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Chasing After Rainbows: July 2012

31 July 2012

Disorientated Feelings (Part 50)

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(Last modified: 4 August 2012)

Me: "I just told you earlier that I am ranked higher than you, worked with the same company, and had been there before. Maybe it's because I am also your spouse, or a niece of the director, or a close friend of Saeko, that I could see it. Possibly a combination of factors too."

I honestly did not know that I had just seen what only highly-ranked people could see. However, the video I just recorded proved that I can't prove or talk about it to anyone except those who already knew.

Me: "Anyway, what was that you just did that normal people are not supposed to be able to see?"

Itsuki: "To tell you the truth, nobody I know of could control that from happening. Even the high-ranking people of Mizuho are not excluded from feeling this too. Out of curiosity, what did you find yourself wearing while in there, or a general description at least? However I need you to be very specific with the colours."

As my uniform stood out a lot from everyone else, how could I forget that?

Me: "Well, I'm not familiar with the various versions, but I don't see anyone else wearing the same thing as what I found myself wearing on is very different. It has Hatsuya's logo instead of Mizuho's. Uses a blazer that has the colour of somewhere between black and blue, but more towards black and has double white outlines at the edges. My name tag was in shining gold. The skirt was just plain maroon, but the tie alternates between maroon and navy blue."

Itsuki though about it for a while. Come to think of it, Itsuki is wearing exactly what I had just described, but with the skirt using additional colours from the other parts of the uniform, and forming a pattern with those colours. The name tag and company logo is missing too. It looks more like a blazer school uniform than an office attire.

Itsuki: "Oh, this outfit I'm wearing now? It's the 4th generation of the Mizuho uniform designed specifically for Hatsuya employees, with the skirt pattern you see me in now is for branch managers only. Supervisors of other branches would have different designs and colours assigned to them, but the skirt pattern is the same as me. Better than that same black outfit and get alienated with our own staff. Well, the skirt have to be this complex in design instead of plain one-colour used in previous generations in order to be able to identify department and rank since the rest of the uniform could be removed now. The blouse and the skirt are the only thing left that can't be removed. The latter was chosen because of its higher visibility than the other. This design is not new, though."

I never saw anyone who worked there. Itsuki and Saeko wore supervisor and high school/college student uniforms respectively instead, so maybe that is why it seemed new to me.

Mizuho has, among other things, been known for having very good looking uniforms that matches the pretty girls who wears them, and even more so because it abandoned the conservative look that had been used for decades earlier. (1st and 2nd generation) This happened in an era where many other schools have already changed from the sailor uniforms and the old Mizuho uniforms being among the top reasons why students who could pass the academy's difficult entrance test did not enrol into Mizuho. This was discussed among students for quite a while, but the barrier that is preventing the change from happening are the school staff who wanted to "preserve the tradition", who also did not bring this matter up to the school founder. According to the founder himself, such tradition does not exist and it seem like it for the staff because it has been that way for too long. The founder wanted to change this perception before he dies.

The change wouldn't have happened if the school founder noticed that a student they want to admit (Saeko) by recommendation from its affiliate company, wasn't able to wear the uniform skirt due to its length. He took the suggestion of the design of the existing uniform back then not attracting more students quite seriously. What were the lengths? For the 1st and 2nd generation, it was about around between the feet and knees. For the 3rd generation, it was a few inches above the knees. That is quite a lot of difference.

By the way, since the population is now predominantly female, the skirt length has become shorter with the 4th generation that you could barely see it when a winter coat is worn. People who feel cold actually wear thicker layers of stockings with skirt over it instead of pants, to make sure that the shape of their legs remains visible. I don't know who they are trying to impress as males are seemingly becoming endangered, but that's the way fashion has become today and I don't like it.

Other feedback included everyone of all the academy's departments wearing the same uniform and hard to tell one apart. The new designs may be just a bit better than the other schools, but the fact that it was a huge change from the previous version that has been used for many decades itself is enough to be a huge news to everyone.

It's hard to tell if there were any objections as those are likely to be muted down.

Me: "So... do you like it?"

