seems to be of the same family name as Mamiko. The classroom it is in is of the same year, but different class, as Kotomi."

Aiko checked something at the mention of that Itsuki name. Seems that she had just thought of something.

Aiko: "According to Hatsuya's records, that name is Mamiko's name at the dimension she came from, who is a guy, a Hatsuya employee, and a student of Katsura too."

Her expression tells me that she is surprised about this.

Me: "But why is it there if Itsuki's counterpart of this dimension is Saeko?"

Aiko: "I don't know. Probably a conflict with Saeko's things when Itsuki came here: Both are of the same person of their relative dimensions, but attended different schools. I can't say for sure if that cursed desk has already been there, or the things in our current dimension has been modified because of Itsuki/Mamiko coming into our dimension. I doubt it's much, but if Mamiko were to head back to her original dimension with her current body instead of being in Saeko's body, which seems impossible, Mamiko could possible bring along everything Saeko owns, as Mamiko's body is a clone of Saeko, and remains as she is now instead of returning as Itsuki. I'm worried about the imbalance it may cause, and my cousin's heart being broken because she can't marry the boyfriend she loved as he's a girl now."

I wanted to say that I have always been a girl since I was born, but having being told that my own mind doesn't belong to me made me not say it. My situation is similar to Mamiko in many ways, except that I don't have any memories besides who I am now.

Kyousuke took a glance at me at Aiko's last few words. He's looking at every part of me, and it's causing me to feel infatuated. What is this I'm feeling? Why have I not felt this before when we usually see each other? Something is wrong with me.

Kyousuke: "So that... means that... Mamiko would disappear when... she goes back?"

Kyousuke was visually distracted as he kept looking at me while talking to Aiko, which itself is causing me to blush even more. Why is he looking at me? It was Aiko who was speaking.

Aiko: "I can see that you two are falling in love with each other, which, judging by your faces, you two don't even know why yourselves. Also, boys fall in love with girls more easily than the opposite so Haruna might not be feeling of being in love with Kyousuke now, but Kyousuke is certainly falling in love with Haruna now. What you two are feeling now are similar to the earliest signs of what your parents feel towards each other."

Me: "WHAT?"

I'm speechless.

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