An Original Story By Me (Part 18)

It has been months since we had that talk about Mamiko, and our third year in High School has started. As if it has been plotted in that discussion, Aiko's cousin actually did die from being hit by a train. Surveillance footage has shown that she was attacked by two unknown men who did something to her, then made her dizzy before throwing her onto the tracks. The cousin was seen wandering around the tracks before walking towards an oncoming train that killed her. It seems like suicide, but autopsy reports shows that her eyes were missing. It's almost as if she was never born with eyes. Nobody knows how that happened, but it does explain why she was running around aimlessly before running towards the train: she couldn't see. In the footage and according to witnesses, she knew that a train was approaching and panicked, but being dizzy and blind meant that she couldn't tell which direction she was facing.

Although Aiko foresaw her cousin's death, she didn't think it would actually happen the exact same way as predicted. There was a huge grief at the funeral, and Aiko isn't her usual cheerful self.

Almost simultaneously, Mamiko seems to have disappeared. Saeko didn't know what happened to her as she wasn't with her when it happened, and Aiko is too sad over her cousin's death to tell me what happened to her. Am I right to assume that Mamiko went back to her dimension? If so, is she in her original body, or is she still in that cloned body? Guess I will never find out; she just left without saying goodbye, but why?

If she really did went back there, how are we supposed to be able to communicate with her? Travelling between dimensions alone is only available at research labs, which itself is experimental and unstable. I doubt that they would allow a non-staff like me to go to anywhere near it. Would I face a problem getting back here even if it is possible to visit her?

After the death of Aiko's cousin, Aiko always appear to be sad. No matter how I tried to cheer her up, it seemed to had no effect on her. With Mamiko gone, I don't know if that vacant spot has been filled up as she disappeared before the new school year, and everyone else who is in the same year as me was mixed around to different classes that I wouldn't know if that spot has been filled up at classrooms where I didn't know anyone. The good news is that at least Aiko, Saeko, and my boyfriend, are in the same classroom as me.

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