Itsuki: "In terms of how good it make me look as a girl, very much that I don't want to wear anything else..."

Awkward silence followed. Itsuki is a guy, but the Mizuho uniform, which is mandatory at the academy where he works at, biologically turned him into a female complete with functional (but blocked) female reproductive organs that replaced the male ones. Itsuki seeing himself very much like an attractive girl instead of a man made him confused about himself, even more so with the change of senses he feel from his feminised body. It even made me, as his wife, feel uneasy too.

The 2nd generation may look identical with the 1st, but on closer look, you would notice that the official male uniform looks exactly identical to the female version. This is because Mizuho is still a co-ed school despite having "Girls" in the name. It seem that word, to them, means that everyone would be turned into girls, instead of only allowing girls in. Why? Nobody knows, except perhaps a hint from a rumour that existing male students during the move from the old campus were still retained at the new campus (where Mizuho became a "girls-only" campus) instead of being transferred out.

Itsuki: "Anyway, was what you found yourself wearing back then looked more like a school uniform, or an office attire?"

Me: "Office attire."

Itsuki: "Colour tells me that it recognizes you as a Hatsuya employee instead of as a regular visitor, but the type of uniform also says that you do not work at the company's local branch. However, the golden name tag you mentioned says that your rank is higher than the one in charge of the Mizuho branch or it would have been silver instead. Of course, this is slightly different with the 4th generation. The allocated design for everyone would be the same as normal staff, but the skirt pattern would be different depending on the rank. The same applies for other departments and companies located in Mizuho, but in different colours. No change of design for visitors. You may wish to take note of this the next time you head here."

Me: "I think you are going off topic from what I wanted you to tell me for the second time."

Itsuki: "I'm trying to, but Mizuho is making me at a sub-concious level to not think about it. Your position as my superior, having been to Mizuho, but not working there, and knowing people who works and studies there, makes the filtering system confused on what you are authorized to know that regular people aren't allowed."

Mizuho protecting its secrets being protective to this degree tells me that they are hiding a lot of things. Possibly controversial. I feel nervous about my 7-year-old son attending middle school in that kind of academy with these things.

28 July 2012

My Photo (4)

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Haneda Airport (羽田空港) International Terminal departure hall

25 July 2012

Losing Identity (Part 16)

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The reunion of the Hisakawa twins was short-lived as their minds were swapped around again. Even they themselves were confused on who they were as both could remember events that either one had done before it happened. I don't know who's who, but seeing that both twins could communicate and are able to move, I'm guessing that the disabilities that Mamiko had has been cured now.

Saeko: "We could control each other and know what the other is thinking now but..."

Mamiko: "...why are we both still in separate bodies?! It's mentally exhausting and..."

Saeko: "...confusing for me to control two different bodies at the same time! Am I Saeko or Mamiko? I have memories of both sides since I was cloned, but my body is missing the irremovable swimsuit, so that means I'm definitely Saeko. Am I?"

Me: "Wow, that is confusing. Well, since you two have memories of each other and know which body you are in now, why not let the part of your mind that is familiar with the body you are in take over?"

Mamiko: "That can be kind of tricky..."

Me: I'm going to ask the both of you a question that you two must answer immediately.

Being Saeko's childhood friend, I am familiar with her family. I don't know what to ask as the one on my mind isn't exactly helpful as they are both likely to give the same answer. Maybe I would be able to think of it after I say it.

Me: "When does your father returns to his home from work?"

Mamiko: "Midnight!"

Saeko: "Every Christmas!"

The answer Saeko gave is the correct answer, but Mamiko's answer is completely different.

Me: "Name any song you played on the piano at the last piano competition."

Saeko: "Bach Piano Concerto No 1 in D minor BWV 1052 Movement 1"

Mamiko: "Err, an emotional rendition of Hare Hare Yukai?"

Mamiko stuttered and gave the title of an anime ending song. That's obviously wrong. Why is Mamiko struggling to answer her own personal past while Saeko could answer it easily and correctly? Something is fishy here.

Me: "Let's try something more recent... What were you doing before you two got separated in the first place?"

