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629th post: How it is not possible for Tari Tari to have a second season

( This is a repost from the anime blog ) Don't get me wrong, but Tari Tari is a 13-episode anime from the Summer 2012 season. It's so good that I would recommend you to watch it. What I'm writing here is pointing out hints how you would be disappointed that there won't be more of it. Based on a group of third year of senior high school students continue into college other than as a epilogue are uncommon starts in the summer before summer holidays In Japan, this means that it's around the 3rd or 4th month since the school year started Creation of a club made up of only 3rd years Late into the series, works to replace the school with a condominium began and stopped accepting new students for the following year spinoff that takes place at the school later is unlikely nobody make an anime at a place that has construction everywhere The anime started with people who just met each other, with one (Wein) being an exchange student from Austria (not Aus

585th post: What is a good anime to me?

(I somehow felt like writing this here instead of the anime blog) K-On! (Spring 2009) Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (Spring 1999) Excluding anime that seem to go on forever (eg. Bleach ) or targeted at children (eg. Doraemon ), I have watched new anime, since 2006. Of course, I had watched some older ones like Kahimashi, Cowboy Bebop, and Lain . I never noticed it unless I looked back (for anime since 2006) or watched older ones, but character design and background details in general has improved. Or it could simply because more recent ones looked better in widescreen in HD over the older lower-definition letterbox standard. The early 2000s was a transitioning period for animation studios for doing each frame using computers over a cell sheet. To the viewers, this means that higher detail could be inserted, and scenes with things moving would not have everything else on the scene to be "moving". Character designs can sometimes be timeless or be specific

Recent anime that I'm unlikely to watch but have seen before

First off, I'm going to talk about the new spring 2010 anime first. Of course, I'm not repeating titles that has already been mentioned before. Kiss x Sis (キス✕シス) Based on a manga and has a DVD that comes with one of its volumes. As I found out, there are 4 planned OVAs, with the 4th coming out soon. Based on what I saw, from those and the pre-broadcast episode, it's kind of... well, not what I'm looking out for. Kaicho wa Maid-sama (会長はメイド球) I don't know what to say as I know very little about it. It takes place in a recently-turned co-ed school, so there are still dominantly males there. She's the school's student council president who has to deal with guys that bully the minority girls. A friend asked the protagonist to help out at a maid cafe and cover her expenses. As she's helping out there, she was spotted by... okay, my interest has already wandered at this point, actually from the point I saw "Maid" in the title. B B-gata H-k

462nd post: Winter 2010 anime first impressions

(Cross-posted from the anime blog) Here are some of my first impressions of the new winter 2010 anime that has been aired as at the time of this post. I am facing this weird problem where if I were to take a snapshot of a 1080i video, the aspect ratio goes funny, but nothing wrong when playing it. The screenshots are taken at random, so having fewer or more screenshots does not mean that they are very/not good. Ladies vs. Butlers (レディ✕ばと!) Opening: This opening is actually quite upbeat and good, but there are some hints of fanservice and signs that I won't be watching this. Episode 1: That's ridiculously thick and long! A "lost kid" Isn't she cute? Haruhi with evil eyes You could sense the evil aura from her What and how is the bag hung up there? A high school girl that looks like a kid, another with weird hair, one who had tortured the protagonist in primary school (who awfully looks a lot like Haruhi in the flashback). But this episode is just mostly about the