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459th post: Unfinished tasks

It's New Year's eve. There's simply too many things to do. The review of 2009 anime I mentioned about in the previous post (or was it a tweet?) is incomplete and it has not progressed between the time I started writing this post (31 Dec) and since I started on Sunday (27 Dec). I don't have the " must complete this by the midnight of New Year's day " urgency, but I don't want it to be done as late as February either. I know it's late, but I'm very busy with more important things (like work) at the moment. So busy that I can't even go online (My tweets come from mobile phone, as tagged by " from txt " on them), which is why you have seen me drop a lot of anime or did not pick up. I've seen the trailers for the Winter 2010 anime. Although not much, it's enough to immediately spot anime that I would like. One of them is Durarara (top image), replacing Darker than Black: Comet of Gemini 's timeslot. (The scene where a

458th post: Stuff too long to Tweet

There's been a lot of things happening to me these days that's hard for me to manage without sacrificing one for an another. Yes, what I mentioned back in April still applies now. Anime Lists I'm aware that some 12-episode Autumn 2009 like 乃木坂春香の秘密 ぴゅあれっつぁ♪ ( Haruka Nogizaka's Secret: Pleasure ), 空中ブランコ ( Sky Jump ), and DARKER THAN BLACK -流星の双子 ( Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor ) has ended recently. Due to my lack of time mentioned earlier, I've completely committed anime whose storyline goes around nowhere or awfully slow. I would like to write a review of the 2009 anime (including 24-episode Autumn 2008 anime) quite soon. Hate to say this, but I've only watched a small fraction to know what the anime is about and even fewer that I didn't drop mid-way. There are odd cases where I like an anime I dropped earlier (Spring 2006 broadcast of Haruhi ) and dropped more than once and/or after the entire series/season has ended ( Setokai no Ichizon, White

Disoriented Feelings Special: Izumi's Essay

2005年私立○○小学校4年英語作文学期末試験 名前(漢字): 宮沢泉美 名前(ひらがな): みやざわ いづみ 表記(日本語): 私の冬休み My older sister has been unusually happy in recent days with that guy I saw at her birthday party. She's 16 and I'm only 10, but my youngest sister is only 4. A 12 year gap between the youngest and the oldest. I'm in between my two brothers by 2 years. When at home after school, I would play around with Kuniko and my brothers with toys shouting and screaming around. If they were to bully me and mom and dad are not around, Kotomi-oneechan would protect me from them because she is big and is like my third parent. Her room seems to be locked most of the time and she does not want to play with us. It's the only room in the entire house we don't get to play in. It cold outside, so everyone doesn't feel like heading out. I like to go into the kotatsu while watching TV and eating some snacks at the same time with my younger brother. My older brother is preparing for middle school, so I

Disorientated Feelings (Part 24)

I have been working at the current workplace long enough to know their names, their habits, and the things they do at work that they wouldn't want others to know, especially the boss. I wasn't expecting something unpredictable to happen when I asked Itsuki and Saeko to help clear the things in my late cousin's bedroom I'm currently staying at when i started to work: not only did those two remote the unwanted stuff quickly, they even designed the entire house (except the rooms Nanami and my great-grandmother sleep in) to look as though a professional interior designer had done it. Also, Nanami and Saeko told me individually that they had met each other when my cousin came home early when the cleaning up was going no. Saeko admitted that she was the upperclassman at the computer club room as the club's president when Nanami went there to meet up with a club member, who is in the same year as Saeko, last year. Nanami saw through her change of uniform and hairstyle, a

Alternate Dimension (Part 39)

At the end of the day though, I seemed to be one of the first few to leave as no matter how late it ended. The club president and my seniors who are in the same year as him, seem to have some kind of meeting right after I left. I tried to listen what they were discussing about, but they would somehow know that I'm trying to listen in no matter how discreet and well hidden I am that they would refuse to start unless I am very far away from them. They even know my various means to try to watch their meeting. Their excuse while chasing me away? " Hisakawa-san has fans that follows her around. Those people following her intrude on the club's peace and privacy if she were to be around! " I don't mind them going away, but why me instead? Either way, my seniors seem to have a liking of me and made me the "guaranteed" club president from my second year onwards. What was their criteria for picking me over everyone else? This however, was only known among my senio

Alternate Dimension (Part 38)

Person A: "We have only heard of your name as our founder and that you are at the Hatsuya Institute most of the time. That's all we know of you. No one here, including our employer and direct superiors, has seen you before. That particular design of your pass is only carried by important people in the company." Is he serious? Me: "How do you even know if I am the person you think I am? There aren't any photos of me in your company history, and you guys have never seen me before." Person A: "Around the first time I saw you coming here, I saw lights and a silhouette of you against the window of the landlord's office facing the outside. That room is usually dark, and access to that room is only allowed with a thumbprint that nobody here has. On top of that, the pass is impossible to counterfeit despite how simple the pass looks. Yours is the real deal with a picture of you in it." I should have turned off the lights. Then again, I don&#

453rd post: Things to do

Time seem to fly by rather quickly for me lately. 2006 seemed not too long ago, "Clannad: After" seemed recent, " K-On! ep1 " seemed like yesterday. I still can recall what I did in primary school and what places looked like back then. I mean, looking back, time seem to pass by very quickly. I thought we are still in November 2008 . Well, the lack of significant events and doing things that pass time does make it seem fast. Last night, I had the intent to head to bed at 11pm, but did not actually do so until 3am, a full 4 hours later. I did take a nap of some hours earlier though. I'm doing so many things, I'm loosing track of what I'm doing. I may revert back to the previous version for the anime watchlist (without episode titles) since finding the titles itself is time consuming. My room is noticeably messy, no appetite to eat... Speaking of not doing much, I did do some vectoring, but they aren't complete. On the left (v0079) is something you migh