Saeko & Mamiko: "Stalking you."

I asked that without knowing what the answer would be, but to get that answer?! Why? However, this seems to be the only question both had given the same answer to. I had also asked to describe what their house before the current one looks like, and they both gave the same description.

Me: "Around the day my friend got killed in a car accident?"

Saeko: "Wondering why I was behaving as though I was suddenly unfamiliar with my own school friends, and getting around my own house fells like I'm quite new to everything."

Mamiko: "Getting used to the lifestyle of the female version of myself I suddenly found myself in that is so different from what I'm used to."

Now that's very obvious.

Me: "Mamiko... There's something odd about you..."

Saeko: "Yeah..."

Mamiko: "Sorry, but it happened so suddenly. I know you feel disturbed about a boy controlling your body, but I woke up one day to find myself in your body while working on a dimension changer, and you happen to be the me of this dimension who happens to be born as a girl instead of a boy."

Me: "I think the machine that was supposed to merge you two back has detected that there are two different minds. So technically, your minds have been merged from the cloned body and Saeko is now back to her own body. However, since there is an extra mind, it decided to move that mind to the body of the former clone that would have otherwise been destroyed if it weren't for the extra mind it detected, and that mind be without a body or even disappeared into the void."

Mamiko: "So it was either be in my current body, or me disappearing into the nothingness. I would rather be in this body and not die. I don't even belong to this dimension and I want to get back to the dimension I belong to!"

As Mamiko was saying that, there was a quick flash of green light, though quick enough to miss if you blinked. Don't tell me Mamiko would actually be stuck in that body and not be able to die even if she did manage to get back to her original dimension... I think her being stuck in that clone body would cause chaos in her world when she returns if there isn't already a counterpart there.

I don't think I would ever know when that happens, would I? It's suffering when when someone a person knows has grown old and died. Even more so when they want to stop living, but with some mysterious force is forcing them to keep living. However, what would happenen to Saeko when Maiko disappears from this dimension?

Well, it didn't take me long to find that out.

Chapter 8
Part 15 | Part 17

[Author's note: After watching the 2011 K-On! movie, I started to have thoughts about writing something about graduation. However, looking at S2P86 and S3P49, the latest story I wrote at the time of writing, I don't see how I could fit the graduation idea in there and yet express the feelings I felt while watching the K-On! movie to the readers. I could put the idea in either story 4 or 6, which are neither active nor have ended, but the storyline of those aren't developed enough to suddenly put the ending there.

I feel that graduation ceremonies should be put at the end of a school-based story. Trying to recall what I had wrote (which dates back to 4 years ago), the first story (which had ended abruptly at part 15 in April 2009) seems to be the best candidate to put this in without editing or a long/abrupt new one.

Since writing part 15, a number of new names have been added, particularly ones used in this story that were nameless in earlier parts, like Hatsuya Research and Mihara Academy.]

20 July 2012

Alternate Dimension (Part 86)

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I've been in this insanely cold snowstorm at the mountain range for quite some time, but my body never developed any health problems like hypothermia, or even a common cold. Hatsuya told me that my body could tolerate the extreme cold, but I never paid serious attention to the part where I could still the coldness of it. On top of that, since the ski resort has been closed with nothing else in the area, cellar coverage is very bad here. The terrain here is also bad for building roads.

So, searching for an unknown object in a huge mountain range that is likely to be covered by snow is difficult. Perhaps impossible too. However, judging from what it does, there's a very high possibility that it could be that weird doll my home room teacher of Mihara Academy decades ago had shown. Still, the size of that is small enough to not be able to see it in this kind of place.

Voice in my head: "Our sensors detected an object missing from one of our earlier experiments some distance in the direction you are facing now."

I hate that voice because it is of somebody else speaking into my head. On top of that, they invaded my privacy as what they said to me implies that they could see what I'm seeing with my own eyes, and even track my current location in this far-away place with nothing but the wilderness around me. This feature, among others, is implemented into my body in a way that I can't disable it myself. I don't have to respond to this voice, but it can get irritating if I don't do what "the voice" is telling me, which I know is someone at Hatsuya talking to me.

My body has been thrown around Hatsuya as a replacement for lab rats and volunteers for their experiments with my poor mind in it and me experiencing its horrors. Hatsuya treats me nicely ever since I was employed with them, but things got complicated when I unknowingly step into their "trap" meant for curious passer-bys, and use them as a test subject which, at that time, no employee (excluding Kotomi) ever was. The situation was complicated because I was an existing Hatsuya employee, and they could not recreate the situation, or restore me to what I was before. To compensate for the irreversible change to my life, including being unable to age or die, and because my change of gender during the process messing up another of their test subject (Kotomi) that was forever attracted to me, my salary was increased by a lot to make up for it. That makes me the highest paid staff in the company, even higher than the CEO, but at the cost of my life being ruined. Not that I even ask or knew about it to begin with.

You might be asking why I'm not quitting from Hatsuya yet. Legally, I could, but my body is their property, with my mind trapped in it, and they still have control of my whole body. Fortunately, they can't control my mind. With the exception of experiments that required me to not be mentally prepared, they usually tell me what they are about to do to me ahead of time. I still don't get why they made me invincible and immortal, but yet weak and defenseless at the same time. I feel angry that I can't fight back if I was attacked.

Voice in my head: "Saeko, you do realize that you are currently doing what a normal person can't do without additional equipment? Hold on, aren't you freezing? You can't concentrate if you are thinking too much about keeping warm to find that thing. I better fix that. "

At that moment, I suddenly feel comfortably warm even though there's no change to my clothes or the weather around me. I feel irritated that I couldn't do that myself.

Voice in my head: "Before we sent you, we didn't know what we were looking for until our sensors picked up signals of that doll as you got closer. It's pretty strong now that you are very close to it. Take precautions when you are near it. I think you might have met him before, but as someone else at Mihara, and you became what you are now because you were investigating him. If that doll had not merged his mind think he is the girl he was transferred to, he would have been able to help us. Officially, he died in a car accident involving a taxi and a speeding vehicle that that happened weeks earlier."

I remembered being in that cloning machine, but until he mentioned that, I didn't thought about or remember why I was there in the first place. Trying to research the doll the voice mentioned is a nightmare because it was made many centuries ago, and anyone who has taken possession of that doll would be changed at random, unless it was transferred to someone else before it happened.

I don't know if I had already been changed by this thing, or if it's possible for someone who has already been changed to be changed again or return back to normal. People say that flashing green lights before it disappears that it's doing something to someone it detects. The problem was that I was asleep to even know if there was a flashing green light to begin with, though the device I was working on at that time could also be the cause that started this nightmare.

In the end, retrieving that doll wasn't that hard for me. Hatsuya gave me the additional task of investigating the abandoned lodge I was at earlier. Although we weren't expecting to find anything, I found evidence that the school girls were skiers that disappeared that weren't previously known or overlooked, at least to Hatsuya.

The guest list showed no records of the names of the schoolgirls or their school, but there were entries of the missing skiers and their rooms. This could be used to track who they are now, if only we knew which rooms the girls found themselves in. This could be complicated as more than one person could be sharing the same room. We noticed that about half of the skiers stayed in the same room with another skier who has the same family name, suggesting a likely couple or sibling being together. But none of the schoolgirls who appeared has the same family name with an another student who was found there too. This gives us the theory that they now live with a different family, and separated from people they had known previously. It's unclear if they are currently friends with each other as their new selves.

I came across the security system that appears to have security footage taken around the day that incident happened. Since the doll is in my possession, I can't view it now and sent the raw footage on that system to them. It took a while do to its size, but you never know if I could miss important things that could happen on the days leading to it happening if I restrict the footage I send as only that day. The technology used for surveillance is quite old, which itself pre-dates the day the incident happened. It's probably high-tech at the time it was installed, but inferior  by today's standards. Since it's also stored in an obsolete analog storage medium that uses moving parts, transferring that footage is kind of tricky. They do have the device that allows them to look at things that happen at any dimension, space, and time without the need of a camera to be able to see what happened at the other parts of the hotel at the same time, especially when there was no camera or wasn't recording, but they need that footage to ensure it aligns with what they are seeing and detect alterations.

I wish they told me now on what exactly happened, but it seems that they are busy processing data I am (unwillingly) sending to them, including scanning for fingerprints, DNA strands, and other things that can't be done remotely.

As I took a look around the staff area, there were writings on the blackboard about their last day here. Several strong earthquakes has known to have happened in this region since then, which naturally means that a number of things have fallen down as a result. There were also memos by various staff talking about the missing staff who thought that they were phantom staff, or knew that such a person existed existed, but found it strange that they can't remember them. However, they can't deny the fact that business has declined enough to close the lodge since the skiers disappeared.

Using that log book to check out the rooms of the missing skiers, we did confirm that the schoolgirls had been here, but no sign of things belonging to the missing skiers. A possible theory that it became the schoolgirl's belongings and had thus been taken away by them when they left. Nothing new, but at least we are looking at the evidence of what was in the news being true.

However, having a doll that has historically known to have done things to people in my possession makes me nervous, particularly while my attention is away from it like while searching the lodge. I don't know when the next time it would change people, what it would change them to, or even what triggers it to happen.

17 July 2012

616th post: Watch that meter reading

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Ever wonder why your electricity bill is high, but yet can't pint point to where the energy drainer appliance is at?

Well, look at the meter reader for the electricity outside. Depending on the place, it may be inside a box or mounted on the wall next to the main entrance, and the meter itself might be grouped together with that for other units.

For analog reader, look at the spinning disc below the counter and determine how long it takes to go around in a full circle (there's a black making to help you see), so the quicker it's spinning, the more electricity is consumed. For digital readers, that disc is not there, so you need a stopwatch to measure how long it takes for the counter to go up (which is time consuming) by one count. In both cases, a quicker time means more electricity is being used.

With the above, first measure under normal usage. Then measure again after turning off appliances that are in standby mode or not in use, including radios and clocks that run from the wall socket. You should be able to see a noticeable change.

What did I do? Well I noticed that there isn't much difference when I turn off (one of) the fridge(s), but a lot when I turn off the machine that keeps water hot (for instant noodles and such). Sometimes, the highest energy guzzler is the least likely item in the house..

12 July 2012

614th post: No longer mining bitcoins

I have mine Bitcoins before since at least 1 or 2 years ago in hopes to generate Bitcoins for myself and then convert them to real money. It started at US$1 per bitcoin, but, since I last checked, it's hovering at US$0.1 per bitcoin.

During the time I used it, it was just solo mining. It was either be one among whoever else is mining at the same time to get 50 bitcoins per block solved. Problem with this? More people are jumping on the bitcoin mining bandwagon with PCs that are more powerful than mine, which translates to them having more chances of getting that 50 bitcoins. (See how bitcoin works) The configurations of this are quite similar to people who use powerful custom-made PCs that are usually seen only for being able to play the latest 3D-games in high resolution. What kind of games? The ones that has a PS3/Xbox360 version of the same game.

Next, it was mining in a pool. Similar to solo mining, but that entity is represented by many other people mining under the same mining pool. Well, I did at least earn a (tiny) fraction of the 50 bitcoins, which is divided among the number of "questions" solved in the mining block and other people in the same pool doing the same thing.

However, various problems are starting to arise, and existing ones gotten worse. Video processor instead of CPU are being used, which could solve those "questions" by up to 1000 times more, people using a computer room worth of computers to do that. More people are using a computer lab full of them. Also, converting that bitcoin into money (especially non-USD currencies) is more difficult due to higher minimum amount (which I'm nowhere near since I started) and, due to European regulations, I could no longer transfer directly to my bank/paypal and instead use some prepaid service that isn't popular or have a usage fee that itself is more than the amount that I had already generated. The increased processing power to generate bitcoins itself consumes more electricity, and the cost for that increased use of electricity alone isn't justified by my measly amount of bitcoins generated out of it.

Conclusion? If only I had a more powerful PC to mine, there being fewer people who have those ridiculously more powerful PCs, and/or more convenient way to convert those bitcoins it would have been better. To those who have only a normal PC, it's not worth it unless you turn back time.

10 July 2012

613rd post: How important English is while travelling?

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There are many languages spoken around the world. However, if you are travelling around the world,  English is the most language to learn if you avoid the situation of finding yourself unable to communicate with others, or, worse, face a dangerous situation, but you don't understand the important instructions that are being given.

So, here are a list of languages that are spoken in random countries. Not saying the names, but you could probably tell from the languages spoken. (Note: This is not the list of official languages. More of languages visitors would come across there from the most frequent. If not listed, it may appear, but hardly come across any.)

  1. English, French
  2. English, French, Spanish
  3. Portuguese, Spanish
  4. Spanish
  5. German, French, Italian
  6. Hindi, English, Tamil
  7. Malay, Chinese, English
  8. Arabic, English
  9. English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  10. Korean, Chinese, English
  11. Chinese, English
  12. Chinese, Portuguese
  13. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
  14. Thai, English, Malay, Burmese, Vietnamese

Notice that they all have English in there, but, unless neighboring with one that do, the other languages aren't spoken at other countries. You may also notice other languages appearing more than once, sometimes at places where English isn't spoken. Sometimes, even if English is listed above, that doesn't mean that the locals would know it, which means that you should lean the language they could understand.

The point here is, if, for example, you are from Latin America and want to travel the world, learn English if you want to travel around the world and save yourself from learning multiple different languages of different countries, or avoid the situation where people don't understand you, and be able to use that same language at an another part of the world.

09 July 2012

Disorientated Feelings (Part 49)

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I don't like the idea of my son being sent to Mizuho because of its dark secrets it has that I know of. It being a subsidiary of the company I work for doesn't exactly ease my mind either. I searched for alternatives, but I am very concerned about how others would treat him because of his age. No luck so far. At least, not without waiting for my son to get older.

Without an alternative besides my son remaining in primary school, he got enrolled into Mizuho. True enough, my 7-year-old son got transformed into a 15-year-old girl: anyone who is not between 15 and 30 would become of an age closer to the outer limits of the age group. Anyone who is 15 or older before wearing the uniform would have their biological age frozen to at the time they wear it, and resume from that point upon removing it (if they could that is). Which means if someone who is 16 years old wearing it for 3 years, and not wear it for an another year, that would make her biologically only 17 even though her actual age is 20. For those younger than 15, they would become like 15 year old (because they are outside the age group mentioned earlier), but their original biological age is not frozen while still wearing it (until they biologically turn 15) and their body growth would exactly be what it's like as if they never wore the uniform. Intellengence-wise, a 3 year old wearing it would think and behave like a 15 year old, but becomes like a 3 year old (or whatever age he is at that time) on removing it. However, they can remember what they learnt when transformed and vice versa.

The changes to the uniform since Saeko's time is relatively minor compared to the one before that. The most significant change is that the entire uniform could be taken off, with the exception being the blouse and skirt, which obviously mean anything worn underneath those can't be removed too as they can't be reached. All non-student clothing has been changed to look like the student version, but still retain the same colour scheme. The ribbon, which is part of the blouse, could be made very loose, but can't be taken off or be hidden from the front unless another (approved) ribbon is worn or the condition to be able to remove the whole uniform is met. Among what could be removed, they could now wear any variation of the uniform colour they like, including ones that were previously designed for a different department. However, Mizuho personnel of different departments and positions could still be identified by the skirt they wear, especially since it's the only piece of clothing that can't be removed that is still visible with the other clothes on.

People have been making imitations of the uniform that, obviously, unlike the real thing, it does not contain the hidden technology embedded in it, but does look quite similar to the real one, which can be misleading to students that are about to enter. Due to Mizuho's system of changing people on entering the campus, these fake uniforms would become the real one, although of a design that isn't a school uniform. If detected that a student is wearing a fake uniform of the school department she actually studies at, or unknowingly wearing the wrong one, the academy will force the amount that has been cheated from the seller of the uniform to the student. At the same time, redo the uniform into the real thing. Otherwise, the money transfer doesn't happen. In other words, nobody is able to wear the wrong uniform even if someone attempted to do so. The only exceptions are all the previous generations of the Mizuho uniform except the first, but unless with prior notice that an old uniform is being worn in the campus or before entering, that old uniform would automatically be turned into the respective version of the current generation. It's strange that the 2nd generation uniform is allowed, but not the 1st as they are visually similar. The only thing I know was that it was introduced when Mizuho High moved to the current campus many years ago and, being a co-ed school moving to a girl-only academy, the male version being excluded.

It feels kind of strange to see a son who is supposed to be in grade 2 as a boy to be as a teenage high school girl attending middle school. He even looks much older than his older sister, who is in grade 5 now, and seem to have naturally adopted the behavior and thinking typical of... what he has been turned into. As his mother, apart from the resemblance to me and my husband, it feels like he is someone else's child.

2nd child: "Wow, I can't believe I became an older girl just by wearing this. Even my way of thinking is completely different now. Was I really a 7 year old boy just a moment ago? It feels like I have always been a girl and now seeking for a boyfriend... What am I saying? Mom? What are you doing? You're tickling me."

No matter how I try to look at my son, he looks like a girl that is twice his actual age.

Me: "It's nothing. Just checking out how did they manage to do this with a seemingly ordinary clothing. Do you feel any different?"

2nd child: "Apart from me being bigger now, my body feels very different now. Am I all right?"

Being young and brought up in a female-only family, my son doesn't seem to have noticed that he has biologically became a girl. He probably thinks it's part of growing older. I don't want to mention that to my son.

Me: "Yes, you will be fine. It's part of becoming older. I feel the same thing with my body as what you feel with yours all the time."

Now nobody will bully him for behaving like a girl, because he's really is a girl now. I honestly don't know why it's okay for a girl to behave like a boy, but it's not okay the other way. Same applies to other similar things.

At that moment, my husband came in without any prior warning. As he normally does these days, he always wears the Mizuho uniform. Since the fourth generation was introduced, he dresses to look like a student, but can't hide the supervisor-only skirt he's wearing. Apart from looking older, it's hard for me to be able to tell him and Saeko apart. My husband seems to be holding something too.

Itsuki: "Oh, you are here too. I was wondering who our son was speaking to. Anyway, I want to test a few things out, and I have to warn you that it may cause involuntary actions. Let's see how people who have been to Mizuho as visitors only."

He pushed some buttons that made me feel strange. But I know lab experiments enough to know that my memory is being modified. Problem is that I can't remember what they made me forget, or know what new memory he added into me.

Itsuki: "Which university did you graduate from?"

Is this a trick question? My memory tells me that I had studied at Meiji University, but the fact he's even asking me this after having a strange feeling in my head tell me that this memory is likely to be false. How did he make it seem that I had actually studied there?

Me: "Meiji University? Although it's what I remember clearly, my instincts tells me that it's a fake memory."

Itsuki appeared slightly irritated when I mentioned that I am am aware that the memory is fake and some buttons again. I feel dizzy again. It's obvious that machine is doing things to my head, but how?

Itsuki: "Sorry, I didn't get that. Which university did you say?"

Me: "Waseda University..."

I could have sworn I just said a completely different name a while ago. Itsuki was smiling strangely when I said that. Why is he smiling strangely?

2nd child: "Dad... how did you make mom think she graduated from three different universities?"

If it weren't for my child saying that, I wouldn't have thought that the reason for Itsuki smiling strangely was that he had successfully made me say a different name and not have me suspect that my memory had been edited, which I probably did earlier.

Me: "Itsuki, stop modifying my memories. You could damage my brain you know. Don't forget that I am your superior at work. I overlooked this because I am your wife. Hey!"

Itsuki pressed the button again and made my head dizzy for the third time. I don't know what memory he added or removed, but it certainly seem that I can't recall what happened between Itsuki saying "have been to Mizuho as a visitor" and now. However, I am certain that my perspective of time didn't suddenly skip forward. Oh, the irritation of not knowing what I did, and even more so if I knew I had forgotten something.

Itsuki: "Check your things from college if you are unsure that I had restored your memories. I didn't modify those. Even you can't resist your memories being modified by me to the point you can't even tell your memory has been modified. Anyway, there's more, though since you aren't wearing the uniform, it is likely to have no effect on you."

Me: "Huh? It has already happened? Did you have me forget that it even happened? You can make me forget things, but I am intelligent enough to be able to detect that my memory has been modified externally."

Itsuki: "You may be a Hatsuya staff, but you aren't with the Mizuho department. Anyway, for the next experiment, make sure that the voice call and video camera are active because I may be physically impaired during the experiment to check those. Those are ordinary and unmodified recording devices. Anyway, here goes."

Itsuki went towards my son, but avoiding eye contact, before pressing that button. At that instant, he and my son had the look as if they were aroused. The three of us talked to each other, but with them having difficulty speaking properly and making random moaning sounds in the middle of it. At first, those two collapsed to the ground while trying to touch themselves, but kept failing as the clothes seemed glued to their body and unable to push the clothes aside. (I heard this is a safety feature that prevents the Mizuho girls from being raped by force, but can be irritating as they can't access their own body.) Then, as they caught sight of each other, they started doing things to each other that only couples would do, but with the physical limitations making it look strange. I feel uneasy witnessing this. The words you hear them saying as it happened seemed like a normal conversation, but not the voice saying those words. Very distracting if they said something serious while they are like that.

Before I realized, Itsuki's experiment has ended. While my husband was clearly aware of what had just happened, my son only remembered the conversation and nothing else, which was also reflected in the audio and video recording I just did: a seemingly normal (perhaps boring) conversation between the two of them talking normally. Completely different from what I witnessed while recording with no signs that it was edited. I don't get how that is possible, but it does explains one of the mysteries of how Mizuho secrets aren't revealed to the general public by accident.

Itsuki: "Looks like those test are working properly and collected some data. Although, I need to analyze it to get what happened in detail and make sense of what that means. It would have been better if they didn't force me to use myself as a test subject of my own experiments. I regretted making fun of Saeko years ago which lead me to this situation. Anyway, our son has..."

Me: "What was that you two just did in front of me?!"

Itsuki looked troubled.

Itsuki: "Er... You saw that instead of us just standing around?"

My husband seemed embarrassed and thought of what to say to me.

04 July 2012

612nd post: Custom Domain

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I bought a custom domain in August last year for the main blog, which is takhsiru.net. However, while creating a new tumblr account today (4th July 2012) did I realize that I could use the characters that come before that for other places with just editing the DNS settings of that same domain.

I have changed the domain for most of my blogs. Entering the older URL still works, but would be redirected to the new URL. The names of each blog affected listed below are in bold.

  1. Chasing After Rainbows (existing; here)
    the1iam.blogspot.comwww.takhsiru.net or takhsiru.net
  2. 虹を追いかけて
    xn--n8jos8fqkx000ci6n.blogspot.com or 虹を追いかけて.blogspot.comjpblog.takhsiru.net
  3. Neverending New Beginnings
  4. 終わらない新しい始め
  5. Profile and Blog Updates
  6. にじとき
  7. Injuration
  8. :;:〒 takaharu じー」
 At the time of writing this, I have not discovered other places I have that could do this except for Wordpress. However, Wordpress insists that I must pay $14 (per year?) to be able to do so with my existing domain.

    611st post: Unsaid Public Transport Benefits

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    What you are likely to already know is that public transport is a cheap way of getting around, and even more practical for a built up area. However, it also has benefits that aren't mentioned directly.

    • fewer fatal accidents from loss of control, drink driving, other road users
    • trains don't need much space for high speed travel.
    • don't need to waste time just to find parking.
    • Depending on security systems in place and design, reduced likelihood of being robbed or hijacked while traveling. Especially when there are a lot of people around.
    • Since you aren't using your ride, which itself can cost quite a lot, the loss is minimal.
    There are negative things too, but when you prioritize the environment, they don't seem that important.

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